Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama to Destory America's Energy Industry

Do you work in a coal mine? drive a coal train? Work at a coal powered energy plant?

Well then you should bend down, put your head between your legs, and kiss everything you've ever worked for in this life, goodbye!

Obama had promised to destroy the coal business in the United States by literally bankrupting the energy industry by charging millions of dollars in fines to companies that burn coal.

Many people make their living off the coal industry,train engineers,truck drivers, coal miners, equipment operators,power plant employee's, and others. If Obama wins this election, and if he gets his way, and he probably will if Congress is controlled by Democrats, thousands of people could loose their jobs, this will be disastrous for this nation!

Obama also stated that he wants to create "price signals" to 'force' Americans to "go green". Obama wants to raise the cost of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, etc. to ungodly levels in order to force you change your ways!

Obama's energy plan will cripple America in a matter of a few short months. No working man or woman will be able to afford the energy resources they need and rely on.

Your morning drive time will cost a small fortune!

If you think gas costs a lot now, just wait till Obama and the socialist democrats get done passing through all their radical left wing agendas!

Stop Obama!! Vote for McCain or Keye's!! Protect your freedom, you job, and your families future!

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