Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introducing the Real Gay People of America

The word "GAY" is a perfectly good English word that has been turned into something nasty, and perverse. We have let a bunch of social and sexual deviants rule the roost far too long, now it is apparent that they are not satisfied with just controlling the democratic party, the media, and Hollywood. They want total social control over every bit of American society, they want to force a twisted Nazi-like agenda down the throat of every American citizen.

I have yet to see a person who practices homosexual sex who is really happy down deep inside themselves. Most of them are filled with hatred, and looking for trouble to get into. There really is nothing gay about what these people represent, It really is sad that they cannot see that there is a way out of that lifestyle.

On the other hand those of us heterosexual's that stick to heterosexual sexual practices, and believe in one man and one woman, the real definition of marriage, seem to be much better adjusted to society, and much happier (gay 'er) than those who practice homosexual sex.

Children who grow up with a father and a mother are far more stable than those who grow up with a single parent in the homes. These children are far more happier than those who grow up with two adult females or males, these are more apt to have sexual identity issues just like the adults that raised them.

I would assert that the real 'gay' people are straight people who are happily involved with a person of the opposite gender, and enjoy the fruits of a healthy monogamous relationship. Christians especially should be the happiest people of all. Straights tend to be healthier and have less issues with STD's than do sodomites, who will argue with that for sure, but the truth is still the truth.

In that case my friends, have a gay (merry) CHRISTmas, and a gay (happy) New Year!

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