Friday, November 21, 2008

Here's the 'Change' you Voted for Stupid!

So you want 'change'?

So Obama told you that you could believe in the 'change' that he would bring?

So you bought into that hook line and sinker!

Statistics show that most of the people who voted for Obama have NO idea what they really voted for,I guess ignorance really is bliss, and stupidity is the name of the game when your talking about the Obama cult.

People voted for Change, but they don't really know what that change is going to mean in the long run. They bought into Obama's campaign promises because they sounded so good to their itching ears, but when it all comes down they will be jumping ship, trust me.

Here is my synopsis of what 'CHANGE' Obama has in mind!

* Higher Taxes - More money out of your pocket and into the Governments.

* Higher Energy Cost's - Many American's may not be able to afford the energy they need to live their daily lives.

*Higher Food Prices - When you have less money, and prices are higher, you will have to eat less, your children may go hungry!

*Higher Health Care Cost's - Democrats will dick around with health care, count on it! This will drive prices even higher locking even more people out of the system, unable to get the care they need, or the medicine they need.

* More Unemployment - More people out of work, unable to pay their bills, and not able to feed their families, Obama vowed to bankrupt the coal industry, crap rolls down hill!

* More Dead Babies - Obama will be the biggest 'pro-abortion' Pres. yet, the abortion industry targets the poor, and minority groups for extermination.

* More Poverty - Many more people may become homeless, and hungry as food prices go through the roof, and we have less choices, and our money is confiscated and redistributed.

* More Violent Crime - As more people are forced into poverty, they will resort to crime to pay the bills and feed themselves.

* More mobs of angry queers rioting in the streets as they demand acceptance of their deviant lifestyle. Obama and his democrat cronies in Congress will pass the 'hate crimes' bill giving queers a license to terrorize innocent Americans!

Trust me people, this will be change you wish you hadn't voted for!!

But that's what you get when you elect a bunch of crooked communists to run your country! Your gonna get exactly what you deserve, and your NOT gonna like it much!

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