Monday, October 06, 2008

Where oh Where is the ACLU?

What would happen if a Christian church held a pro-McCain voter drive to sign up new McCain supporters?

Do you dare to guess??

Liberal groups would be bitching up a storm! There would be immediate lawsuits flying in every direction to halt such a drive at best, more than likely the church would loose it's tax exempt status. The media would be all over this violation of the separation clause, and Barry Lynn would be having a cow over this for sure.

But NOT if your a Muslim using Mosques to recruit new voters for B. Hussein Obama!


If your a Muslim however, you evidently get a free pass from the news media, the ACLU, and Barry Lynn. If your using a Mosque, and getting votes for Obama, It's ok to break the law, they will just conveniently look the other way and pretend that no law is being broken.

My conservative friends!!

This is BS!!

Let's demand that the ACLU, Barry Lynn and Americans for Separation of Church and State take immediate action to stop Muslim Americans For Obama (MAFO), to halt their voter drives in Mosques immediately!

Number one this is a violation of Church and State according to Liberals, and secondly, any mosque that allows this to take place in their facility should loose their tax-exempt status right along with MAFO.

This cannot go unchallenged, and unreported, make some noise about this so that people can see what is taking place, and will take the necessary action to put a stop to it,

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