Thursday, October 02, 2008


Have you noticed in the last two weeks or so that (Barry) B. Hussein Obama all of a sudden is sounding like a conservative?

Well it's true! He is pretending to be conservative, even to the point of claiming to be pro-life in order to get elected as President.

Where or where has our anti-America, far left socialist Obama gone, oh where, oh where could he be?

Well I'll tell you, He's right where he's been this whole time, he hasn't changed his tune at all, he's just lying to get elected. This move is typical of liberal democrats during election season. They always pretend to be conservative in order to win more votes.

Liberal democrats who take a dim view of the Biblical God, and are typically anti-Christian, all of a sudden start pretending like they believe in God. They misquote Scripture, showing us how Bible illiterate they really are, it's a scam sam get with the program here.

If you believe that (Barry)Obama is a (Born-Again)Christian and Pro-life you must be retarded or something! The man is far from even beginning to understand the true teachings of Jesus Christ, in fact he was a member of one of the most extreme left wing, racist churches in Chicago. B. Husein's voting record tells a much different story, not one of a man of integrity who believes is protecting the life of the most helpless among us. But one of a man with pretty much NO integrity that has NOT supported the rights of the unborn. Exactly WHO does Obama and the Matthew 25 Network think they are fooling here?

Here the hard cold facts concerning Obama's voting record!

Obama FAILS to support bill that would give medical attention to the survivors of botched abortions!

Obama's unwavering support of the Freedom of Choice Act!

Obama's supports Late Term Abortions!>

Here's a Key Rule where democrats and elections are concerned!

"Liberals will Say,Do,Fabricate(lie),Cheat, Ect. In order to win votes and elections!"

Obama is pulling the regular DNC BS! It's nothing new, it happens during every election because they know that they can't get elected running on their actual platform, so they fake conservatism in order to trick people into voting for them, it's a total scam!!

To those who are planning to vote for Obama simply because he's black, wake the Hell up!! He's only half black to start with, and he is a very dangerous socialist, and has a Muslim background. He does NOT show due respect to our flag when the Star Spangled Banner is Played, or the pledge is recited! Let's not forget that Obama is totally in the hip pocket of the far-far left, he will undoubtedly enact damage on marriage and the family unit by bending over to please radical homosexuals (pun intended) at the expense of the nation at large. Obama believes the false doctrine of equality espoused by extremist left wingers, which make up the power wing of the democratic party.

He is sure to sign into law the anti-Christian, anti-American, pro-homosexual hate crimes bill when it comes across his desk. It is a only a matter of time before Congressional Democrats attempt to pass this through Congress again!

There is a reason terrorist's, and Europeans, and other socialist scum is sending Obama thousands of dollars to help him get elected, they are looking to overturn America so that Europe can become the new global superpower!

Is this they kind of man that should sit behind the desk in the Oval Office? NO!!

If you want to vote for a black man for President, vote for Dr. Alan Keyes. Dr. Keyes is running as an independent conservative. He is a proven leader, a brilliant speaker, and will stand for the right things!

John McCain may not be as conservative as I like, but the man served his country with honor, and will show respect to our flag, and those who have served to protect freedom abroad. I don't believe that he will do anything that would be detrimental to this country. I believe that John McCain will serve honorably, putting "Country First" before anything else.

Please for the sake of America! and the freedom we enjoy, do not vote for Scary Barry Obama!!

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