Monday, September 22, 2008


With the naming of Senator John McCain's running mate, a beautiful, intelligent, conservative woman. The socialist left is going bonkers trying to discredit Sarah Palin anyway they can, using any dirty method they can come up with. But as we know from the last Presidential election, dirty tactics are nothing new for Democrats.

Mr. Hussein Obama has given his cult followers the green light to use harassment, and intimidation tactics to force people to vote for Obama, and harass they will.

Democrats will break whatever laws they have to in order to get their point across, even if it means damaging other peoples property to do it. The end always justifies the means because these liberal socialist's have no moral foundation or code. Therefore, only shear chaos and terror remains for the liberal Obama supporter, which is their weapon of choice anyway.

Yes the dogs of political war have been released to bark and growl at those who refuse to bow to their new God, Obama!

These dogs are hungry to elect Obama, and to do it at all cost!

There is too much at stake in this nation to allow anyone to ride the fence, they know it, and so do we. These supporters are the anti-war crowd, the radical sodomites, the pro-death squads of Planned Parenthood and their other allies. Many Hillary supporters have decided to back John McCain, they do not like Obama, and most of them will most likely stay with McCain.

My advice is to arm yourselves with facts and information, and be ready to stand your ground against them for the sake and future of America. Don't let them get the last word! Demand that the truth be told now about Obama, not after the election when it's too late.

Obama's hounds from Hell will likely do him more harm than good. Actually I hope that they will come around and bite him square in the @#$$ !!

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