Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ABC : America's Brainwashing Communist Network

Jim Neugent is a coach in Childress , Texas . Jim wrote ABC TV in regards to an episode of "The Practice" that was used to promote sex gender marriage.

Jim writes: My name is Jim Neugent. I wrote to ABC (on-line) concerning a program called 'THE PRACTICE.' In last nights episode, one of the lawyer's mothers decided she is gay and wanted her son to go to court and help her get a marriage license so she could marry her 'partner.' I sent the following letter to ABC yesterday and really did not expect a reply, but I did get one.

Jim's message to ABC was:
ABC is obsessed with the subject of homosexuality. I will no longer watch any of your attempts to convince the world that homosexuality is OK. ' THE PRACTICE' can be a fairly good show, but last night's program was so typical of your agenda. You picked the 'dufus' of the office to be the one who was against the idea of his mother being gay, and made him look like a whiner because he had convictions. This type of mentality calls people like me a 'gay basher.'
Read the first chapter of Romans (that's in the Bible) and see what the apostle Paul had to say about it.... He, God and Jesus were all 'gay bashers'. What if she'd fallen in love with her cocker spaniel? Is that an alternative life style? (By the wa y, t he Bible speaks against that, too.)

Here is ABC's reply from the ABC on-line webmaster:

How about getting your nose out of the Bible (which is ONLY a book of stories compiled by MANY different writers hundreds of years ago) and read the declaration of independence (what our nation is built on), where it says 'All Men are Created equal,' and try treating them that way for a change!
Or better yet, try thinking for yourself and stop using an archaic book of stories as your lame crutch for your existence. You are in the minority in this country, and your boycott will not affect us at ABC or our freedom of statement.

Jim Neugent's second response to ABC: Thanks for your reply. From your harsh reply, evidently I hit a nerve. I will share it with all with whom I come in contact. Hopefully, the Arkansas Democrat Newspaper will include it in one of their columns and I will be praying for you.

Maybe it's time to just turn ABC TV off!

When their pocketbook gets hit hard enough, they will start to change their tune because money is power, and power is money to liberals. We must hit them where it hurts them the most, smack dab on their bottom line.

ABC is due to have their ratings take a serious plunge!

We are sick and tired to TV networks pushing the radical homosexual agenda down our throats via their TV programs, movies, ect. It is high time for America to fight back for common decency, and to show these ultra-liberal/socialist Jews that run these networks we mean business, when we say we don't like what they are pushing through their programing.

We are also sick of the way they characterize people who have moral convictions as being 'dufus's', or making them look stupid for their beliefs, while glorifying the homosexual characters.

If you have any convictions at all, I urge you to tell ABC you've had enough, and that you are turning their network OFF!

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