Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain v.s. Obama? How about None of the Above

Obama makes all kinds of claims of being a Christian, and a man who loves America, yet he his core values say totally the opposite. He supports abortion/infantcide which is nothing more than organized/legalized genocide propagated by the far left. He also supports the radical homosexual agenda, and opposes an amendment to the Constitution that would protect the definition of marriage.

McCain is not much different accept he's a Republican, instead of a Democrat. He still is just about as liberal as most left wing Democrats, and has done a lousy job connecting with Bible believing Christians.

Many may very well hold their nose and vote for McCain, or be fooled into voting for Obama, but there is a better Choice for Americans, Alan Keyes is his name!

More and More Americans are choosing to vote their conscious, and are moving to third party candidates. You should too!!

Check out Dr. Keyes !!

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