Thursday, August 07, 2008

Illinois to Prosecute Christian Man for Defending Himself Against Homosexual

The state of Illinois is moving ahead with the prosecution of an 18 yrs old for defending himself against a homosexual activist who assaulted him first. The confrontation took place on the streets of Champaign Ill when a homosexual activist got into Brett VanAsdlen's face after he expressed a harmless comment to friends as they passed the spot where homosexual Steven Velasquez, and his homosexual friend were standing holding hands at the time.

Velasquez reportedly immediately got into VanAsdlen's face, making physical contact with him. VanAsdlen in order to defend himself against the rabid homosexual, shoved Velasquez to the ground. The homosexuals then phoned the police, and VanAsdlen was then arrested and charged with committing a hate crime.

The State of Illinois is moving ahead with a completely bias case against the 18 yr old. The State seems not to care about the fact the the Homosexual committed the first act of physical assault against VanAsdlen, it rather test it's hate crime statute on a Christian, than defend his civil rights against the tyranny of the far left fringe of society.

What is even worse is that left wing blogs are smearing VanAsdlen, calling him a "gay basher", and referring to this as a viscous 'hate crime'!

We live in times where homosexuals can be the oppressors and aggressors, assaulting and intimidating those who disagree with them, and cry 'hate crime' like a bunch of spoiled little babies.

So far these cases have been resulted in the laws being challenged and shot down by the courts because they violate the Constitutional rights of the those accused of committing 'hate crimes'.

If this case continues to move forward and results in a conviction, this will set a very dangerous precedence for the future of America. People should have the right to defend themselves against anyone, including someone who is a homosexual who may assault them, or violate their civil rights.

Call State’s Attorney Julia Rietz (phone: 217-384-3733)

Tell her to DROP the ONE SIDED FRAUDULENT case against Brett VanAsdlen!!
Self Defense is NOT A CRIME!!

Also tell her to charge homosexual Steven Velasquez with assault as well!!



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