Thursday, July 24, 2008

Democrats to Hold America Hostage With High Oil Prices

A Democrat Senator finally told the truth on national television the other night, she explained that liberal democrats have NO intention of allowing offshore drilling, or furthering America's exploration and drilling for oil. The reason being, the want to force Americans off of petroleum products, to alternative energy sources that don't do the job that gas and oil do.

It is all about political payback if you ask me. In my opinion they are holding us hostage by keeping the prices high, to make us into their political slaves. I read another article that said that the production of ethanol is swallowing up so much of the corn, that it is causing people in certain regions to go hungry.

Does that sound right to you??

Al Gore must be gloating big time as Americans struggle to survive, as they pay way more for their fuel than what they ought to have to pay.

This is also causing food prices to soar, which in turn causes people to decide whether to eat, or buy gas. This looks to me like the start of a communist takeover of America, and I hate it!

There is plenty of oil in the American soil, we just have to find it, and refine it, but those damn liberal democrats are standing in the way of progress!!

I guess it's time for the American people to take some advice from American music.

"Some times you gotta kick a little $%%!" and "Pull put a boot in your @^*"

I think in the choice in November is quite clear.

Vote Conservative Republican to lower gas and food prices!

And tell the liberal demobrats to go to HELL!

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