Wednesday, June 11, 2008


According to World Net Daily Barrak Obama is playing games by not revealing his birth certificate to confirm whether or not he is a natural born citizen of the United States, or whether he was born elsewhere. If he was born on foreign soil then that disqualifies Obama from becoming President.

If I remember right, Bill Clinton played some kind of game like this also right before he was elected into office, must be a liberal democrat thing to hide the truth from people until your elected, hmmmm, kind of makes you wonder?

I say force the Obama campaign to cough up that certificate now, or he should end his bid for the White House!

He may very well be pulling the greatest political hoax on the American people, unlike we have ever seen in all of our history. What if he is actually Muslim? What do we do then? Impeach him? Not unless he commits treason as the Clinton's did, and they got away with it too!

OK OBAMA! Games up! cough up that birth certificate now!!

We the American people are sick of democrat lies and deceit, and we are NOT going to stand for it anymore!

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