Monday, May 26, 2008

Liberty, They Cry Liberty

We here a lot of talk about liberty and freedom for politicians and media elitists today, but when they are talking about liberty, they are talking about liberty for themselves, not for the public at large.

These self appointed elitists wish to set themselves up as Lord and Master of the American society by forcing a socialist Utopian system upon us, and they are doing so one step at a time. By passing this bill, and that bill into law, they are backing the American people into a corner, where they will put a gun to the head of personal freedom and liberty, and pull the trigger.

These have no respect for the cost of freedom, the blood of millions that has been shed to protect our liberty. They make a mockery of our men and women in combat, bowing to the so-called peace movement, they oppose war, calling it unjust, and calling for a pull out of our troops. They would not however oppose the use of the military if there own candidate were in office, two faced buzzards, every one of them!

Freedom (from Christianity)! Prosperity! and Social Justice!

The war cry of the fringe left wing lunatics of society! There twisted world view being rammed down our throats by the media, and the socialist indoctrinators. Lets look closer at these three points.

Freedom from Christianity - They see the Christian faith as a roadblock to so-called progress. In the eye's of left-wing fringe extremists, Christianity represents everything that is evil in their eye's. But the fact remains that this nation was founded upon Biblical Principles, and our system of law is modeled after it also.

The real problem here is their intolerance of the Christian faith, and their own rebellious hearts. Their eyes are blinded to reality, they have been brainwashed by the media, they have no respect at all for the price of freedom.

They don't realize that the whole concept of individual liberty comes from the Bible, and the Christian faith is what helps us preserve our way of life. Without the Christian influence in our society, we can not continue as a free nation, nor will we truly prosper.

Prosperity! The heart cry of the left, because money is power to them. they live in a materialistic fog where they cannot see what is real, and what is not. Have you noticed that liberal politician's always tend to talk about our pocketbooks? They know how to make the American sheep eat out of their hand, they are the masters of public mind manipulation, and their good at it. Promise the average wage slave in more money in their wallets, and they fall for it every time. What really happens is when they get into office they take more money out, while making you think your getting more.

Social Justice - A term coined by the left to justify their backwards approach to just about everything they support. Social justice is replacing true justice.

They assault the rights of others while fighting for the special rights for people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior. They package it up and market it as a civil rights issue so that the American people will have a harder time fighting against it. They protect the rights of child pornographers calling it a form of free speech, while seeking to muzzle those who are pro-life, passing laws that violate their right to speak out, and to voice their opinion openly.

Social justice equals injustice, it is the perversion of freedom and justice!

The pledge states this: With liberty and justice for all!

For many years liberals have secretly met to decide how to best chip away at our liberty. They are bent on setting themselves up as the ruling class, controlling the masses through a system of government that will cause our founding fathers to turn flips in their graves.

This is a disgrace to the men and woman who gave theirs for our freedom. Those who lost it all to establish a free nation of men, where they would have the right to worship freely, and to do so without the governing powers perverting it. Let us never forget the sacrifices made, and may we be willing to take a stand against the enemy within our borders, thats seeks to destroy everything we have every fought for!

Individual liberty I fear is almost extinct in our society, I also fear that todays generation is so dumbed down they won't fight to restore it, they would rather give up than fight. I also fear that America will fall from within, than from without.

Yes a silent war has been raging throughout our nation, and we Americans who have taken for granted our freedom are now facing the fruit of our indifference, and our lack of backbone to protect our own liberty!

I am forever grateful for those who have fought on foreign soil to preserve our freedom, thank you all for your service!! God Bless!!

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