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Barack Obama is a counterfeit Alan Keyes

Plagiarizing the language of liberty and equality for socialism

Tom Hoefling
Tom Hoefling
March 21, 2008

"I don't need Mr. Keyes lecturing me on Christianity. That's why I have a pastor." — Barack Obama

In 2004, Ambassador Alan Keyes acceded to the persistent pleas of Illinois Republicans to represent them in the U.S. Senate race against Democrat Barack Obama, only after being informed of Obama's history of callous disregard for innocent human life in blocking the legal protection of babies who had survived abortion attempts in that state's hospitals.

Dr. Keyes, more than anyone in the country, saw the dangers posed by the rise of Barack Obama, and was willing to endure the obvious ambushes that were set for him in the race, even though he knew there was little prospect of electoral success, and that the personal costs would be considerable. He knew that if he did not pick up the standard and run to the sound of the guns, a pro-abortion woman was going to be chosen by the GOP, and Barack Obama's evil record would never be exposed, smoothing his path to power.

Like the Lincoln-Douglas debates of an earlier century, the Keyes-Obama confrontations were of historic value. It's hard to imagine two men more different in their character and philosophy. It's hard to imagine two more disparate worldviews. And, it's hard to imagine how Alan Keyes, a man with broad Reagan administration foreign policy and national defense experience, could have rhetorically thrashed the inexperienced Barack Obama any more thoroughly than he did.

But, as you know, with the help of an Obama-loving media and a Republican establishment that was more in tune with the Democrats than it was with the timeless American principles represented by Alan Keyes, Barack Obama won the election handily, just as Douglas defeated Lincoln so many years before. And, as expected, Obama's rise to power in the days since has been swift, financed and promoted by the most radical and powerful forces of socialism in America today, including George Soros.

In recent days we've observed the spectacle of presidential candidate Barack Obama fighting for political survival in the wake of the revelations of the racist America-hating "liberation theology" preached from the pulpit of his church of twenty years. Never mind that conservatives have known about and made known the nature of this institution for a long time, but that it only became "news" when friends of his primary opponent Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Media decided it was time to make an issue of it.

In a speech that was splashed across every network and the pages of every newspaper in the land, he employed every rhetorical tool and talent available to him to try and defuse the scandal. If you were foolish enough to believe some of the talking heads of television you'd think the man was Jesus delivering the Sermon on the Mount, or at a minimum Martin Luther King, Jr. preaching from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, instead of a politician trying to spin himself out of deep trouble.

In any case, Barack Obama is not Jesus or Reverend King. He's Joe Biden. You see, Barack Obama is cribbing from the founding documents of this republic, and the timeless statements of its actual statesmen, even though it's obvious that his political philosophy has nothing to do with the founding principles, and that his ideology would be completely foreign and hateful to those great Americans who came before.

He even borrows from the Bible, though like virtually all modern Democrats he twists the meaning of the eternal Word of God at his whim. He's learned his lessons from Bill Clinton well.

He speaks of "we the people," while completely misunderstanding who the men were that penned those words, and the words which followed.

He steals the constitutional theme of "a more perfect union," while ignoring in every facet of his political life the rest of the words of the Preamble, especially its closing statement of purpose: "To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves AND OUR POSTERITY." His support for abortion-on-demand, and even infanticide, makes a mockery of the spirit and the letter of our Constitution, as well as the founding paragraph of our nation, found in the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men..."

You see, he doesn't even understand why human government exists, much less how to unify all Americans in support of it.

He utters with his lips sweet-honeyed homage to "union," while tearing down with both hands all possibility of unity, just as Stephen Douglas and many of his contemporaries did. You see, without truth, without adherence to God's laws and ways, without justice, without respect for the lives and liberty of all of those who are created in God's image, true unity cannot exist.

He decries the horrors of slavery, while exhibiting a total commitment to the exact same spirit of injustice as the slaveholders of the nineteenth century once did.

He speaks of liberty and justice, while showing that he has no conception of the moral basis for either.

He praises those who have fought for freedom and equality over the centuries, while dishonoring their memory with every action he takes in the political arena.

And, in between, he spouts classic Marxist class warfare rhetoric, which, while appealing to the base self-interest, jealously, and greed of the ignorant, accomplishes nothing in its fulfillment but destruction and division for all.

The "hope" he famously offers is a false hope, based in socialist nonsense, flattery, crude political calculation and complete disregard for the intrinsic value of each human life, in open defiance of the moral principles held dear by those who founded and built this "one nation under God."

The true language of liberty and equality has nothing to do, in its spirit or substance, with the kind of virulent racialism advocated in the Obamas' church, or with the failed Marxist vision embodied in Obama's political philosophy and record.

Barack Obama gives strength to the very things that have been the most destructive of the lives of blacks AND whites in this country. The brutal aborting of a whole generation of helpless, innocent children. The government-assisted destruction of the two-parent family. The enslavement of a formerly free and sovereign people to an overwhelmingly powerful and invasive federal government. The banishment from the public square of the Creator, upon Whom our liberty entirely depends.

If we truly care about our posterity, the political career of Barack Obama, who thinks that life and liberty is only for those he arbitrarily deems worthy of it, must be relegated along with all his liberal fellow travelers to the same historical dustbin as their fellow Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, who thought that the Union could survive part slave and part free. That goes for those like John McCain who falsely label themselves "Republicans," but act in the same way. They have squandered any moral authority to lead.

If our goal is to bring about a truly "post-racial" America, one that is based in genuine liberty and equality for all, we must do what the people of Illinois failed to do in 2004 and what the Republican Party has refused to do in 2008: elevate Alan Keyes to the position of service to this country that God has obviously prepared him for.

Why? Because he's black? Not on your life. We should elect him because he's quite simply the best man for the job.

Barack Obama falsely mimics via teleprompter what Alan Keyes, without a single written note, so eloquently and powerfully speaks directly from his heart and mind.

Alan Keyes, the great moral statesman of our day, has been foolishly betrayed by the Republican Party which he has faithfully supported and served throughout his adult life, and he is apparently about to leave it. And so, the duty of "we the people," the sovereign citizens of the United States, irrespective of political party, is to stand up and do the hard work necessary to make sure he's on our presidential ballot come November. We must go over the heads of the failed "leaders" and elites of our time, and make sure that he takes the oath of office in January.

Better than anyone else, Alan Keyes knows what that sacred oath means. And so, with God's help, let us strive to see him prevail over Obama and the others just as Lincoln ultimately prevailed over Douglas.

That generation was willing to sacrifice everything to fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence for all. Surely we can muster the active will and the energy to restore it, and preserve it, for the sake of our posterity.

Tom Hoefling is the national political director of America's Revival, Alan Keyes for President.

© Copyright 2008 by Tom Hoefling

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