Sunday, December 30, 2007


That's right! A Liberals Worst Nightmare!

A Christian, Conservative, Black Man Running for President!!

Dr. Alan Keyes, who is NO stranger to American politics, and Government, is charging ahead full steam in his run for the White House. Among all the other contenders for the Oval Office he is the ONLY one who is a true Moral Conservative.

Dr. Keyes is a

On the issues

No other candidate on either side of the isle even comes close!

I challenge any American with any degree of common sense and decency to turn and support Dr. Alan Keyes for President!! I guarantee that Hillary and her henchmen will do anything to stop Dr. Keyes from getting the Republican nomination because she is deathly scared of having to debate such a scholar, and a gentleman.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Send the ACLU a Christmas Card

Crossposted from: Stop The ACLU:

Its become a popular yearly tradition now to send the Anti-Christian Liars Union grinches a Christmas card. I personally think its ineffective, and that the money you waste on a stamp for the organization to toss in the shredder would be better served towards a good cause. So, I encourage you to save that money, dig a little deeper, and contribute to an organization that fights the ACLU and defends Christmas. The Alliance Defense Fund, and the ACLJ are both great organizations that defend Christmas each year. The Alliance Defense Fund does it for free. Why not help groups like that out this year?

However, from experience last year...I know that many will insist on sending the ACLU a Christmas card. Afterall, it is tradition. If that is how you want to make your message...we have some great greeting cards and postcards available at our online store. Plenty of other great Christmas gifts too.

Send your Christmas card to the ACLU at:

125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York , NY 10004