Saturday, June 16, 2007


Click to the - Forging a Rebirth of Freedom

With the Democratic line up of candidates looking like the usual suspects that they are, and the top runners in the Republican party not looking any better than the Democrats, what is a voter to do?

The answer is, Vote third party!

The Constitution party offers a clear alternative for those who just cant seem to swallow voting for Hillary, or Guilliani, because quite frankly there isn't that much difference between the two when it comes to the important moral issues of the day. Both top Democrat, and Republican are Pro-death, and pro-gay, and neither can be trusted to run the country.

What I am getting at is this. For the sake of the future of this nation, the United States of America, we cannot afford either of this two liberal bozo's into office. That is why it is necessary to vote ones conscious, rather than vote via your pocketbook, or vote on sheer hype and emotion.

It is not a waste of a persons vote to vote ones conscious, you and I can walk away from the voting booth knowing we did the right thing, instead of biting our lip as we get out of there as fast as we can. We can hold our heads high, and be proud to be Americans! We can take the high ground, and not be ashamed of doing the right thing.

Do you dare to vote third party? To stand tall and proud?

What a way to send a message to the liberals commies in the two big parties, the message that we are not going to stand for wishy washy liberals ever again.

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