Friday, April 27, 2007

The Next American Revolution

For many years here in America we as Americans have been brainwashed by the media, and the popular culture. We have been the proverbial frog in the pot of water, you know, where the water starts out cold and gradually warms up to boiling. The poor frog does not realize it until it is too late, and he boils to death.

Of course I'm referring to the dumbing down of the American society. We have been the victims of the mass media machine that has used television, movies, news broadcasts, to lull our brains to sleep. These mediums are largely controlled by the forces of the left fringe of the culture, Liberals control the media, and the educational system also.

We are on the edge of loosing our greatest freedoms so that a small portion of the population can feel good about their bad behavior. Yes I am talking about the impending hate crimes legislation that is now headed for the floor of the house. This legislation if passed will be used to silence those who oppose homosexuality, making anyone who believes that homosexuality is sinful, and hate criminal.

These laws will be used to investigate, prosecute, and persecute and majority, while giving the minority above the law status. The freedom of Speech, the free press, and of religion will be stripped down if these bills become law.

I believe that if this happens, there will be a huge backlash against the left. I believe that passing these laws will only pose a greater danger to those it is supposed to be protecting. I believe that the Democrats who are the big supporters of this legislation, and the ones who keep bringing it back into Congress, will suffer a backlash in the next election.

In the worst case, this becomes law, Christians are silenced from speaking the truth concerning homosexuality, which is what these bills are really about. The large portion of Americans may have no choice but to fight back to undo these laws, and restore their freedom.

We may have to start a revolution, that is take up weapons, and take back our liberties. I hope it does not come to that, but I'll be danged if I'm gonna let some commie take my freedoms like that. The question is, will the majority be willing to fight, or just lay there and take it like a bunch of sheep.

What if the Patriots who fought the British had decided to just let the Brit's take control? Where would we be now?

Please call Congress now!! and lets squash this sucker before the house can pass it into law.

In a free society, one has the right to hate anyone, anything, or any group he/she wishes to.

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