Saturday, March 10, 2007


Recent reports from out west reveal the devastation caused by illegal aliens, mainly Mexicans who sneak across the U.S. border, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. We ask ourselves why? I believe it is because they don't give a damn about anyone or anything else, this isn't their country, it's ours.

It is the same "I don't give a crap" attitude we see in our inner cities, where buildings are crumbling, and the streets are littered with trash. My opinion is this, poverty is often due to the lack of respect for others, and their property. This epidemic is most visible where minorities exist in higher percentages, in comparison to where Caucasian, middle class Americans live.

There is a war of world views that exists in America, some would like to send them all back to Mexico where they came from, and others want to coddle them while they trample our nation.

I used to do maintenance at a convenience store years ago where Mexicans come in on the weekend to do their laundry. Every Monday morning I would have to clean up the mess they left behind, especially in the restrooms. I dreaded this because the stench was nauseating at best, and it took time to clean up after them. They would leave behind their alcohol bottles, they would puke all over the walls, the toilet, and anything else they could nail in the process, even truck drivers have more respect for themselves and others than there people do.

They come to this country and commit all sorts of crimes, leaving behind them a trail of destruction, death, and disease.

read this article.

They leave trash everywhere, granted they don't have anywhere else to put it, but seriously, this shows a total lack of respect for those of us who love our country, and try to keep it clean. I want to know why Al Gore and his environmental pals aren't out there cleaning up after these people? After all, doesn't this pollute the environment? Where is the Sierra Club? Where is Earth First? Seems like cleaning up the mess these folks leave behind would be a better use of their time than blowing up SUV's!

You will never see a liberal commie out there cleaning up, I can almost guarantee that. These groups are all yap, and no positive action whatsoever!
They would rather destroy the "evil escalades" than actually get off their commie asses and do something positive for America. In fact, I dare them to get out there are start picking up all that trash!

The truth is that leftists prefer to left illegal aliens come into this country and occupy our land, and suck up our tax dollars, because it serves their purpose, because every illegal alien is a potential vote for the democrats, that's why! Just like they support the Palestinians occupying land that does not belong to them in the middle east, while they detest the nation of Israel.

Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement a coalition of Americans aimed at battling illegals at the federal, state, and local levels by promoting responsible immigration policies that first and foremost protect our jobs, communities, and our way of life. The FIRE Coalition helps hunt down businesses throughout America that hire illegal aliens, the website lists over 3000 employers in 47 states that hire illegals. Companies that hire illegals should pay a hefty price, there are way too many Americans already out of work that need jobs.

President Bush and the Minutemen have the right idea, build a fence, keep them in Mexico!
Now all we have to do is herd all the leftists into one state and build a fence around it, and we would be all set.

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