Friday, March 23, 2007

NAU Spells DOOM for USA!

I was talking with a trucker this week about the purposed NAFTA Superhighway that would extend from Mexico, all the way through the U.S. and into Canada. This superhighway is nothing more than a scheme to destroy America, by allowing Mexicans and Canadians to wander throughout our country without any supervision.

The greatest fear is that Mexican truckers will bring with them a crime wave like we have never seen before. I believe that robberies, rapes, and homicide rates will increase dramatically, and that law enforcement will not be able to keep up with work load.

My advice to all God Fearing Americans is, ARM YOURSELVES!!

These Mexican truckers will be moving all throughout our country, this will anger American truckers, and others causing a lash back against Mexican Drivers. Violence is never a good answer to problems, but this about our national sovereignty, and must NOT be taken lightly.

Even more shocking is the information coming out that our money will be replaced with a common currency known as the Amero, a mix between Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. currency. This would happen after the sovereignty of the USA had been violated by these globalists, and the three nations combined into one North American zone.

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Please for the sake of America contact your Congressmen today and tell them NO on the NAU!!

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