Sunday, February 18, 2007


Join with Fire Coalition in opposing Bank of America!

Bank of America is handing out credit cards to illegal aliens in an attempt to make more profit for themselves, while helping illegals supposedly build credit. All of this without a Social Security Number.

"FIRE Coalition is a nationwide coalition of individuals and groups dedicated to Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement. Our coalition represent federal, state, and local interests in stopping the flood of illegal immigration and promoting reasonable policies for limited, controlled legal immigration. FIRE Coalition’s efforts extend beyond federal matters to include state and local concerns as well."

We all know where the left stands on illegal immigration, they want as many illegals to flood into this country because they are easily convinced to vote democrat, and this tilts the political scale their way. I say that it opens the door for the increased chance of voter fraud by left wingers, any way liberals can find to cheat, they will!

Conservatives want to enforce and toughen immigration laws, build a fence along the border to keep illegals out, and raise the level of funding for border patrol agents. Too many times law enforcement is out gunned by the bad guys, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

This is the typical left wing response we have seen for years, they are weak on crime, and make the criminal out to be the poor victim. Liberals have always been weak when it comes to our nations defense, why would we expect anything different from them now?

Anyway, you might want to consider getting involved with FIRE! Send the message to US companies that it not an acceptable practice to hire illegals, and this practice won't be tolerated any longer.

These Colors Don't Run!!

Now that the Liberals have gained higher status in Congress, one of the first things on their agenda is undermining President Bush's "War on Terror". Hillary Clinton has announced her run for the Oval Office for 2008, and has vowed to end the war in Iraq, and bring the troops home "my first day in office".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where all the opposition to the war is coming from, the far left has made a huge point of opposing this right from the start, with groups like at the helm of the sinking ship named the S.S. Cut and Run.

Join Move America Forward in celebrating America, our freedoms, and our troops by showing up along the route from California to Washington D.C., where they will hold a huge pro-troop/pro-war rally.

Just another way to "Protest the Left!"

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Major US Companies Bankrolling Overthrow of Freedom and Family

It is high time Americans start taking seriously where they spend their money as many large US Corporations are helping to fund the homosexualization of America by the perverted fringe left. It is time we as Americans, those of us with a thread of common sense left in our heads place conviction before our desire for food and entertainment. Read the following article, it will shock you!


Major US corporations funding legal attacks on David Parker --
and the push for homosexuality in schools!

The next time you go to Staples, or use Verizon phone service,

do your banking at Bank of America, or choose Comcast for your Internet, or buy
a Gillette razor, keep this in mind: you are helping bring the homosexual agenda
into your schools, including the elementary schools. And worse than that, you
are helping them stop David Parker in his federal civil rights lawsuit
to require
that he be notified and able to opt out when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his first-grade son.

This past Saturday night at a fancy fundraiser dinner in downtown Boston these same companies and others donated thousands and thousands of dollars to the "Human Rights Campaign" (HRC), a national hardcore homosexualactivist group. HRC calls itself "the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organization" and raises money to push the homosexual agenda into public schools and businesses, and to use vicious intimidation tactics against anyone who gets in their way. They are very clear about how they want to change America and its people. Oh, and did we mention: the keynote speaker of that event was Deval Patrick, Democratic candidate for governor! And these also include Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tufts Health Plan -- why are health organizations funding this??

See for yourself: Here are links to the HRC fundraising dinner:

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