Saturday, January 20, 2007

Un-Equal Rights: Homosexuals Seek "Above the Law" Status Reports that a Canadian man whose business was vandalized by homosexuals because of his beliefs. The man who is a city council member in Kamloops, British Columbia was forced to pay a homosexual couple a thousand dollars in damages for simply stating that homosexuality is "not normal or natural". Read the full story at

It seems to me that the homosexuals should have to pay for the damages done to this mans business, and that they should be charged with committing a "Hate Crime" since Canada has these laws already on the books. But as we can see that is not going to happen here as homosexuals by gaining protected status in society have made themselves "Above the Law".

Today in the U.S. Congress we see this type of legislation being introduced again, this time the bill has been approved by the house, and at this time is just sitting there waiting to be moved on to the next stage. These laws are highly unconstitutional, as they severely limit the rights of the majority of Americans. Opponents of this legislation claim if the "Hate Crimes" legislation is passed into law, it will mean the end of free speech, free expression, and freedom of religion, and they are right!

This type of law would unjustly silence the American people, and I believe will cause a massive increase in violence against homosexuals in America. I also believe that it will give leftists a green light to harass and assault those who they disagree with, hate laws of any kind in America are a terrible idea.

No other country on the face of this earth has the same type of governmental system that we in the USA have. We have more freedoms than anyone else, anywhere else has, and that's a fact. Based upon the wording of the Constitution, it is my opinion that in a free republic such as the U.S. One has the express right to hate anything anyone, or any group they want to, we have the freedom to hate!

Hate is not all bad as some would have you think. The Bible instructs Christians to hate all that is evil, loving the sinner, but hating the sin. This is not an easy task but it can be done. Homosexuality is defined in Scripture as being bad, therefore we hate homosexuality in the same way we hate alcoholism, or drug addiction, or any other sinful practice.

This is NOT a license for those who oppose homosexuality to commit acts of physical violence against homosexuals, rather, to state that anyone who disagrees with homosexuality, and freely expresses that belief is a criminal just for believing, and voicing that belief that, is asinine, and unconstitutional!

If homosexuals want this type of euro-weenie society where they are applauded for their sexual dis-orientation. Let them all ship off to Europe!