Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stand Up for Your Free Speech Rights

How much do you value free speech?

Our founding fathers and mothers willingly jeopardized their fortunes,
safety, even lives, to make us free.

Will you invest 15 minutes a day five days a week for seven weeks to
preserve the precious right of free speech?

With Democrats in control of Congress, the same kind of “anti-hate”
legislation that has taken away freedom in Canada and dozens of European
countries will be resubmitted, sometime this winter. It will surely pass.

It will pass, that is, unless there is a magnitude-seven upheaval of
public protest—NOW. If that happens, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith,
mastermind of this freedom-stealing legislation, may lose its nerve. ADL may
decide it’s too risky to even introduce the bill.

Here’s how to take action: Come to for a complete list of the new
Congress. Resolve to start calling members on Monday, Dec. 4 when the House
reconvenes. The Senate does the same on December 5. Call the toll-free number
1-877-851-6437. The toll number is 202-225-3121. Perhaps you can find time
before work or during your lunch break to make these freedom-saving

When you call, ask the operator to send you to the first member of
Congress on the list at Deliver this
message: “Please don’t vote for any so-called 'anti-hate' legislation. Hate laws
have taken away free speech in Canada and Europe.” Don’t hang up. Ask to be
relayed to the next member of Congress on the list, and so on.

In just 7 weeks, you will have sent a powerful message to every member of
Congress. Right now, more than 60 newly elected members can’t be reached in
Washington. After Congress reconvenes January 3, you can send this message to
them as well.

Conservatives and other Decent Americans MUST PROTEST LOUDLY NOW!
If we are to stop left wing radicals from stealing away our constitutional rights to free speech, free expression, and freedom of Religion. They want to muzzle us in public, in our Churches, and in our very homes. What are you willing to do, and how far are you willing to go to stop them?

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