Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mark Foley the Victim of Liberal Pe-Election Hijinks!

The left is having a hay-day with the lastest scandel coming off of Capital Hill involving Rep. Mark Foley of Florida.  Foley allegedly exchanged email messages with a 16 yr. old. page.  In these messages Foley requests of the young man his age, wants to know what he wants for his birthday, and requests a photo of him. In my estimation these requests by Foley are innocent enough, and do not prove any wrongdoing by foley, or the young page.

The instant messages sent from foleys office are said to be part of a prank gone awry between staffers on Capital Hill. These messages just happened to fall into the hands of liberal democrat operatives that have in turn used the messages as pre-mid term election ammo to try and swing the vote thier way.

Without having all the details, mostly because the liberal run media is covering the true facts up and reporting what they want people to hear.  It is difficult to ascertain what the truth of the matter is at this time. In my opinion this whole this has been blown out of proportion by liberals for the purpose of fixing the coming mid-term elections.

If Foley is a homosexual, we wouldn't want him on the conservative side anyway, he should be on the other side of the ilse with the other fruit, nuts, and flakes!

In this bloggers opinion, this is exactly what has happened here. Liberals have launched thier attack against conservatives in order to make republicans look bad just before the election. Liberals hope to secure more seats in congress in hopes of capturing the whitehouse in two more years, a dreadfull thought indeed.

Lets not forget when the poster boy of liberal (communist) democrats, Bill Clinton got busted for getting head from page in the oval office, and how he went on TV and lied to the nation saying "I never had sex with that miss Lewinsky".  Last time I checked, oral sex was still considered sex!

Funny how all the liberals in America crowed around and defended Clinton even thought the evidence was cut and dry, his semen stain on her dress. DNA doesn't lie!  Also on all the other numerous scandels caused by Clinton, and his pet dragon (wife) Hillary, Liberals always make up every excuse in the book to look the other way when one of thier own gets deep in the poop.

Foley is Gay!  The headlines read, but wheres the real proof of the matter?

I will raise this argument, not to defend Foley's actions, or cover for him if is actully a homosexual, but if he is, I think Conservatives would have ousted him long ago.  The fact is that Conservatives would not have tollerated his homosexual lifestyle, he would not have been able to hide all this time without someone publically outing him, and he should be afforded the right of being innocent till proven guilty.

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