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Liberal Jews in America, Thier own worst enemy!

I recieved an email from the Rev. Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network,

The Letter re-stated the threat against Christiantity, the family, and this nation as a whole. The airwaves are being saturated with homosexual propaganda in order to change the way Americans think about homosexuality, especially to change the values of our children.

The letter states:

"While an ABC news poll shows that 58 percent of Americans believe gay marriage should be illegal, Jewish leftists (like Sumner Redstone, head of Viacom), are pushing against the grain for the gay agenda. 1

At NPN we have been criticized for generalizing about the anti-Christ activism of organized Jewry. But when it comes to pushing for the normalization of homosexuality, progressive Jewry is proud to take credit.

The World Congress of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) Jews boasts 50 member organizations. In New York alone, gay Jewish organizations include Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, OrthoDykes, and OrthoGays.

Although some Orthodox rabbis stand fast on Leviticus 18:22 and its prohibition of sodomy, Reform Judaism has been ordaining gays and lesbians since 1990. According to the Jewish daily Forward, conservative rabbis will soon join them, consecrating same-sex marriage and ordaining homosexual rabbis. 2

Last November, Abe Foxman (national director of the Anti-Defamation League) and Rabbi Eric Yoffie (president of the enormous Union for Reform Judaism) gave back-to-back speeches attacking the Christian right. Yoffie’s union is the largest Jewish organization in the United States and includes over 900 congregations.

What did this supposed man of God have to tell his flock? At the Union's biannual convention, Yoffie sermonized to around 5,000 attendees about the “appalling” idea that one group of people might have found the absolute truth about God.

“What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God,” he huffed. You’d hope a man who thought he was wrong about God wouldn’t be delivering a sermon. But that irony was apparently lost on Yoffie.

He went on to denounce the “homophobia” of the religious right, comparing it to Nazism. “There is no excuse,” he said, “for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry.” Like Foxman, who also compared Bible-believing Christians to Nazis, Yoffie obviously thinks it’s just fine to fuel the hellfires of anti-Christianity.

Forward magazine praised Yoffie’s and Foxman’s blisteringly anti-Christian screeds for giving “voice to something their constituents have been thinking and feeling for a long time.”

One thing Jewish America is clearly thinking and feeling is that homosexuality deserves public acceptance. In a 2004 Forward article, Jay Michaelson explained the liberalizing of Jewish attitudes toward sodomy. He quoted Jeremy Gordon, a student leader at the Jewish Theological Seminary: “[Homosexuality] has become one of the most important issues for the movement and the seminary and something leadership from across the movement feel needs to be readdressed.”

Michaelson, who directs Nehirim: A Spiritual Initiative for GLBT Jews and edits Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture, comments that even conservative Jews are considering new ways to read Jewish laws against sodomy. But he says media shapes the sensibilities of American Jews more than sacred texts ever will. “The rapid change in the status of gay people within the Jewish community owes as much to [TV show] Queer Eye as it does to novel interpretations of Leviticus.”

Will evangelicals also be more influenced by media’s gay agenda than by their own sacred text, the Bible? Jewish activists hope so. With TV shows like Will and Grace (which ran for 8 years and won truckloads of awards and award nominations), films like Brokeback Mountain, and now an all-gay channel, Jewish media moguls’ motives are clear: Bring gays out of the closet and kick Christian morals to the curb.

1 ABC, Gary Langer, June 5, 2006
2 Forward, “Key Rabbis Say Conservative Judaism Will Lift Gay Ban,” Jennifer Siegel, Aug 25, 2006"

Above article Written by: Harmony Grant

After Reading this letter through a couple of times, I realized that the author was correct, modernistic liberalism is destorying the moral fabric of this country, they are engaging in the same propaganda techniques that Hitler and the Nazi's used many years ago. They refer to Bible believing Christians as Nazi's because we stick to the teaching of Scripture, and our faith in the One True God.

While they have deviated far from the God of thier forefathers, and his teachings which are clearly spelled out in black and white, they spin thier hate filled rhethoric around like a farmer spreading cow manure, and it sticks just as bad.

At the base of this hate filled agenda of the left, are many Jewish Americans that have strayed from the traditional teachings of Scripture. They have embraced moderistic Liberalsim (Communism), and become thier own worst enemy. How easily they have forgotten the holocaust where many of thier own were systemattically murdered by the Nazi's through the means of organized genocide.

Jews were discounted as less than human, and counted as not fit to live. Millions of innocent people were herded into Hitlers gas chambers, and todays generation of Jews could care less. They have forgotten the lessons of history, and as a result are condemned to repeat it. This is the same lie that Liberal Jews in America believe and use as an excuse to support abortion on demand.

Instead, todays modernistic Jew in America unwaiveringly supports abortion, homosexuality as a normal/natural alternative to God's design for human beings, and they overwhelmingly vote Democratic, why?

Why do so many in America vote for thier own demise? Why are liberal Jews so hatefull, and Christophobic?

Rabbi Eric Yoffie (president of the enormous Union for Reform Judaism) stated that "“There is no excuse,” he said, “for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry.”

I say "There is NO EXCUSE for the hate filled rhetoric that fuels the fires of anti-Christian bigotry."

Yoffie also stated "“What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God,”

Rather I think the question is "What could be more bigoted than bastardizing those who pray and support the Jews and the nation of Isreal."

Yofee and others like him fail to notice that it is the evangelical, Bible-Believing Christians in America that are the thier best freinds. The liberal left that they align themselves with, largely supports the Palestians, and thier agenda to push Isreal into the sea. Do modernistic Jews hate thier own native land? I wonder?

I think liberal jews and thier liberal God hating organizations need to re-evalute where they stand, and what they support. Seems that they are only shooting themselves in the foot! They indeed are thier own worst enemy

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