Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Way to Protest the Left!!!

I found a NEW way to PROTEST THE LEFT!!

Number one what do commies hate most of all? The Bible, God's Word!
So join me in sending NEW TESTAMENTS to Iran. Many Iraninans are NOW hungry for the truth about Jesus Christ, right now the window of opportunity is open. The best way to defeat terrorism, and clobber radial islam is too reach the people with the Gospel while we have a chance. On top of that, in doing so you will be protesting against the Left here in America, who embrace terrorists as freedom fighters, who refer to Islam as the "religion of peace", and make a practice out of persecuting Christians here in America by attacking the very essence of our Christian faith and heritage. Thanks for your help!!

One iranian person was heard saying

“the Koran says Jesus never died on the cross, but this film says He did…How
I wish I could have a New Testament to know what really happened.”

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