Saturday, August 19, 2006

Time to Kill the Monster! Communism must be Re-Defeated!

Some of us who have been around since the 70's will remember the old Soviet Union (Russia). We have heard various horror stories about how the people were kept in poverty, while the communist government lived high off the hogg. We have seen the pictures of starving people in the streets, and we have seen the posh palace where the the head of the country lives in the lap of luxury. We have seen how they pushed the Church of Christ underground, while the Russian Orthodox Church which is run by the communist government was allowed to continue conducting it's business.

Communism world wide has killed over one hundred million people, communists have absolutley NO regard for the sanctity of human life, nor do they give a dang if you like it or not. As a cardinal rule, Communism must always remove Christ and his Gospel from the public square, pushing it down in a dark hole somewhere along with anyone who continues to believe it. True Christianity and Communism CANNOT dwell together in harmony, they are diametrically opposed to each other, one must win out over the other.

We have all heard and seen the human rights abuses that exist in Communist China today. How they put Pastors and other Christains in prison, and then force them to make Christmas Lights for hours on end. Then they ship them over to the good old USA, and we put them on our Christmas trees every Christmas season.

"authorities subject detainees to "electric shocks, beatings and sleep deprivation."

Why would anyone in thier rights mind want to live under Communism? Or Why would anyone in thier right mind want to bring in that type of system of government?

Well you might be suprised to find out that there are many right here in America that are working fevereshly to force this on the rest of us. These folks are the so-called elite of American society, those who are against the free market of capitalism, and want to exchange it for a market that only benefits them at the expense of everyone else. These people however are using the system they despise to manipulate the culture towards a new age socialistic system of death and destrction that will devastate North America forever.

Communist Goals 1963

One doesn't have to look far to see how they have accomplished several of these goals already, or are very close to accomplising them. We have many liberal/communist movements all working closley together to do just that, overthrow America, and bring in a new system of new age anarchy!

Whether it be the sodomite agenda to overthrow marriage and the family, or the environmentalists who use the earth as an excuse to take away personal freedom. The animal rights crowd who use animals as a smoke screen, and excuse to force thier anti-freedom agenda down our throats. The radical feminists that work to push men down, making men the object of complete disrespect by removing them from thier God given place of authority in the home. Ect.

Our so-called educational system has become the indoctrination center/recruiting center for new communists. American communists control the schools and colleges, poisoning the minds and hearts of our children, pulling them away from the faith of thier forefathers. If we are to kill this monster, we must regain control of the schools, this will happen when parents along with local communities get very angry and make a whole lot of noise. The time for asking is done, the time for righteous anger is now here!!

The message here today is that we in America must be ever dilligent against communism, we must re-defeat communism right here in our own land. It is going to be a big job, but if we will humble ourselves and pray feverently as we ought to, God has promised to come and heal our land!

The real war is of a spiritual one, and requires a spiritual solution, but that doesn't mean we sit on our hands, we have a duty before God to get involved is politics, and social issues making our voices heard!

Will you join me in the fight!!

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