Saturday, January 14, 2006

Liberals Lastest Scheme: Promote Cross-Dressing to Kindergarteners!

Just when we thought we had seen it all, here comes another scheme to promote homosexuality, and indoctrinate children into it's perverse lifestyle. GLSEN along with the help of the National Education Assoc.(NEA)are behind this latest attempt to recruit children into the homosexual community, and they are now marketing this to kindegarteners, little snot nosed 5 yr. olds!

The Book "Jesse's Dream Skirt", a book created by a homosexual parents group at the Buena Vista Elementary School in San Francisco. It includes a lesson based on a children's book titled "Jesse's Dream Skirt."

This book is about confusing the role of male and female genders to cause the children to move toward homosexuality. The goal here is to femanize young males for the future sexual use of adult homosexual males, this is NAMBLA type stuff here!

The attack comes on many fronts. It aims to expose children to sex at earlier and earlier ages... to rob them of their innocence and open them up to immoral and unhealthy practices... to set them up to accept messages of "safe sex" and homosexuality... to usher them into becoming advocates for - and ultimately participants in - sexual promiscuity, sodomy, bisexuality, and transgenderism.

This is the only way sodomites can find new little sex partners, and this is how they plan on building their political power as well, by poisoning the minds of little kids. Like vultures circling their prey, these 'gay' radical activists will stop at nothing to get ahold of the hearts and minds of children.

What will it take to stop them? Parents and people within local communities all across the country taking a BOLD stand, telling their perspective school boards not to allow groups like GLSEN into the local schools, they must NOT be allowed to hold assemblies, or launch any other brain washing programs.

"Radical homosexual activists have long said, "Whoever controls the schools, controls the future." If they can convince the next generation that homosexuality is "just another lifestyle," there will be no stopping

That is just it! Whoever controls the schools, controls the future of this nation. We cannot let these 'lunatic fringe' homosexual activists to rule the roost, our children are far to important to be exposed to such filth, and perversity.

"Armed Security Guard Ejects Mother of Student from School Assembly on Homosexuality"

A mother in St. Louis, Missouri who had heard about an upcoming school assembly being put on by GLSEN had told school officials that she deemed this assembly to be inappropriate. When she showed up at the school to view the assembly, she was forced to leave via an armed security guard. Excuse me! Who pays the bills that build and maintain the schools, and who pays the salaries, and benefits of every school employee?? The tax payers do! There is a reason that they are called "Public Schools", because they belong to the public who pays the bills, not to a bunch of liberal hypocrites, and radicals. This woman's rights were cleary violated, and they had no business blocking her from viewing an assembly. If this is the attitude of school officials, then parents who care about their students should either remove them from the public schools, or fight like mad against this Nazi like suppression of parents rights.

"We know the radical homosexual activists and all their allies intent on corrupting our children will not give up. They think they can lure our children into depravity while we sit by and do nothing."

History has proven that liberals are allows on the wrong side of every issue, and this issue is no different. Liberals gravitate towards what is evil, why they bastardize everything that is good. This is why I say the time has come to abolish liberal socialism once and for all, liberals have gone WAY TO FAR over the falls in their war against tradional moral teaching.

"Sex between adults and children is just the next barrier to be torn down. How long will it take these radical activists to achieve their next evil objective?"

Like a stated earlier, this is NAMBLA type stuff that is now being forced into the school systems of America, much in the same way Nazi's took over Germany's schools and turned them into Nazi training camps for children to condition them, and turn them into good little Nazi's. Like the communist's in the USSR used Russia's schools to teach children how to be good little communists, the same is taking place here in America via the Left Fringe of the culture.



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eyeovthestorm said...

I went through your blog site...very interesting to say the least. I can appreciate someone who voices his opinion so strongly and stand by it--regardless of some of the comments I've read about some of your blogs. You didn't stoop to ignorance, just stayed true to your beliefs. I am a christian and believe in God and Jesus. But that doesn't mean that we have to agree on everything. There are a few things that I do not agree with but I can understand you points of views and they make sense. Check out my blog and leave me a comment or 2. Can't wait to read!