Thursday, December 21, 2006

ACLU Can't Keep A Secret

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There is no doubt that a certain amount of transparency is essential for a modern democracy to function honestly. However, taken to the extreme, complete transparency would effectively make our National Security impotent and threaten the ability of the democracy to secure its very existence. There is a line that must be carefully walked. We must maintain common sense, especially in times that enemies threaten our very existence. We can not be so transparent that our enemies can see through us, and know our techniques and plans to fight them and protect ourselves against them. We should never cede our security to exist over to a utopian ideological dream of a completely transparent government. It is also important to have government watchdogs keeping an eye on government from abusing and overclassifying information that the public has a right to know. The danger lies in allowing too much liberty, especially to absolutist organizations like the ACLU, in that decision making process. The Investor's Business Daily bring up some very good points in reference to the recent backing down of the government in trying to obtain a classified document from the ACLU.
"The government blinked," gloated ACLU executive director Anthony Romero. Judge Rakoff is notoriously liberal, having declared the death penalty unconstitutional in 2002 (a ruling quickly overturned), and earlier this year forcing the Pentagon to make public thousands of pages of information on suspected terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay. So it's understandable for prosecutors to not want to fight an unwinnable battle. Are we nearing the day, however, when the ACLU has our legal system so wrapped around its finger that government secrets can no longer be kept from terrorists? Consider these points: • The ACLU's Romero called the subpoena battle "a fight not over a document but over the principle that the government cannot and should not be allowed to intimidate and impede the work of human rights advocates like the ACLU who seek to expose government wrongdoing." But if leftist activist groups or journalists, rather than the freely-elected U.S. government, decide what is legitimately secret and what is "intimidation," there's little that will remain secret.

Indeed, the government did blink. However, they caved in because they had a losing legal argument, not because they have no right to supress secret information from activist groups and the public at large. Before we hand the decision making process of what should or shouldn't be secret or in the public interest to extreme partisan organizations like the ACLU, we should really take a look at just how reckless they have been with such information in the past. Indeed, if we leave it to groups like the ACLU we might as well write the suicide note of our nation on the back of the Constitution. There is probably no other issue as fragile to the preservation of our liberties than a careful balance between civil liberties and our national security. To its credit, the ACLU recognizes the danger if the scales are tipped too far to the side of national security, however it doesn't seem to acknowledge the danger if the scales are reversed. So, let us take a look at some of the extreme examples where the ACLU's absolutist views actually endanger our national security. In particular let us look at their attitude towards the intelligence community and secret information in general. When it comes to drawing the line between classified information and national security the ACLU's record has never leaned toward the side of caution or national security. They consistently defend leakers as brave "whistleblowers." Even after the NY Times leaked details about the vital NSA program, the ACLU wanted more to come out in the open. They have even defended leaks on vital programs like SWIFT, in which we track terror finances, where there was absolutely nothing that even suggested government wrongdoing. They have even fought for accused enemy prisoners to be allowed to see classified evidence against them. The fact that our enemies learn and adjust from such traitorous leaks never seems to phase them. More Points from the Investor's Business Daily:
The ACLU boasts that its legal efforts have made public "more than 100,000 pages of government documents" regarding the interrogation of suspected terrorists. It has posted many of these documents on its Web site in an effort to shut down the program. But President Bush's policy of tough interrogation has secured information that has foiled numerous terrorist plots, saving thousands of lives. They include jetliner hijacking schemes targeting buildings on both the East and West coasts, another targeting Heathrow Airport in London, plus plots to destroy ships in both the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, and Jose Padilla's plan to blow up high-rise apartment buildings in the U.S. Intelligence information key to preventing terrorist acts has also come from the president's other homeland security policies, like the National Security Agency's wiretapping program. But ACLU lawyers are aggressively trying to shut those efforts down in several jurisdictions.

So, let us take a look at the ACLU's real attitude towards the intelligence community.
To the ACLU, CIA means "Controlling the Intelligence Agencies." That's the title they gave to Policy #117. But even that is an understatement of what this particular policy calls for. "Completely undermining the Intelligence Agencies" would be a more appropriate title. It starts out badly and then gets worse. "Control of our government's intelligence agencies demands an end to tolerance of "national security" as grounds for the slightest departure from the constitutional boundaries which limit government conduct in other areas." Of course, its been obvious for nearly 70 years that protecting America's national security is certainly not something the ACLU favors. Here are some of the specific controls called for in Policy #117:

Limit the CIA, under the new name of the Foreign Intelligence Agency, to collecting and evaluatiing foreign intelligence information. Abolish all covert operations. Limit the FBI to criminal investigations by elimimnating all COINTEL-PRO-type activity and all foreign and domestic intelligence investigations of groups or individuals unrelated to a specific criminal offense. Prohibit entirely wiretaps, tapping of telecommunications and burglaries. Restrict mail openings, mail covers, inspection of bank records, and inspection of telephone records by requiring a warrant issued on probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. Prohibit all domestic intelligence and political information-gathering. Only investigations of crimes which have been, are being, or are about to be committed may be conducted.Twilight of Liberty

Two former members of the ACLU, Richard and Susan Vigilante, conducted a thorough analysis of the ACLU spelled out by the Union's Center for National Security Studies. They wrote:
The ACLU opposes, and has fought in either Congress or the courts, virtually all "covert action," most "clandestine intelligence" gathering (i.e. spying), and in one case aid to an important U.S. ally with a poor human rights record. The net effect of these efforts has been to hinder U.S. opposition to Communist expansion. The ACLU may, at some point, have undertaken some major initiative that advanced U.S. interests and hindered Communist expansion, but our research never turned one up and no ACLU leader ever mentioned one to us.

In other words, strip the intelligence agencies useless.
One of the most revealing occurances towards the ACLU's absolutist position on national security and its recent evolution can be seen in the action the board of directors took at its Oct 1989 meeting: It dropped section (a) from its policy, "Wartime Sedition Act." Before, the ACLU held that it "would not participate (save for fundamental due process violations) in defense of any person believed to be "cooperating" with or acting on behalf of the enemy." This policy was based on the recognition that "our own military enemies are now using techniques of propaganda which may involve an attempt to prevent the Bill of Rights to serve the enemy rather than the people of the United States." In making its determination as to whether someone were cooperating with the enemy, "the Union will consider such matters as past activities and associations, sources of financial support, relations with enemy agents, the particular words and conduct involved, and all other relevant factors for informed judgement."Twilight of Liberty

All of this is now omitted from the Official ACLU policy! This is not the kind of organization one should trust when it comes to secrets that need to be kept from enemy eyes. The ACLU's extremist position towards classified information can be seen in the very case they have been citing recently, the Petagon Papers.
The Pentagon Papers case shows how extremist the ACLU can be. In that suit, the Supreme Court ruled against the efforts of the Nixon Administration to suppress documents that were a veritable history of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. The ACLU, which filed an amicus, was happy with the immediate outcome-the newspapers could run copies of the Pentagon Papers-but was less than pleased with the high court's reasoning. The Union was disturbed that the Supreme Court gave life to the idea that the president and the Congress had a right to restrain the press in bona fide instances of national security. It wanted nothing less than an absolute ban on prior restraint. Alexander Bickel, the brilliant constitutional scholar who argued the case against the government, criticized the unreasonableness of the ACLU stand. He accused the Union of being too ideological, labeling the absolutist position "foolish to the point of being almost unprofessional." Like most students of the Constitution, Bickel was generally opposed to prior restraint but nonetheless conceded that there may be times when not to invoke prior restraint may be disastrous to the well-being of the republic. This is something the ACLU has not acknowledged and will not acknowledge.

In the recent case where the government folded in their attempt to get 'secret' documents back from the ACLU their first mistake was in their approach. Their big mistake that they continue to make is in not aggressively investigating, prosecuting, and punishing the traitors that leak and publish the secret matters of national security for all, including our enemies, to know. As the lawyers at Powerline have pointed out, in the case of the NSA leak, federal law is 18 U.S.C. § 798, a law that precisely prohibits leaks of the type of classified information disclosed in the story. Subsection (a) of the statute provides:
Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information-- (1) concerning the nature, preparation, or use of any code, cipher, or cryptographic system of the United States or any foreign government; or (2) concerning the design, construction, use, maintenance, or repair of any device, apparatus, or appliance used or prepared or planned for use by the United States or any foreign government for cryptographic or communication intelligence purposes; or (3) concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States or any foreign government; or (4) obtained by the processes of communication intelligence from the communications of any foreign government, knowing the same to have been obtained by such processes-- Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Powerline further points out that in cases like that of the NSA leak, the Pentagon Paper case the ACLU loves to cite so much, only applies to prior restraint and not to punishment after the crime of publishing has been committed.
Indeed, in their concurring opinions, Justices Douglas and White cited and discussed 18 U.S.C. § 798 as the prototype of a law that could be enforced against a newspaper following publication of information falling within the ambit of the statute. Justice White noted, for example: The Criminal Code contains numerous provisions potentially relevant to these cases. Section 797 makes it a crime to publish certain photographs or drawings of military installations. Section 798, also in precise language, proscribes knowing and willful publication of any classified information concerning the cryptographic systems or communication intelligence activities of the United States as well as any information obtained from communication intelligence operations. If any of the material here at issue is of this nature, the newspapers are presumably now on full notice of the position of the United States and must face the consequences if they publish. I would have no difficulty in sustaining convictions under these sections on facts that would not justify the intervention of equity and the imposition of a prior restraint.

Make sure to read the entire analysis. When it comes to national security and classified information the ACLU has a long record of recklessness. When it comes to keeping our government from wrongdoing there are many suggestions that could be pursued to alleviate the problem. Allowing the press and the ACLU unfettered liberty to make the call on what can and can not be classified is a death wish. The government needs to step up and aggressively investigate and prosecute those that act, participate, aid and protect in the unlawful disclosure of our national security secrets. The Investor's Business Daily sums it all up well:
The civilized world simply can't win against the forces of Islamo-fascism if we are deprived of the vital weapon of secrecy. Letting the ACLU force us to operate according to its radical ideology of "open government" would be like telegramming Hitler that we plan to invade Normandy.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Atheistic Communism: Guilty of Largest Genocides of All Time

"The fact is that while religious wars have been fought for centuries, militant atheism has slaughtered more people than religious zealots ever have. The greatest mass murders in history have been committed not by Christians but by Communists Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. More than 100 million have died at the hands of these militant atheists since the early 20th century.

And, one of the first genocides committed in the 20th century was by Turkish Muslims against Armenians between 1915 and 1918. An estimated 1.5 million Christian Armenians were killed during that slaughter."




The Emeny? Christians, or thier Critics?





When Liberals cant beat the rap, they just spin the information to fit thier far left worldview. Christ called His followers to be conformed to His Son Jesus Christ, and thier worldview to his Gospel, and God's Holy Standard. Christians are supposed to be the thermostat that sets the temperature for the culture, not the thermometer that merely reflects it. Liberals fail to get it as usual!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

No Merry Christmas For ACLU

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Its that time of the year again. The time when the intolerant grinches like the ACLU start trying to fill their stockings with your tax dollars in their attempts to secularize Christmas. The ACLU try their best to deny their attacks on Christmas. They call those defending Christmas the well organized extremists out to make a buck in the guise of defending Christmas. This is of course false. The Alliance Defense Fund, just like last year, are offering their services to defend Christmas completely FREE! However, the lies continue again this year as the ACLU denies their attacks on Christmas. However, their actions speak louder than their words. Already the ACLU have began their attacks. They have already been successful in bullying the Berkley City Council into moving their Christmas nativity scene off public property. This, despite the fact that the display also included other religious and secular elements including a Star of David, Christmas trees, a Santa Claus figure, a Santa’s Mailbox, and a “Seasons Greetings” sign. In their latest attempt to censor Christmas they have sued the Wilson County School System outside of Nashville, TN. because their Christmas program includes "Christian themes and songs."

The plaintiffs and the ACLU allege that several kindergarten students role-played a nativity scene of the birth of Jesus—and had the audacity to sing “Away in the Manger” and “Joy to the World.” According to the ACLU, these songs are exclusively Christian in nature because they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and are, therefore, inappropriate.

The ACLJ is defending the school in this case. The ADF has a long list of attacks on Christmas from the ACLU and its allies dating back from 2002 to the present. Yes, its that time of the year again. The season that I get bombarded with emails encouraging people to waste their money on a stamp for a Christmas card wishing the ACLU a merry Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I understand the sentitment behind the whole thing. I was all on board last year. If you really want them to have a Merry Christmas, or just feel like throwing your money away I won't discourage it. It will be about as effective as barking at the moon. Your Christmas cheer will be tossed in the mail room shredder and never reach any those you intended to send a message to. I propose that your money could be spent in a much more efficient manner. Save the money you would throw away on the stamp for a message destined to fall on deaf ears. There are many organizations out there fighting to protect Christmas and the expression of its true meaning. Why not take the money you would be throwing away on a noble yet ineffective gesture, and put it to real use as a gift to the organization of your choice that is out there fighting the ACLU? Sign the ACLJ's Petition here. Contribute Here. See the Alliance Defense Fund's educational on your rights here. Contribute Here. See the Liberty Counsel's free legal memorandum here (pdf). Contribute Here. Contribute to Thomas More Law Center here. Buy from the Bulldoze the ACLU store for great Christmas gifts.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The History of Thanksgiving

What are you Thankful for today? I am thankful just to be alive, and mostly for the awesome gift of Salvation I have through my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. If that comment offends you, then it is you that has the problem, not me!

Click on the above link and read the story, "The History of Thanksgiving".

We is the United States of America have something the rest of the world does not. We have Thanksgiving Day, a day when we are to pause and reflect upon all the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us that we do not deserve. So today, let us be truly thankful!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


American Protest has a neat anti-ACLU screen saver that can be downloaded for free!

Get yours today!! And while your there, check out the website, they have all kinds of neat information on the site!

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Stand Up for Your Free Speech Rights

How much do you value free speech?

Our founding fathers and mothers willingly jeopardized their fortunes,
safety, even lives, to make us free.

Will you invest 15 minutes a day five days a week for seven weeks to
preserve the precious right of free speech?

With Democrats in control of Congress, the same kind of “anti-hate”
legislation that has taken away freedom in Canada and dozens of European
countries will be resubmitted, sometime this winter. It will surely pass.

It will pass, that is, unless there is a magnitude-seven upheaval of
public protest—NOW. If that happens, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith,
mastermind of this freedom-stealing legislation, may lose its nerve. ADL may
decide it’s too risky to even introduce the bill.

Here’s how to take action: Come to for a complete list of the new
Congress. Resolve to start calling members on Monday, Dec. 4 when the House
reconvenes. The Senate does the same on December 5. Call the toll-free number
1-877-851-6437. The toll number is 202-225-3121. Perhaps you can find time
before work or during your lunch break to make these freedom-saving

When you call, ask the operator to send you to the first member of
Congress on the list at Deliver this
message: “Please don’t vote for any so-called 'anti-hate' legislation. Hate laws
have taken away free speech in Canada and Europe.” Don’t hang up. Ask to be
relayed to the next member of Congress on the list, and so on.

In just 7 weeks, you will have sent a powerful message to every member of
Congress. Right now, more than 60 newly elected members can’t be reached in
Washington. After Congress reconvenes January 3, you can send this message to
them as well.

Conservatives and other Decent Americans MUST PROTEST LOUDLY NOW!
If we are to stop left wing radicals from stealing away our constitutional rights to free speech, free expression, and freedom of Religion. They want to muzzle us in public, in our Churches, and in our very homes. What are you willing to do, and how far are you willing to go to stop them?

Help PROTEST THE LEFT by Supporting the ACLJ

Dear Friends,

The Anti-American/Anti-Christian Bigots are at it again.

Michael Newdow the now famous hater of faith and freedom is once again mounting a legal challenge to remove the words "IN GOD WE TRUST". The American Center for Law and Justice has joined with 47 members of Congress requesting that the Ninth Circut Court of Appeals dismiss the Mr. Newdows case.

....This frivolous lawsuit was designed to re-write history by removing a legitimate expression of our religious history.

Please help PROTEST THE LEFT by Supporting the ACLJ as they fight to defend our rights and freedoms!

Storming the Universities! A Blueprint for Taking Back Our Schools

you take a course in Peace Studies – and there are 250 of these
programs nationwide – you will learn that the word “terrorist” is
actually another term for “freedom fighter,” because terrorists are
fighting against an unjust global order over which the United States

you know, Churchill called the victims of 9/11 “Little Eichmanns” in an
article on the internet. But of course that is what he teaches: that
America is a genocidal nation comparable to Nazi Germany.

Read the Full Article at FrontPage Magizine

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Liberals Behaving Badly: Democrats is Congress sure to Push through Pro-Sodomite Hate Crime Legislation

We have just passed through the mid-term elections in which liberal democrats picked up a few more seats in Congress giving them the majority status. With this in mind, undoubtedly they will attempt to push through thier far loonie left-wing agenda under the sun.  It is expected that one of the big ones will be the reintroduction of hate-crime legislation aimed at protecting the bad behavior of a few, while robbing the many of thier constituitional rights.

Let there be NO mistake that this will come to pass over the next few months, and it is my prediction that it will backfire in thier faces in 2008!  We still have a Conservative Republican in the White House, and I hope that GWB will veto any and all attempts by commie-crats to pass this type of utter BS into law.

The Traditional Values Coalition reports that "This hate crimes bill is likely to be a re-engineered version of the old Local
Law Enforcement Enhancement Act (LLEEA). The pro-homosexual, anti-Christian
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is another bill that will be revived as
part of the homosexual agenda."

If there was ever a time of Christians, and Conservatives, and other Americans with a shredd of common decency to take a hard stand and start swinging, this is it!  The very fabric of our nation is in mortal jeporday of being cutt away, causing irrepreable damage to the future of this country.

While we must protest, and loudly!  We must also pray feverently!

The American people dropped the ball in the mid-term elections, and this is my opinion is inexcusable at best.  Once our freedom of speech. religion, and personal expression is gone, it will be very difficult to get it back without blood being shedd in the streets of America, and believe you me, the day may come when we have to take up weapons in order to take back our nation from the commie-crats!

It will look something like this.  First, the passage of Hate-Crimes Legislation to normalize the sickening behavior of homosexuals by silencing all verbal, and written opposition to homosexuality. Then Homosexuals opperatives will begin to harrass, and intimidate innocent, law abiding citizens, pushing thier "gay" lifestyle square in our faces.

Passing these type of laws will give homosexuals "above the law" status, and give them a license to un-mercilessly harrass good and decent Americans.  Acts of domestic terrorism by those who practice homosexuality will increase dramaticly. Then Churches will have to stop preaching the truth of God's Word concerning homosexual behavior, Christians will endure heavy persecution at the hands of liberals (communists), and thier co-horts.

Is this the kind of America you want to live in?

If not then you need to get radical!  get loud!  and stand up against the tryanny of Communism in America.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Teaching Abstinece v.s. Planned Parenthoods Pocketbook

Why Planned Parenthood doesn’t want our kids from learn about sexual abstinence.

Did you ever wonder why liberal groups are so against abstinence education in our schools?

What is it they don’t like about it? Is it because abstinence is a Biblical teaching, and because it represents Christian morality? Partly, but I think there is something far more sinister behind their war on moral teachings, that has to do with their wallets more than anything else. There is actually a very simple explanation behind their opposition to teaching our kids to wait until they are married to become sexually active.

Planned Parenthood is all about making money off the blood of innocent unborn human beings; this organization is driven by greed, money, and racism. If young people are taught and encouraged to wait until marriage to become sexually active, they will most likely not become pregnant out of wedlock, and the victims of Planned Parenthoods greed.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach and train their children with the correct values, so they will have a much lower chance of becoming a statistic, because they became sexually active before the proper time. If a parent is not religious they should find another way to convey the idea of abstinence to their young people, for it is the best policy around.

When Planned Parenthood is no longer performing as many abortions, there will be a dramatic drop in the number of procedures they perform in a given year, which means they will not be floating in the big bucks anymore at the expense of innocent children and women.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, Money is power to liberal socialists, the more of it they have, the more political power they have, the less they have, the less power they have. Take their source of funding away and they will not have near the influence on politics and society, that in their eyes would be a disaster for their political agenda. Planned Parenthood has pocketed millions of dollars by performing abortions on underage/minors, usually without their parent’s permission. This is because if the parents knew that the school was taking their child to get an abortion, the parents would largely object, and attempt to protect their child from having an abortion, which would lessen PP's profit margin.

Planned Parenthood has also pocketed millions of our tax dollars that they have used to end the lives of unborn children in return for huge profits. They claim to provide educational programs to school children, but what they have done is go into the public school and pass out free condoms to students, and of course they try to show how supposedly safe their abortions are, and why these young people should consider having and abortion if they become pregnant, they indoctrinate, they do NOT educate.

Planned Parenthood encourages young people to have sex for the simple fact that teen sexual activity often winds up with an unplanned pregnancy, and many times Americas young end up on the operating tables in PP's clinics. Planned Parenthood especially targets minorities for the purpose of controlling their numbers, and grabbing more of our tax money that they turn into blood money.

Ching! Ching!

You can almost here the sound of the cash flowing into the pockets of PP, and other abortion providers as they continue their 'killing for profit' scheme. Planned Parenthood is laughing all the way to the bank, trust me on this one, they don’t care about the people they hurt, they only care about getting they bloody hands on more money.

The more morality is redefined in our culture as relative, the more Planned Parenthood and other liberal agencies will be looking to cash in on the pain of others.

We must begin to rebuild within our culture that moral absolutes are necessary in a free society in order to maintain the health and welfare of the society. Abstinence from sexual activity until marriage, and then remaining faithful to ones spouse throughout marriage, is the only way to insure that a person does not contract sexually transmitted diseases such as HBV, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases (i.e. STD's).

The only safe sex is no sex until the right time in our lives when we take the walk down the aisle and faithfully commit to another individual of the opposite gender, the way God created it to be.
Maybe it’s time for America to take another look at what Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry is doing to this country. You know that they continue to be largely unregulated, leaving them the opportunity to exploit women and children for pure profit again and again. I think it’s time to pass some legislation that brings strict regulation upon the abortion industry, why should they continue unobstructed in their work, when every other industry is being regulated do death by the government. This is the only way to insure that the procedures they perform are safe, and being performed by actual physicians, not by their assistants who are unlicensed to perform these procedures, for all to often this has been the case.

If the abortion industry will not comply, if they continue to kill and injure women with so-called safe procedures, then they should face strict penalties under the law. It would be best to limit the amount to state and federal tax dollars they receive until they comply with the public’s demands for accountability, and reasonable regulations backed up with serious penalties for non-compliance with the law. You can bet the ACLU will fight along side the abortion industry to stop any and all attempts to regulate the industry, as the ACLU fully supports abortion, and opposes the civil rights of the unborn, and the rights of parents to protect thier children.

Yes Planned Parenthood is getting richer by the day off the suffering of America’s women and the blood of America's children, as they pocket unbelievable amounts of money. Next time they march in a town near you, build yourself a sign, and go let them know you have had it with their exploitation of women for profit.

Planned Parenthood is NOT the solution, they are the problem!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Man Fired for Supporting Real Marriage

World Net Daily reports that a Virginia man has been fired from his job for displaying a pro-marriage message on the rear window of his pickup truck.
The man, Mr. Luis Padilla who was employed in the Human Resources Department of Cargill, a company that provides food and agricultural products and services throughout the world.

The Message read, “Please vote for marriage on Nov. 7”, the company claimed that this message was a form of harassment, Cargill issued this statement. “Although Mr. Padilla is clearly entitled to believe whatever he wants, he has no legal right to act in a manner that violates our company policies of equal employment opportunity, non-harassment and tolerance of differences."

A Cargill spokesman also stated: "When ordered to do something relatively simple – remove from his truck two signs that other employees could have reasonably construed as a show of hostility and intolerance toward homosexuals – Mr. Padilla decided to ignore the warning and disobey the order.

"By refusing to obey the order, he demonstrated that he could not be trusted to enforce and promote our employment policies because his personal beliefs mattered more to him."

This action taken by Cargill against Mr. Padilla is a clear cut case of political correctness way out of control. It is nothing less than a case of corporate cronies attempting to force their intolerant anti-Christian agenda down the throats of the little guy. By taking this type of action, Cargill has shown its blatant intolerance of other peoples viewpoints and beliefs, proving again that the whole intolerance thing is just a one-way street to these left-wing bigots.

An employee has the right to display his/her beliefs, on his/her personal vehicle, whether that vehicle is parked on company property or not. Cargill has violated Mr. Padilla’s civil rights, and should pay a heavy price for the hateful, intolerant actions it has taken against this gentleman.

Let Cargill hear it! Email them! Jam their phone lines, and let them know in NO uncertain terms that this type of behavior by corporations in the United States of America, will NOT be tolerated!

Click here to blast Cargill


Call Cargill at: 1-800-CARGILL (227-4455)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mark Foley the Victim of Liberal Pe-Election Hijinks!

The left is having a hay-day with the lastest scandel coming off of Capital Hill involving Rep. Mark Foley of Florida.  Foley allegedly exchanged email messages with a 16 yr. old. page.  In these messages Foley requests of the young man his age, wants to know what he wants for his birthday, and requests a photo of him. In my estimation these requests by Foley are innocent enough, and do not prove any wrongdoing by foley, or the young page.

The instant messages sent from foleys office are said to be part of a prank gone awry between staffers on Capital Hill. These messages just happened to fall into the hands of liberal democrat operatives that have in turn used the messages as pre-mid term election ammo to try and swing the vote thier way.

Without having all the details, mostly because the liberal run media is covering the true facts up and reporting what they want people to hear.  It is difficult to ascertain what the truth of the matter is at this time. In my opinion this whole this has been blown out of proportion by liberals for the purpose of fixing the coming mid-term elections.

If Foley is a homosexual, we wouldn't want him on the conservative side anyway, he should be on the other side of the ilse with the other fruit, nuts, and flakes!

In this bloggers opinion, this is exactly what has happened here. Liberals have launched thier attack against conservatives in order to make republicans look bad just before the election. Liberals hope to secure more seats in congress in hopes of capturing the whitehouse in two more years, a dreadfull thought indeed.

Lets not forget when the poster boy of liberal (communist) democrats, Bill Clinton got busted for getting head from page in the oval office, and how he went on TV and lied to the nation saying "I never had sex with that miss Lewinsky".  Last time I checked, oral sex was still considered sex!

Funny how all the liberals in America crowed around and defended Clinton even thought the evidence was cut and dry, his semen stain on her dress. DNA doesn't lie!  Also on all the other numerous scandels caused by Clinton, and his pet dragon (wife) Hillary, Liberals always make up every excuse in the book to look the other way when one of thier own gets deep in the poop.

Foley is Gay!  The headlines read, but wheres the real proof of the matter?

I will raise this argument, not to defend Foley's actions, or cover for him if is actully a homosexual, but if he is, I think Conservatives would have ousted him long ago.  The fact is that Conservatives would not have tollerated his homosexual lifestyle, he would not have been able to hide all this time without someone publically outing him, and he should be afforded the right of being innocent till proven guilty.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Roots Of The ACLU

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Hat tip: Ban The ACLU This was found on youtube and it's pretty short at 3 minutes. I wish I could find more footage somewhere. It is an accurate account of the ACLU's founding. Does the ACLU's communist founding mean anything about what the ACLU is today? Well, if you plant a lemon seed would you expect the tree to produce peaches? Compare their current goals to the 45 communist goals in the Congressional Record and decide for yourself.

One of the greatest myths about the ACLU is that they started out as a noble cause. The roots of a tree go deep. There is no question that it was founded on communist/socialist principles. There is no question to the founder of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin's, ideals.

“I have been to Europe several times, mostly in connection with international radical activities…and have traveled in the United States to areas of conflict over workers rights to strike and organize. My chief aversion is the system of greed, private profit, privilege and violence which makes up the control of the world today, and which has brought it to the tragic crisis of unprecedented hunger and unemployment…Therefore, I am for Socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself…I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

Only after the Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact of 1939, which allowed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party to take over much of Eastern Europe, did Mr. Baldwin become disenchanted with the Soviet version of Communism. Yet Baldwin held Communist/Socialist sympathies to the end of his life. Later in life, he said,...

"Anti-communism never affected our civil liberties very much. And the Communist party in the United States was certainly never strong enough to be a menace at any time in any way. The only menace was the people who believed in a Communist dictatorship, which is a denial of civil liberties. They did not belong with us in a leadership position."Source

Baldwin rid the ACLU board of overt Communists because of his anger about the Nazi-Soviet pact, establishing a policy that read, in part: "The Board of Directors and the National Committee of the American Civil Liberties Union....hold it inappropriate for any person to serve on the governing committees of the Union or its staff, who is a member of any political organization which supports totalitarian dictatorship in any country, or who by his public declarations indicates his support of such a principle." Source

While Mr. Baldwin made a great show of the Communist purge in 1940 he never let go of his passion for socialist ideals. Neither did the ACLU. In 1961 numerous communist connections were entered into the Congressional Record. In November of 1964 the ACLU came to the defense of Communist-front organizations. The Union argued that there was a fundamental difference between a Communist-action organization and a Communist-front group.

Throughout the 1960s many members of the ACLU took umbrage at the principles of the 1940 Resolution. According to William Donohue's book, The Politics of the American Civil Liberties Union, a 1967 Resolution was viewed by many on the board that voted for it to supersede and effectively rendered the 1940 Resolution impotent. In April of 1967 the ACLU board voted to rescind the 1940 decision of ousting Elizabeth Gurley Flynn for her uncompromising support for Communism. More important than the vote to recognize Flynn was the board's conclusion that "the expulsion of Ms. Flynn was not consonant with the basic principles on which the ACLU was founded and has acted for fifty-four years." The board also agreed that language should be drafted to indicate its happiness with the removal of the 1940 Resolution from the ACLU constitution in 1967."

Today's ACLU still espouses the ideals of socialism under the guise of liberalism. They still defend Communist propaganda. One of the goals of the Communist agenda is to abolish all loyalty oaths. It is interesting that the ACLU celebrate the fact that they will not sign oaths promising not to support terrorism.

Whether today's ACLU is a communist/socialist organization or not their goals most definitely align with the ideologies of socialism. Regardless of what one label today's ACLU there are many dangerous positions in practice that have never changed with them. Their unflinching support of abortion, euthanasia, their strange position on the Second Amendment and their open border policy are just a few examples. They consistently work to thwart the government's efforts to protect its citizens, undermine America's sovereignty, and defend America's enemies. They have defended traitors funding Hamas, the PLO, and confessed Al-Qaeda operatives. All of these seem to support their founder's goal of abolishing of the State itself.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Liberal Jews in America, Thier own worst enemy!

I recieved an email from the Rev. Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network,

The Letter re-stated the threat against Christiantity, the family, and this nation as a whole. The airwaves are being saturated with homosexual propaganda in order to change the way Americans think about homosexuality, especially to change the values of our children.

The letter states:

"While an ABC news poll shows that 58 percent of Americans believe gay marriage should be illegal, Jewish leftists (like Sumner Redstone, head of Viacom), are pushing against the grain for the gay agenda. 1

At NPN we have been criticized for generalizing about the anti-Christ activism of organized Jewry. But when it comes to pushing for the normalization of homosexuality, progressive Jewry is proud to take credit.

The World Congress of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) Jews boasts 50 member organizations. In New York alone, gay Jewish organizations include Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, OrthoDykes, and OrthoGays.

Although some Orthodox rabbis stand fast on Leviticus 18:22 and its prohibition of sodomy, Reform Judaism has been ordaining gays and lesbians since 1990. According to the Jewish daily Forward, conservative rabbis will soon join them, consecrating same-sex marriage and ordaining homosexual rabbis. 2

Last November, Abe Foxman (national director of the Anti-Defamation League) and Rabbi Eric Yoffie (president of the enormous Union for Reform Judaism) gave back-to-back speeches attacking the Christian right. Yoffie’s union is the largest Jewish organization in the United States and includes over 900 congregations.

What did this supposed man of God have to tell his flock? At the Union's biannual convention, Yoffie sermonized to around 5,000 attendees about the “appalling” idea that one group of people might have found the absolute truth about God.

“What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God,” he huffed. You’d hope a man who thought he was wrong about God wouldn’t be delivering a sermon. But that irony was apparently lost on Yoffie.

He went on to denounce the “homophobia” of the religious right, comparing it to Nazism. “There is no excuse,” he said, “for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry.” Like Foxman, who also compared Bible-believing Christians to Nazis, Yoffie obviously thinks it’s just fine to fuel the hellfires of anti-Christianity.

Forward magazine praised Yoffie’s and Foxman’s blisteringly anti-Christian screeds for giving “voice to something their constituents have been thinking and feeling for a long time.”

One thing Jewish America is clearly thinking and feeling is that homosexuality deserves public acceptance. In a 2004 Forward article, Jay Michaelson explained the liberalizing of Jewish attitudes toward sodomy. He quoted Jeremy Gordon, a student leader at the Jewish Theological Seminary: “[Homosexuality] has become one of the most important issues for the movement and the seminary and something leadership from across the movement feel needs to be readdressed.”

Michaelson, who directs Nehirim: A Spiritual Initiative for GLBT Jews and edits Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture, comments that even conservative Jews are considering new ways to read Jewish laws against sodomy. But he says media shapes the sensibilities of American Jews more than sacred texts ever will. “The rapid change in the status of gay people within the Jewish community owes as much to [TV show] Queer Eye as it does to novel interpretations of Leviticus.”

Will evangelicals also be more influenced by media’s gay agenda than by their own sacred text, the Bible? Jewish activists hope so. With TV shows like Will and Grace (which ran for 8 years and won truckloads of awards and award nominations), films like Brokeback Mountain, and now an all-gay channel, Jewish media moguls’ motives are clear: Bring gays out of the closet and kick Christian morals to the curb.

1 ABC, Gary Langer, June 5, 2006
2 Forward, “Key Rabbis Say Conservative Judaism Will Lift Gay Ban,” Jennifer Siegel, Aug 25, 2006"

Above article Written by: Harmony Grant

After Reading this letter through a couple of times, I realized that the author was correct, modernistic liberalism is destorying the moral fabric of this country, they are engaging in the same propaganda techniques that Hitler and the Nazi's used many years ago. They refer to Bible believing Christians as Nazi's because we stick to the teaching of Scripture, and our faith in the One True God.

While they have deviated far from the God of thier forefathers, and his teachings which are clearly spelled out in black and white, they spin thier hate filled rhethoric around like a farmer spreading cow manure, and it sticks just as bad.

At the base of this hate filled agenda of the left, are many Jewish Americans that have strayed from the traditional teachings of Scripture. They have embraced moderistic Liberalsim (Communism), and become thier own worst enemy. How easily they have forgotten the holocaust where many of thier own were systemattically murdered by the Nazi's through the means of organized genocide.

Jews were discounted as less than human, and counted as not fit to live. Millions of innocent people were herded into Hitlers gas chambers, and todays generation of Jews could care less. They have forgotten the lessons of history, and as a result are condemned to repeat it. This is the same lie that Liberal Jews in America believe and use as an excuse to support abortion on demand.

Instead, todays modernistic Jew in America unwaiveringly supports abortion, homosexuality as a normal/natural alternative to God's design for human beings, and they overwhelmingly vote Democratic, why?

Why do so many in America vote for thier own demise? Why are liberal Jews so hatefull, and Christophobic?

Rabbi Eric Yoffie (president of the enormous Union for Reform Judaism) stated that "“There is no excuse,” he said, “for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry.”

I say "There is NO EXCUSE for the hate filled rhetoric that fuels the fires of anti-Christian bigotry."

Yoffie also stated "“What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God,”

Rather I think the question is "What could be more bigoted than bastardizing those who pray and support the Jews and the nation of Isreal."

Yofee and others like him fail to notice that it is the evangelical, Bible-Believing Christians in America that are the thier best freinds. The liberal left that they align themselves with, largely supports the Palestians, and thier agenda to push Isreal into the sea. Do modernistic Jews hate thier own native land? I wonder?

I think liberal jews and thier liberal God hating organizations need to re-evalute where they stand, and what they support. Seems that they are only shooting themselves in the foot! They indeed are thier own worst enemy