Saturday, December 24, 2005

Liberals embrace Islam while banning Christ from School

Two legal cases have recently made the news casts, both having to due with religion, and the government run school system in America. The first was a case that involved the "intelligent design" issue, where the school was teaching the idea of an intelligent designer having created the world and the entire universe as known by mankind. The case Kiztmiller vs. Dover area school district, the court in this case ruled that the simple mention of the arguments for intelligent design was a violation of the establishment clause of the Constitution.

The Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor Michigan reports that "students of a ninth-grade biology class a short, one-minute statement that mentions "intelligent design" twice. Pursuant to this statement, the book Of Pandas and People, which addresses intelligent design arguments, was placed in the school district library for students to voluntarily review, along with other books that are critical of intelligent design. This statement was read in a class in which Darwin's theory of evolution was taught pursuant to the Pennsylvania academic standards and pursuant to its standing in the scientific community."

Liberals cannot stand the slightest thought of an intelligent force having created the world, even when the mention of God as the intelligent creative force is left out of the mix; liberal communists in America have zero tolerance for anything remotely having to do with the Christian faith. Even something that could point a student towards the one true God, and creator of the world is viewed as dangerous by the liberal elite.

Yet in another case, liberals have infused religion directly into the schools, a clear cut double standard, and equally a violation of the law according to the standards of the left. In a case the went before the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court, 12 year old students were told that they would "become Muslims", they were made to memorize verse from the Koran, take Islamic names, given materials that taught them Muslim prayers, and other things also. This was NOT a case of merely teaching about a religion, this was outright teaching of a religion, an attempt to indoctrinate the students into Islam.

Can you image if these same students were taught the Christian faith?
Taught how to pray to the God of the Bible?

There would have been a firestorm of God hating liberals screaming at the top of their lungs, protesting the fact that religion was being taught in the schools, and filing numerous lawsuits to make it stop. We have seen other examples of the left infusing religion into the schools, they do so when it fits their radical agenda, to wipe out the influence of Christianity, and keep students far removed from Christian moral values. We have seen where students were openly taught witchcraft, where liberals support Harry Potter books being placed in the schools for students to read, but they want to keep the idea of intelligent design far away from the students minds.

If they can teach Islam in the schools, then it is only right that Christianity, and Biblical creationism be openly taught as well, this double standard must be stopped once and for all.

The fact that evolution is taught in the schools as fact, when it is nothing but an unproven theory is utterly offensive, and is an endorsement of the humanist religion, and by the very standards of the left, and I use that term loosely, an endorsement of religion, and highly illegal. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the face of this earth, their double standard is offensive to say the least, and their agenda must be stopped.

Conservatives must regain power and control over the education of their children, even if it means pulling all of our children out of the government run schools. The hearts and minds of our children are far too important to leave to a bunch of government funded socialist extremists posing as educators. It is true that most so-called educators belong to the communistic teachers unions that clearly have an agenda that is predominately anti-American, anti-Christian at best. These unions are controlled by the left, and do not always speak for every educator in America, but their agenda is shoved down the throats of these educators who are forced to cough up money to these unions every year in the form of dues. Educators should note that they have an out, legally they can be religious objectors to the union, and not be forced to join the union, nor support it.

The Clinton used a suspected terrorist to write the religious guidelines for Americas public schools
"Abdurahman Alamoudi, President of the American Muslim Council, supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and accused of ties with Osama bin Laden, helped develop "Religious Expression in Public School" with the ACLU which holds the copyright. Launched by Clinton in 1995, these "Presidential Guidelines" greatly impact public schools today. Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU, refers to these guidelines as the authority to support the ACLU's lawsuits restricting Christmas celebrations and removing Nativity scenes from public schools." These guidelines were written to shut out Christianity while allowing Islam to invade our school systems and indoctrinate our children against the true faith, and values their parents have taught them

The left embraces every religion excluding Christianity, which is the one true faith, and that is why they reject it. The devil, Satan, the one who controls all those who detest Christianity, and seek its exclusion from public life, will lead his puppets on the left to do anything imaginable to stop the spread of Gospel of Christ, this is a given. So it is not too difficult to figure out what the driving force of the left is, and how to defeat them. Conservatives and Christians alike must not left them get away with anything, we must challenge the leftist at every turn, and never back down until we have seized this nation back from the clutches of hell.

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