Saturday, December 03, 2005

Liberalism: The Scourge of Society

When a person honestly stops and takes time to ponder modern liberal socialism, one realizes how absolutely asinine modern socialism is, how backwards liberal socialists are in their thinking, and how twisted their philosophies are.

Liberals (lefties), love to refer to themselves as progressives, giving off the image that they are with it, and are working to take America forward in some positive direction. This could not be farther from the truth, for careful inspection of the worldview of the modern liberal in America will reveal a much different scenario.

In realty they are destroying the very moral fabric that has held this nation together since its inception. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there is nothing progressive about so-called progressives.

Let’s take a look at modern liberal socialism to see if what they claim is true, are they really doing what is positive for America? Or not?

1. Liberals don’t support capital punishment; they don’t want convicted murderers to be punished for their crimes accordingly, and for this reason often viewed as being soft of crime. You can see them protesting outside of prisons across this country, they chant “Thou Shall Not Kill”, sounds familiar doesn’t it? It should seeing it is one of the Ten Commandments, you know, the ten moral laws that liberals have been suing to remove from public view. How ironic that all of a sudden they embrace this particular commandment when it fits their liberal agenda. Liberals often get in the way of justice when it does not fulfill their liberal agendas. Liberals do not want to see true justice being served, but in their small and twisted minds it is perfectly ok to murder the innocent and most helpless among us, the unborn. They have come up with all sorts of arguments to protect the so-called “women’s right to choose”, the idea of choice being used as the excuse to justify organized, legalized genocide is utterly preposterous.

Remember in Nazi Germany how they demeaned the Jews to the point of being less than human in order to justify mass genocide; it is the same thing liberal socialists have done here in America. The Nazi’s murdered millions of innocent people in the name of creating a superior race by eliminating those who they believed to be inferior to them. Liberal socialists murder those they have deemed as not human (i.e. blob or tissue).

Conservatives believe in the sanctity of human life, in the right of unborn babies to live, and in justice being served upon the law breaker when necessary. We believe that people should make the correct choices in first place, not compound evil with more evil, my mother always said “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

2. Let’s examine the “Robin Hood” mentality of the left, the “rob” from the rich, and give to the poor” mentality that liberals have.

Liberals believe in using the federal government as a tool of re-distribution of wealth, this is a concept of communism. “They believe that the government - the largest corporation in the country - should step into the capitalistic fray and bring equality to everyone's wealth. In a sense, they work to morph government into a sort of "Robin Hood" - a all-powerful entity that taxes the rich in order to feed the poor. This is what is commonly referred to as "Redistribution of Wealth".”

“This has been assisted by the ending of instruction of our Constitution in the government run schools, as well as by a definite socialist agenda by those in the mainstream media who consider themselves to be our leaders.”

Liberals use the power of the government to pick the pockets of hard working Americans, and turn around and give it to people who refuse to work, or are their political supporters.

Liberals love to talk crap about Republicans and big business as being rich and evil. They love to paint republicans as wealthy fat cats who have no concern for poor. Conservatives simply want the poor to take responsibility for their own lives and work to improve their economic status, just like everyone else, and quit relying on big government for a free hand-out.

Talking about big business! Left wing groups like Planned Parenthood are floating in millions of tax payer dollars, blood money at the expense of the unborn. “Planned Parenthood’s annual profits shot up 300% from $12.2 million to $36.6 million. This profit margin was obtained from revenues of $766.6 million, of which $254.4 million was taxpayer money.”

“Planned Parenthood's revenues from abortion in 1998 were at least $53 million, or nearly a quarter of the $211 million it reported as "Clinic Income" in FY '98-99.”

Yes there are some wealthy conservatives out there, but there are many filthy rich liberals on the left also.

“John Kerry and his wife, Teresa, are worth an estimated $500 million. Along with a $35 million private Gulfstream V jet and an $800,000 boat, they own five homes in the U.S. (Source:”

“John Edwards, the multi-millionaire Populist trial lawyer,”

“George Soros-Today Forbes Magazine ranks him the 28th richest person in the United States, with an estimated fortune worth $7 billion.”

3. Liberals largely control America’s educational system through the use of teachers unions, and as always they use the government to do their dirty work. Liberals have employed the use of the legal system to force their socialist agenda into the schools, and force out ideologies that oppose their own. Liberals have used the schools to proselytize their socialistic worldview, and humanistic religion, brainwashing millions of school children, creating little socialists all over the nation. This is what Hitler, and the Nazi party did, and what the communist party of the USSR did as well.

“Presidential candidate John Kerry and his wife, Teresa, organized a group 11 years ago with an agenda to use public schools at all levels to "leverage change" throughout U.S. society by instigating "a complete shift in thinking, values and action" among America's youth.”

“Public education progressed rapidly in the twentieth century, as John Dewey and other socialists refined the art of brainwashing and amoral training. But the perfection of the public school concept undoubtedly
came under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany. The similarities between the Nazi's educational system, which included Hitler Youth and Maids of Germany, and the modern American public schools are remarkable”.

Part of the problem is that there are many judges on America’s benches that are liberal socialists as well, and are push a very liberal agenda from their benches. A panel of judges in California ruled “There is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children...Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students.” This angered many people across the country, and is not the last we have heard of this issue

If there is to be any real education done in America’s schools, it will be done when conservatives retake the school systems, and boot liberals out along with all of the liberal doctrines that have poisoned the minds of our children.

When we stop and consider what modern liberal socialism has done to our nation, and how “progressives” have dragged this country down to new depths of depravity, anyone with half a brain will recognize the amount of damage that has been done to this nation.

Modern liberal socialism is the scourge of this society, and should be abolished once and for all. The time has come for a conservative revolution in this nation that will restore common decency, and civility to our society.

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