Friday, December 16, 2005

Liberal Justice = Perverted Justice

Recently we witnessed the firestorm of controversy surrounding the execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who was convicted of murdering four individuals in 1981, and given the death sentence for his crimes.

Williams was the co-founder of the notorious street gang, the Crips, one of the nation’s largest gangs that are responsible for an unfathomable number of violent crimes all across the country.

“Tookie” Williams leaves behind him a trail of blood and mayhem that stretches from sea to shining sea, we can only hope that as he drew his last breathes he somehow made peace with God.

Williams however is not the focus of this article, but rather this article is about those who chose to excuse “Tookies” crimes, and sought to stop his execution, they chose to stand in the way of justice claiming that “Tookie” has been reformed while in prison. These people claimed that “Tookie” could do good works to help stop youths from choosing to join gangs, and that if he was executed he would not be able to do these good things.

We have the so-called black leadership that got themselves involved, for instance the Rev. Jesse Jackson and others decided to do what they do best, play the race card game, and stir up trouble. Jackson is reported as stating “it is wrong to sentence inmates to death in an unfair legal system.” "We know if you are (Robert) Blake or O.J. (Simpson) with a dream team of lawyers, you walk free," Jackson also stated, "If you don't have a dream team of lawyers, you will die."

What Jesse is really saying is that the legal system is unfair to blacks, and that poor black Americans are imprisoned and sentenced to death at a higher rate than other people groups, while this may be true, it is because more minorities are committing violent crimes than the other people groups. People are all too often the product of their environment, voting democrat in every election has helped keep blacks caged in inner cities, and unemployed, all too often they are their worst enemy. The black leadership in America has given the black community a victimization complex that keeps black Americans locked in chains of government dependency, enslaved to a system that has not done them any real favors, and voting democrat in every election.

I applaud blacks in America that have grown some kahoonas and dared to stand up and tell the world that “Jesse Jackson” and other black leaders DO NOT speak for me, and do not represent me, and the number is black Americans taking this stand in on the increase.
If more minority persons would take a stand and voice their dissent against people like Jackson, the mindset and attitude of many minorities would change for the better, and fresh new leadership with a positive message would emerge and replace the message of hate preached by the present leadership.

Still the focus of this article is not about minorities, and the likes of Jesse Jackson, but rather it is about the perverted view of justice the left wing Americans have, and why they are dead wrong!

The left is viewed as being weak on crime, I wonder why?

Could it be because they are pro-death when it comes to the most innocent among us, and all of a sudden they become pro-life when it comes to capital punishment? About the time a killer is set to meet his maker, the left wing activists crawl out from under the rocks they normally live under, and start their laughable protesting against the death penalty. Where were these liberal “pro-life” protesters when Terri Schiavo was being starved to death in Florida? Why did they not lobby for her life to be spared? As I recall Leftists jumped on the “let her die” bandwagon as euthanasia is something they whole heartedly support right along with abortion on demand. Just let a convicted murderer near the time of his/her execution and here comes the loony lefties to save them from the just punishment they deserve.

As with everything else liberals stand for, their view of justice is perverted, because their worldview is perverted. Whether it is war, human sexuality, or illegal drugs, you can bet the left will be on the wrong side of every issue. Liberalism and its perverse doctrines must be stopped!

Then we have all those whacked out Hollywood leftists, that unholy alliance of ignorant, self-serving, egotistical maniacs, who just happen to be filthy rich! They love to use their acquired fame and fortune as a soapbox for their twisted views, and they support the most ridiculous causes too. They came out of their ivory palaces in support of clemency for Tookie Williams, and still they were unsuccessful. One Hollywood liberal even had the balls to use Christmas as an excuse to persuade Conservatives to aid in the fight to spare the life of this convicted murderer. As with all liberals these folks from Hollywood have no idea what real justice is, and never will.

The true concept of justice is a foreign object to the leftist mind, which is fixated upon the tenets of socialism/communism, and how they can implement their twisted way of thinking into the minds of mainstream America. Justice is defined and rooted in the pages of the Holy Scripture, which is also foreign to Hollywood and other liberal minds. Leftists automatically disavow the truth of Scripture, because if they were to accept its teachings, they would be endorsing the Christian faith, something leftists hate and are deathly afraid of. Leftists would have to consciously affirm the moral law of God which in their arrogance they deny much to their own demise. If leftists were to embrace the law of God, and the truth concerning true justice, they would have the realization that they themselves stand as convicted criminals before God, to be judged purely by standards of his Righteous law that they now reject. Standing guilty before a Holy God, being held up against his moral law, awaiting their eternal death sentence to be carried out. Those who have broken the laws of God are guilty before him; there are no exceptions to the rule.

This is where we derive the real definition of justice; it fits the crime, and is swift in its deliverance. Liberals will argue that if God is love and he is good he could not throw anyone into hell. They fail to understand some basic principles, if you break the law you are guilty, and there is a price that must be paid for it. God is holy, and righteous, and by his very nature must punish all those who break his laws, no exceptions! God’s penalty is eternal separation from him in Hell, no exceptions! God offers every person a pardon for their crimes against him; it does no good unless it is accepted by the guilty party.

For the leftists, a change in worldview from Marxism, to a biblical worldview is a radical change that occurs from the inside out, it radiates from the soul like a million watts of light shining through the darkness. Such a radical change causes a persons view of justice to change also, they realize then that the government must reflect God’s justice, and act within the guidelines and authority God has given to it. The government must uphold its duty to punish men who do evil, anything less is a miscarriage of justice.

Let the truth be told, left the evil left wing agendas be challenged at every level until the sandy foundation of leftism is shoveled from beneath them. Evil grows only so big and then it collapses in on itself so it is with the communist left as well. Communism always fails in the long run because Christianity always wins over it. Modern leftism punishes good, and rewards evil; it is a perverse system that must be destroyed.

Justice when properly served brings true equality to bear in society, for death is the great equalizer, making sure the evil doer never can do evil again. The grave knows nothing of race, nor creed, only of those who remains lie decomposing within its grasp. Eternity is a given for every soul for all souls are designed to live eternally in one of two locations being determined by the previous condition of ones soul before death.

Tookie got what he had coming, he was not innocent by any means, and he was a black man, a very bad man who did very bad things that cost him his own life. Where Tookie is now heaven only knows, but one thing is for sure, he will never murder anyone ever again, that’s justice!

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