Friday, December 30, 2005

Debunking the Mythers

One atheist stated”One cannot hate something that they do NOT believe in”, referring to God that is.

My reply: They are rebellious towards a holy and righteous God, and choose to reject his truth, therefore they hate God , Christ, and the Bible and anything else having to do with the Christian faith.

This same narrow minded atheist wrote “- LOL, all of the gospels were anonymous. Nobody knew who wrote them until the public announcement by the Pope in 180. Turns out that even "Revelation" was plagiarized from some 4,000 year old texts as it relates to the Mithraic legend of Zarathustra/Zoroaster.”

The Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Anyone who suggest that the Gospel authors were originally unknown and were later given authors is suggesting that the Gospels were read for about 70 years, circulated, accepted by the church as authoritative throughout the entire Roman Empire, and changed the course of human history before someone finally said, "You know, we really ought to name these books." That just isn't plausible.

The Bible's writers--even over such a long period of time--all convey the same basic message: the God who created the heavens and the earth has provided a way for people to know Him in a personal way.

The Bible was written by several different men under the direct inspiration of God, they often bear the name of the author, and many are letters written to other groups of believers to instructing them in the faith. Free Birds statement is what is laughable, it is just another attempt to discredit the book and the message that has outlasted far more brutal attacks than the one free bird in launching here.

One fellow named Voltaire was an atheist who attacked the scripture and the Christian faith, he stated "It took centuries to build up Christianity, but, I’ll show how one Frenchman can destroy it within 50 years." Then as one author wrote, "He took his pen, dipped it into the ink of unbelief and wrote against God.". As Voltaire laid upon his deathbed, drawing his last few breaths of air he cried out "O Christ, O Jesus, I must die abandoned by God and men.", and then he died. His estate was purchased by a group of Christians and used to print Bibles, how ironic is that? On his deathbed Voltaire realized just how wrong he was, and cried out to the God he had persecuted for so long, Voltaire died without Christ however, a very sad story indeed.

The unbelieving fool continues his anti-God rant “There are no primary sources for the existance of the historical Jesus of the bible. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"; yet, no proof of any kind for the historicity of Jesus has ever existed or is forthcoming. First, Free Bird spelled existence wrong! Secondly, that is a very unintelligent, uninformed statement to make. We have literary proof outside of the Bible written in the first and second centuries. We have three major world religions that all reference and bear witness to the proof of the Historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, anyone who fails to at least acknowledge this truth is willfully blind to the historical facts that exist. Satan worshippers also know full well that Jesus is real, and they fear him and his words. The very fact that so many people down through history have brutally attacked Jesus and Christianity, stands as proof alone that this is not a myth, or something made up, but very real person with a message of hope the devil does not want them to hear.

There are extra biblical sources that exist, they are testimonies located outside of Scripture, and these testimonies support the Biblical historical evidence.

Amazing evidence from non-canonical documents.

The proof is out there, the question is will people dare to see it, or take the lazy road and continue to live is dishonest denial of the proof. The fact is that we do not have time to waste arguing with dishonest atheistic fools who in their so-called intellectual mind cannot fathom the existence of God or Christ. The truth is these people are not intellectuals at all, but lazy foolish men/women who when presented with the truth, are too blind and deaf to acknowledge the facts.

Now Skeptics will often charge "you cannot prove that Jesus really existed..." But wait! This is not the believer's burden to prove!


Scripture makes it clear that all of creation is a living testimony of the existence of God, it is plainly displayed before the very eyes of mankind, and so no person has an excuse for not believing, and coming to repentance before God. Man is his natural revulsion towards the knowledge of God has erected his own explanation, designed a god that he/she is comfortable with, a fallible god, this is idolatry. The proof that mankind seeks is a obvious sign from heaven to appear and convince them that God exists, but Jesus said that “a wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign, but will not receive one, accept for the sign of Jonah. What is the sign of Jonah? The command of God unto mankind to repent and turn to him. Men are growing more and more wicked as time marches on, just as God said they would, this is an obvious sign of the soon return of Christ to earth, when every eye will see him, and there will be no more atheists!


Anonymous said...

Hey, what if there is no god? Did you ever think of that, big guy?

You need help, and your phony god Jesus ain't the answer.

ProtestTheLeft said...

Hey! and what if God is real?? I have nothing to loose if there is no God, you have everything to loose if there is one! It is only a matter of your personal opinion on the matter, I do not share your opinion!

Do you think your a good person?

Answer these questions?

1. Have you ever told a lie? Y/N
2. Have you ever stolen anything? Y/N
3. Have you used God/Jesus name as a cuss word? Y/N
4. Have you ever sexually lusted after another person? Y/N
5. Have you ever hated anyone? Y/N

Let's see if you have the balls to honestly answer these questions?

God Bless You!

breakerslion said...

"They are rebellious towards a holy and righteous God."

That's a good one! Have you read the bible? I have, by the way, many times, and all I see are shamans and scribes and clergy that are expert spin doctors.

If you want to attempt to broaden your horizons, try Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

Then try About Bob

Then go to The Evangelical Atheist and check out the "God is a Dick" series.

What do you have to lose, except some warped perspective? Hey, if nothing else, it'll give you something new to sneer at. I think it will do your mind good to see some stuff that doesn't require circular logic (A: "The Bible said it, so it must be true." B: "Why?" A: "Because it's in the Bible".)

If you will agree to look at this material, I will in turn check out your links. We might actually be able to have a genuine debate about this, so long as you refrain from quoting scripture that boils down to "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" Other scripture is fair game.

Oh yeah, before I forget.

1. Have you ever told a lie?
2. Have you ever stolen anything? Yes
3. Have you used God/Jesus name as a cuss word?
Yes. It's silly.
4. Have you ever sexually lusted after another person?
You betcha!
5. Have you ever hated anyone?
Yes, and since I am not a psycho, it hurt me more than it did them.

I guess I've got the "balls", you sexist pig :-)

Now, who hasn't and what's your point? Do you expect me to feel bad about myself for being a human being? That's a cheap mob psychology trick to establish submission. Here, why don't you try this Purity Test and tell me how you did?

ProtestTheLeft said...

Ok, Thank U for being honest!

By your own admission, you are a lair, a thief, a Blasphemer, an Adulterer, and a murderer!

Jesus said that if you hate someone you are a murderer, if you look at a women with lust you have already committed adultery with her in your heart.

Do you still consider yourself to be a good person??