Friday, December 30, 2005

Debunking the Mythers

One atheist stated”One cannot hate something that they do NOT believe in”, referring to God that is.

My reply: They are rebellious towards a holy and righteous God, and choose to reject his truth, therefore they hate God , Christ, and the Bible and anything else having to do with the Christian faith.

This same narrow minded atheist wrote “- LOL, all of the gospels were anonymous. Nobody knew who wrote them until the public announcement by the Pope in 180. Turns out that even "Revelation" was plagiarized from some 4,000 year old texts as it relates to the Mithraic legend of Zarathustra/Zoroaster.”

The Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Anyone who suggest that the Gospel authors were originally unknown and were later given authors is suggesting that the Gospels were read for about 70 years, circulated, accepted by the church as authoritative throughout the entire Roman Empire, and changed the course of human history before someone finally said, "You know, we really ought to name these books." That just isn't plausible.

The Bible's writers--even over such a long period of time--all convey the same basic message: the God who created the heavens and the earth has provided a way for people to know Him in a personal way.

The Bible was written by several different men under the direct inspiration of God, they often bear the name of the author, and many are letters written to other groups of believers to instructing them in the faith. Free Birds statement is what is laughable, it is just another attempt to discredit the book and the message that has outlasted far more brutal attacks than the one free bird in launching here.

One fellow named Voltaire was an atheist who attacked the scripture and the Christian faith, he stated "It took centuries to build up Christianity, but, I’ll show how one Frenchman can destroy it within 50 years." Then as one author wrote, "He took his pen, dipped it into the ink of unbelief and wrote against God.". As Voltaire laid upon his deathbed, drawing his last few breaths of air he cried out "O Christ, O Jesus, I must die abandoned by God and men.", and then he died. His estate was purchased by a group of Christians and used to print Bibles, how ironic is that? On his deathbed Voltaire realized just how wrong he was, and cried out to the God he had persecuted for so long, Voltaire died without Christ however, a very sad story indeed.

The unbelieving fool continues his anti-God rant “There are no primary sources for the existance of the historical Jesus of the bible. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"; yet, no proof of any kind for the historicity of Jesus has ever existed or is forthcoming. First, Free Bird spelled existence wrong! Secondly, that is a very unintelligent, uninformed statement to make. We have literary proof outside of the Bible written in the first and second centuries. We have three major world religions that all reference and bear witness to the proof of the Historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, anyone who fails to at least acknowledge this truth is willfully blind to the historical facts that exist. Satan worshippers also know full well that Jesus is real, and they fear him and his words. The very fact that so many people down through history have brutally attacked Jesus and Christianity, stands as proof alone that this is not a myth, or something made up, but very real person with a message of hope the devil does not want them to hear.

There are extra biblical sources that exist, they are testimonies located outside of Scripture, and these testimonies support the Biblical historical evidence.

Amazing evidence from non-canonical documents.

The proof is out there, the question is will people dare to see it, or take the lazy road and continue to live is dishonest denial of the proof. The fact is that we do not have time to waste arguing with dishonest atheistic fools who in their so-called intellectual mind cannot fathom the existence of God or Christ. The truth is these people are not intellectuals at all, but lazy foolish men/women who when presented with the truth, are too blind and deaf to acknowledge the facts.

Now Skeptics will often charge "you cannot prove that Jesus really existed..." But wait! This is not the believer's burden to prove!


Scripture makes it clear that all of creation is a living testimony of the existence of God, it is plainly displayed before the very eyes of mankind, and so no person has an excuse for not believing, and coming to repentance before God. Man is his natural revulsion towards the knowledge of God has erected his own explanation, designed a god that he/she is comfortable with, a fallible god, this is idolatry. The proof that mankind seeks is a obvious sign from heaven to appear and convince them that God exists, but Jesus said that “a wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign, but will not receive one, accept for the sign of Jonah. What is the sign of Jonah? The command of God unto mankind to repent and turn to him. Men are growing more and more wicked as time marches on, just as God said they would, this is an obvious sign of the soon return of Christ to earth, when every eye will see him, and there will be no more atheists!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Liberal Polices Cause Starvation

How many poor people have progressives starved since 1917? It's a good question and somebody should do the research and publish it.

Russia was the breadbasket of Europe until progressives seized power in that year and started instituting policies to "share the wealth." For the next 70 years until socialism collapsed, Russia was a net importer of food, always on the brink of famine.

In the 1930s, Stalin instigated a calculated famine in the Ukraine to rid himself of approximately 10 million political enemies. His crime was protected by the progressives at the New York Times and on the Pulitzer Prize Committee (they control both institutions to this day).

Because soft progressives cover for hard-line progressives like Stalin, Castro and other political monsters – preferring to demonize George Bush and John Ashcroft instead – these atrocities continue.

The left's inability to understand the most basic economic fact – that people need an incentive to produce – has caused the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions of people – mostly poor – in the last 75 years. But thanks to a politically corrupted media and educational system, their pig-headed pursuit of socialist fantasies goes on.

A few years ago when Robert Mugabe, the leftist dictator of Zimbabwe, began his race war against white farmers to the cheers of progressives here (including such luminaries of the social justice cause as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton), I had a correspondence with a black journalist friend of mine who writes for all the leftist news outlets that pretend to care about black people but really care only about their destructive left-wing agendas. I suggested that he might get his friends to protest Mugabe's bloody racism and brain-dead Marxism before poor black people began starving in Zimbabwe as a result of these criminal policies aimed at the most productive segment of Zimbabwe's economy.

Naturally my friend defended the murders and thefts as "social justice" and turned a blind eye to the racism since it was only directed against whites, whose parents of course had been "imperialists." In this he was expressing the majority of world progressive opinion, for example that of the dictatorships and radical organizations that attended the Orwellian U.N. Conference Against Racism in Durban in September 2001, an orgy of racist attacks on whites and Jews.

America and Britain, which led the world in ending slavery and even attempted (futilely) to end it in Africa, were put in the dock at the U.N. and held up for "reparations" while the Muslim Sudan, which maintains slavery today, and the League of Arab States, whose ancestors enslaved more black Africans than all the Europeans and Americans put together, were not. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, whose Arab citizens have more rights than Arabs in all the Arab states, was attacked for racism, while the Arab states which forbid Jews to set foot on their territory were not.

Now the progressive chickens are coming home to roost in Zimbabwe. On Christmas Eve the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page news story on conditions in Mugabe's Marxist police state. The title of the Journal story said it all: "Once a Breadbasket, Now Zimbabwe Can't Feed Itself." Corn production – the staple diet – has declined by two-thirds in the last three years and 6 million Zimbabweans are on the verge of starvation.

U.S. Ambassador Tony Hall nearly got it right when he said, "Zimbabwe stands alone as an example of how a country can be ruined by one person." Actually, Zimbabwe is one of many such countries, and it was not ruined by one person but by one person supported by a global movement of arch reactionaries who call themselves progressives and who have killed 100 million people in the last century in the name of "social justice" and learned nothing in the process.

Reprinted from
David HorowitzTuesday, Dec. 30, 2003

My Comments!

We experienced a woman starved to death right under our noses, right here in America. Conservatives did everything in their power to try and save her life, we stood in horror along with her parents as leftist judges ordered her feeding tube removed so that she could be starved to death. Liberals sided with her husband who was behind this scheme, because liberals support the taking of innocent human life, they've been doing it legally since 1973.

Black Americans, and other minority groups play right into the hands liberal polititians that exploit them for political gain. These liberals polititians pass policies into law that keep minorities locked in a fogg of poverty, and dependency on big liberal government to help them out of the ditch they have dug for themselves. Liberals policies that reward women for maintaining fatherless homes, and hand out money to people who refuse to work, rewarding them for being unproductive members of society. These polices are both immoral, and unamerican as they do not help improve the quality of life for millions of Americans, nor better our nation. Liberals are racist pigs whose policies bring death and destruction on the wings of communism.

This is always the end result of communism (marxism)! Progressives see nothing wrong with killing innocent people, they call it 'Social Justice', which is nothing more than injustice in the name of so-called progress! These same individuals however oppose true justice (Capital Punishment), they will stand up and save the life of covicticted murders, but line up to take the life of innocent people, butt backward bunch of commies, Hypocrites!

I will say it again, ABOLISH LEFTISM!

For the sake of our Nation, We must!

Liberals embrace Islam while banning Christ from School

Two legal cases have recently made the news casts, both having to due with religion, and the government run school system in America. The first was a case that involved the "intelligent design" issue, where the school was teaching the idea of an intelligent designer having created the world and the entire universe as known by mankind. The case Kiztmiller vs. Dover area school district, the court in this case ruled that the simple mention of the arguments for intelligent design was a violation of the establishment clause of the Constitution.

The Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor Michigan reports that "students of a ninth-grade biology class a short, one-minute statement that mentions "intelligent design" twice. Pursuant to this statement, the book Of Pandas and People, which addresses intelligent design arguments, was placed in the school district library for students to voluntarily review, along with other books that are critical of intelligent design. This statement was read in a class in which Darwin's theory of evolution was taught pursuant to the Pennsylvania academic standards and pursuant to its standing in the scientific community."

Liberals cannot stand the slightest thought of an intelligent force having created the world, even when the mention of God as the intelligent creative force is left out of the mix; liberal communists in America have zero tolerance for anything remotely having to do with the Christian faith. Even something that could point a student towards the one true God, and creator of the world is viewed as dangerous by the liberal elite.

Yet in another case, liberals have infused religion directly into the schools, a clear cut double standard, and equally a violation of the law according to the standards of the left. In a case the went before the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court, 12 year old students were told that they would "become Muslims", they were made to memorize verse from the Koran, take Islamic names, given materials that taught them Muslim prayers, and other things also. This was NOT a case of merely teaching about a religion, this was outright teaching of a religion, an attempt to indoctrinate the students into Islam.

Can you image if these same students were taught the Christian faith?
Taught how to pray to the God of the Bible?

There would have been a firestorm of God hating liberals screaming at the top of their lungs, protesting the fact that religion was being taught in the schools, and filing numerous lawsuits to make it stop. We have seen other examples of the left infusing religion into the schools, they do so when it fits their radical agenda, to wipe out the influence of Christianity, and keep students far removed from Christian moral values. We have seen where students were openly taught witchcraft, where liberals support Harry Potter books being placed in the schools for students to read, but they want to keep the idea of intelligent design far away from the students minds.

If they can teach Islam in the schools, then it is only right that Christianity, and Biblical creationism be openly taught as well, this double standard must be stopped once and for all.

The fact that evolution is taught in the schools as fact, when it is nothing but an unproven theory is utterly offensive, and is an endorsement of the humanist religion, and by the very standards of the left, and I use that term loosely, an endorsement of religion, and highly illegal. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the face of this earth, their double standard is offensive to say the least, and their agenda must be stopped.

Conservatives must regain power and control over the education of their children, even if it means pulling all of our children out of the government run schools. The hearts and minds of our children are far too important to leave to a bunch of government funded socialist extremists posing as educators. It is true that most so-called educators belong to the communistic teachers unions that clearly have an agenda that is predominately anti-American, anti-Christian at best. These unions are controlled by the left, and do not always speak for every educator in America, but their agenda is shoved down the throats of these educators who are forced to cough up money to these unions every year in the form of dues. Educators should note that they have an out, legally they can be religious objectors to the union, and not be forced to join the union, nor support it.

The Clinton used a suspected terrorist to write the religious guidelines for Americas public schools
"Abdurahman Alamoudi, President of the American Muslim Council, supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and accused of ties with Osama bin Laden, helped develop "Religious Expression in Public School" with the ACLU which holds the copyright. Launched by Clinton in 1995, these "Presidential Guidelines" greatly impact public schools today. Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU, refers to these guidelines as the authority to support the ACLU's lawsuits restricting Christmas celebrations and removing Nativity scenes from public schools." These guidelines were written to shut out Christianity while allowing Islam to invade our school systems and indoctrinate our children against the true faith, and values their parents have taught them

The left embraces every religion excluding Christianity, which is the one true faith, and that is why they reject it. The devil, Satan, the one who controls all those who detest Christianity, and seek its exclusion from public life, will lead his puppets on the left to do anything imaginable to stop the spread of Gospel of Christ, this is a given. So it is not too difficult to figure out what the driving force of the left is, and how to defeat them. Conservatives and Christians alike must not left them get away with anything, we must challenge the leftist at every turn, and never back down until we have seized this nation back from the clutches of hell.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Liberal Justice = Perverted Justice

Recently we witnessed the firestorm of controversy surrounding the execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who was convicted of murdering four individuals in 1981, and given the death sentence for his crimes.

Williams was the co-founder of the notorious street gang, the Crips, one of the nation’s largest gangs that are responsible for an unfathomable number of violent crimes all across the country.

“Tookie” Williams leaves behind him a trail of blood and mayhem that stretches from sea to shining sea, we can only hope that as he drew his last breathes he somehow made peace with God.

Williams however is not the focus of this article, but rather this article is about those who chose to excuse “Tookies” crimes, and sought to stop his execution, they chose to stand in the way of justice claiming that “Tookie” has been reformed while in prison. These people claimed that “Tookie” could do good works to help stop youths from choosing to join gangs, and that if he was executed he would not be able to do these good things.

We have the so-called black leadership that got themselves involved, for instance the Rev. Jesse Jackson and others decided to do what they do best, play the race card game, and stir up trouble. Jackson is reported as stating “it is wrong to sentence inmates to death in an unfair legal system.” "We know if you are (Robert) Blake or O.J. (Simpson) with a dream team of lawyers, you walk free," Jackson also stated, "If you don't have a dream team of lawyers, you will die."

What Jesse is really saying is that the legal system is unfair to blacks, and that poor black Americans are imprisoned and sentenced to death at a higher rate than other people groups, while this may be true, it is because more minorities are committing violent crimes than the other people groups. People are all too often the product of their environment, voting democrat in every election has helped keep blacks caged in inner cities, and unemployed, all too often they are their worst enemy. The black leadership in America has given the black community a victimization complex that keeps black Americans locked in chains of government dependency, enslaved to a system that has not done them any real favors, and voting democrat in every election.

I applaud blacks in America that have grown some kahoonas and dared to stand up and tell the world that “Jesse Jackson” and other black leaders DO NOT speak for me, and do not represent me, and the number is black Americans taking this stand in on the increase.
If more minority persons would take a stand and voice their dissent against people like Jackson, the mindset and attitude of many minorities would change for the better, and fresh new leadership with a positive message would emerge and replace the message of hate preached by the present leadership.

Still the focus of this article is not about minorities, and the likes of Jesse Jackson, but rather it is about the perverted view of justice the left wing Americans have, and why they are dead wrong!

The left is viewed as being weak on crime, I wonder why?

Could it be because they are pro-death when it comes to the most innocent among us, and all of a sudden they become pro-life when it comes to capital punishment? About the time a killer is set to meet his maker, the left wing activists crawl out from under the rocks they normally live under, and start their laughable protesting against the death penalty. Where were these liberal “pro-life” protesters when Terri Schiavo was being starved to death in Florida? Why did they not lobby for her life to be spared? As I recall Leftists jumped on the “let her die” bandwagon as euthanasia is something they whole heartedly support right along with abortion on demand. Just let a convicted murderer near the time of his/her execution and here comes the loony lefties to save them from the just punishment they deserve.

As with everything else liberals stand for, their view of justice is perverted, because their worldview is perverted. Whether it is war, human sexuality, or illegal drugs, you can bet the left will be on the wrong side of every issue. Liberalism and its perverse doctrines must be stopped!

Then we have all those whacked out Hollywood leftists, that unholy alliance of ignorant, self-serving, egotistical maniacs, who just happen to be filthy rich! They love to use their acquired fame and fortune as a soapbox for their twisted views, and they support the most ridiculous causes too. They came out of their ivory palaces in support of clemency for Tookie Williams, and still they were unsuccessful. One Hollywood liberal even had the balls to use Christmas as an excuse to persuade Conservatives to aid in the fight to spare the life of this convicted murderer. As with all liberals these folks from Hollywood have no idea what real justice is, and never will.

The true concept of justice is a foreign object to the leftist mind, which is fixated upon the tenets of socialism/communism, and how they can implement their twisted way of thinking into the minds of mainstream America. Justice is defined and rooted in the pages of the Holy Scripture, which is also foreign to Hollywood and other liberal minds. Leftists automatically disavow the truth of Scripture, because if they were to accept its teachings, they would be endorsing the Christian faith, something leftists hate and are deathly afraid of. Leftists would have to consciously affirm the moral law of God which in their arrogance they deny much to their own demise. If leftists were to embrace the law of God, and the truth concerning true justice, they would have the realization that they themselves stand as convicted criminals before God, to be judged purely by standards of his Righteous law that they now reject. Standing guilty before a Holy God, being held up against his moral law, awaiting their eternal death sentence to be carried out. Those who have broken the laws of God are guilty before him; there are no exceptions to the rule.

This is where we derive the real definition of justice; it fits the crime, and is swift in its deliverance. Liberals will argue that if God is love and he is good he could not throw anyone into hell. They fail to understand some basic principles, if you break the law you are guilty, and there is a price that must be paid for it. God is holy, and righteous, and by his very nature must punish all those who break his laws, no exceptions! God’s penalty is eternal separation from him in Hell, no exceptions! God offers every person a pardon for their crimes against him; it does no good unless it is accepted by the guilty party.

For the leftists, a change in worldview from Marxism, to a biblical worldview is a radical change that occurs from the inside out, it radiates from the soul like a million watts of light shining through the darkness. Such a radical change causes a persons view of justice to change also, they realize then that the government must reflect God’s justice, and act within the guidelines and authority God has given to it. The government must uphold its duty to punish men who do evil, anything less is a miscarriage of justice.

Let the truth be told, left the evil left wing agendas be challenged at every level until the sandy foundation of leftism is shoveled from beneath them. Evil grows only so big and then it collapses in on itself so it is with the communist left as well. Communism always fails in the long run because Christianity always wins over it. Modern leftism punishes good, and rewards evil; it is a perverse system that must be destroyed.

Justice when properly served brings true equality to bear in society, for death is the great equalizer, making sure the evil doer never can do evil again. The grave knows nothing of race, nor creed, only of those who remains lie decomposing within its grasp. Eternity is a given for every soul for all souls are designed to live eternally in one of two locations being determined by the previous condition of ones soul before death.

Tookie got what he had coming, he was not innocent by any means, and he was a black man, a very bad man who did very bad things that cost him his own life. Where Tookie is now heaven only knows, but one thing is for sure, he will never murder anyone ever again, that’s justice!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

War Against CHRISTmas Taken to Whole New Level

Brian Fleming, a former Christian now turned athieist / anti-Christian bigot, has launched an all out attack on Christmas, and Christianity. In a news release issued December 5th fleming states, "Beyond Belief Media has formally declared war on Christmas, the December 25 holiday in which Christians celebrate the birth of the mythical figure Jesus Christ", and, ""Christian conservatives complain nonstop about the 'War on Christmas,' but there really isn't any such war,". He also states "So we have decided to wage one, to demonstrate what it would look like if Jesus' birthday were truly attacked".

In my humble opinion, this dillusional pinnhead has another thing coming, history provides adequate proof of the existence of Jesus Christ, anyone that denies this fact has not done thier homework, but has only made a conscious choice to deny Christ, and deny historical fact. This is one of the most blatant attacks of the faith I have seen yet, and this attack was launched to anger Christians, and to do so on purpose. While Brian Fleming has the right to his own opinions, and has the right to speak them in public, he should not be able to do so without strong opposition, and that is what we are going to give him!

Check out these webpages:

All I can say about Mr. Fleming and his group of Christ hating bigots is that they have proven thier own personal ingnorance, and arrogance as liberals often do. Chances are that Brian Fleming was never truly saved to begin with, he probably has a mere religious experience, and was a product of the "modernized gospel" that leaves out the need for true repentance before God, and produces false converts, instead of soundly saved converts.

Here is what the Scripture declares about people like Mr. Fleming!

2 Peter 2:12 But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;
13. And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;
14. Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:
15. Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;
16. But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man's voice forbad the madness of the prophet.
17. These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.
18. For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.
19. While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
20. For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.

"the latter end is worse with them than the beggining"

2 Peter 2:21 For it were better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after knowing it, to turn back from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

I would suggest sending Mr. Fleming a Christmas card via the web,

Here is his email address!

And Here is the link to his blog!

If Mr. Fleming gets upset with the response he recieves, too bad! He started it

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Liberalism: The Scourge of Society

When a person honestly stops and takes time to ponder modern liberal socialism, one realizes how absolutely asinine modern socialism is, how backwards liberal socialists are in their thinking, and how twisted their philosophies are.

Liberals (lefties), love to refer to themselves as progressives, giving off the image that they are with it, and are working to take America forward in some positive direction. This could not be farther from the truth, for careful inspection of the worldview of the modern liberal in America will reveal a much different scenario.

In realty they are destroying the very moral fabric that has held this nation together since its inception. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there is nothing progressive about so-called progressives.

Let’s take a look at modern liberal socialism to see if what they claim is true, are they really doing what is positive for America? Or not?

1. Liberals don’t support capital punishment; they don’t want convicted murderers to be punished for their crimes accordingly, and for this reason often viewed as being soft of crime. You can see them protesting outside of prisons across this country, they chant “Thou Shall Not Kill”, sounds familiar doesn’t it? It should seeing it is one of the Ten Commandments, you know, the ten moral laws that liberals have been suing to remove from public view. How ironic that all of a sudden they embrace this particular commandment when it fits their liberal agenda. Liberals often get in the way of justice when it does not fulfill their liberal agendas. Liberals do not want to see true justice being served, but in their small and twisted minds it is perfectly ok to murder the innocent and most helpless among us, the unborn. They have come up with all sorts of arguments to protect the so-called “women’s right to choose”, the idea of choice being used as the excuse to justify organized, legalized genocide is utterly preposterous.

Remember in Nazi Germany how they demeaned the Jews to the point of being less than human in order to justify mass genocide; it is the same thing liberal socialists have done here in America. The Nazi’s murdered millions of innocent people in the name of creating a superior race by eliminating those who they believed to be inferior to them. Liberal socialists murder those they have deemed as not human (i.e. blob or tissue).

Conservatives believe in the sanctity of human life, in the right of unborn babies to live, and in justice being served upon the law breaker when necessary. We believe that people should make the correct choices in first place, not compound evil with more evil, my mother always said “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

2. Let’s examine the “Robin Hood” mentality of the left, the “rob” from the rich, and give to the poor” mentality that liberals have.

Liberals believe in using the federal government as a tool of re-distribution of wealth, this is a concept of communism. “They believe that the government - the largest corporation in the country - should step into the capitalistic fray and bring equality to everyone's wealth. In a sense, they work to morph government into a sort of "Robin Hood" - a all-powerful entity that taxes the rich in order to feed the poor. This is what is commonly referred to as "Redistribution of Wealth".”

“This has been assisted by the ending of instruction of our Constitution in the government run schools, as well as by a definite socialist agenda by those in the mainstream media who consider themselves to be our leaders.”

Liberals use the power of the government to pick the pockets of hard working Americans, and turn around and give it to people who refuse to work, or are their political supporters.

Liberals love to talk crap about Republicans and big business as being rich and evil. They love to paint republicans as wealthy fat cats who have no concern for poor. Conservatives simply want the poor to take responsibility for their own lives and work to improve their economic status, just like everyone else, and quit relying on big government for a free hand-out.

Talking about big business! Left wing groups like Planned Parenthood are floating in millions of tax payer dollars, blood money at the expense of the unborn. “Planned Parenthood’s annual profits shot up 300% from $12.2 million to $36.6 million. This profit margin was obtained from revenues of $766.6 million, of which $254.4 million was taxpayer money.”

“Planned Parenthood's revenues from abortion in 1998 were at least $53 million, or nearly a quarter of the $211 million it reported as "Clinic Income" in FY '98-99.”

Yes there are some wealthy conservatives out there, but there are many filthy rich liberals on the left also.

“John Kerry and his wife, Teresa, are worth an estimated $500 million. Along with a $35 million private Gulfstream V jet and an $800,000 boat, they own five homes in the U.S. (Source:”

“John Edwards, the multi-millionaire Populist trial lawyer,”

“George Soros-Today Forbes Magazine ranks him the 28th richest person in the United States, with an estimated fortune worth $7 billion.”

3. Liberals largely control America’s educational system through the use of teachers unions, and as always they use the government to do their dirty work. Liberals have employed the use of the legal system to force their socialist agenda into the schools, and force out ideologies that oppose their own. Liberals have used the schools to proselytize their socialistic worldview, and humanistic religion, brainwashing millions of school children, creating little socialists all over the nation. This is what Hitler, and the Nazi party did, and what the communist party of the USSR did as well.

“Presidential candidate John Kerry and his wife, Teresa, organized a group 11 years ago with an agenda to use public schools at all levels to "leverage change" throughout U.S. society by instigating "a complete shift in thinking, values and action" among America's youth.”

“Public education progressed rapidly in the twentieth century, as John Dewey and other socialists refined the art of brainwashing and amoral training. But the perfection of the public school concept undoubtedly
came under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany. The similarities between the Nazi's educational system, which included Hitler Youth and Maids of Germany, and the modern American public schools are remarkable”.

Part of the problem is that there are many judges on America’s benches that are liberal socialists as well, and are push a very liberal agenda from their benches. A panel of judges in California ruled “There is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children...Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students.” This angered many people across the country, and is not the last we have heard of this issue

If there is to be any real education done in America’s schools, it will be done when conservatives retake the school systems, and boot liberals out along with all of the liberal doctrines that have poisoned the minds of our children.

When we stop and consider what modern liberal socialism has done to our nation, and how “progressives” have dragged this country down to new depths of depravity, anyone with half a brain will recognize the amount of damage that has been done to this nation.

Modern liberal socialism is the scourge of this society, and should be abolished once and for all. The time has come for a conservative revolution in this nation that will restore common decency, and civility to our society.