Friday, November 25, 2005

Michigan ACLU Dates Radical Leftists at the expense of President Bush, and America's Conservatives

The ACLU of Michigan came together in Dearborn for their annual dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, along with a host of supporters from across the state, including many liberal homosexual extremist activists.

The main topic at the dinner was smearing President Bush, and his conservative power base who disagree with the far left policies of the ACLU, and the radical homosexual groups they are conspiring with to change America into a socialist police state. At least 25 percent of the tables at the dinner were filled with radical homosexual activists, showing exactly where the loyalties of the ACLU really are.

It seems that the ACLU is more interested in courting the radical left with its extreme immorality, and destructive practices, than it is standing up and protecting the true civil rights of all Americans. The ACLU seems to be on the forefront of pulling America further down the slippery slope, than defending the constitutional rights of the majority.

This I guess is no surprise seeing that the ACLU was founded on the premise of ushering in a new age of socialism, with communism as its final goal. Communism has always been the arch nemesis of freedom, personal liberty, and the Christian faith. It has always taken every step to stomp out, and ban the Christian worship by persecuting the Christians who actually believe what their Bible teaches, as opposed to those who claim to be Christians who don't believe the Bible.

The recent attempts by the left to pass "hate crimes" legislation that would radically limit freedom of religion, and freedom of speech is proof enough of what the ACLU, and their far left friends have in mind for America. These laws if passed would seek to control what a person can and can't think in America. It would limit what the Preachers can preach from America's pulpits, and would severely penalize anyone who speaks out against homosexuality.

The ACLU while pretending to protect our civil rights is actually helping to wipe them out by endorsing every type of perverse ideology that comes along. Most recently they have struck out remove crosses from public view, as well as the Ten Commandments. The ACLU has also attacked nativity scenes, and other forms of Christian expression during the Christmas season.

We must take a hard stand and stop the ACLU from getting their way, our freedoms cost to high a price to just let them be taken away by a bunch of freedom hating communists. That's the way it is with liberals though, its freedom for them, not for anyone else, hogwash! The time has come for America's real mainstream to speak up and stand up against the tide of immorality being perpetrated by the left, good men and women of America do something now!

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