Saturday, March 27, 2021

Government Tyranny Must be Met with Strong Resistance

 When the Democrats seized power through the use of a rigged election to force their candidates on the American people, we knew we were in for a rough ride but what we are witnessing far exceeds that which we expected.  The new regime went right to work of overturn all of the progress we made under the Trump administration.  

Now look at the mess they have created for us all, our border is a nightmare as Mr. Biden tells millions of illegal aliens that it's OK to come into America and that we will take care of them with our tax dollars why the American people are losing jobs and struggling to stay afloat.  We have had all we can take of this non-sense something has to change now before we no longer have an America.

Recently the Governor of the State of Michigan along with the State Attorney General railroaded a restaurant owner because she remained open and dared to defy the orders to close down because of Covid-19.  They had the restaurant owner arrested and ordered the restaurant to close permanently or at least until we have regime change in this state. 

Why we understand that the restaurant owner was not cooperative with the court and refused to place her hand on the good book and be sworn in which I think she should have done, the judge should not have forced this woman to close her restaurant.  No one wins in the long run except for the tyrants who targeted this woman and her business. 

This action by the State government should not be tolerated and unless all of the citizens of Michigan stand up and speak up they will continue to harass and bully small business owners and individuals for simply trying to survive in the cancel culture the Democrats have created.  It is time for us to stand and cancel the cancel culture and take back our liberty.  We must reopen our restaurants and schools, other businesses and fire up our economy.

What are we to do about this tyranny?

“Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.” -James Madison answering “When can Governments be Tyrannical?”

Understand that elected officials hold no real power unless they are backed up by corrupt media and enough other people to actually make them dangerous, and we have seen that this is the case today as the Dem's stood behind the violent outbursts by professional agitators yet when conservatives marched on the capital they called it an insurrection and condemned them.

When the voting booth fails to allow us to dispense with those who oppose and there is no other solution then all we have left is the second amendment left and even that is at risk.  I pray it never comes to the point where we must as citizens take up arms to stop tyrannical leaders from steamrolling us.  There is no other solution but civil war and that will be bloody!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Banning Free-Speech Will Backfire in the Faces of Fascist Democrats

Feeling emboldened as they take over our Government radical leftist Democrats launch an all-out war on Individual Liberty and Free-Speech by banning Conservatives from using social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon have joined forces to silence all those who oppose their radical social agenda to radically transform America.

Leftists have long salivated over the proposition of taking over the Whitehouse and Congress so they can do whatever they want, and they are not being sneaky about it they are doing it all right in front of our faces.  Their arrogance and hatred know no boundaries and they will stop at nothing to get everything they want.

Today Amazon the super-huge online retail giant suspended a small social network called Parler which is a free-speech zone many conservatives have moved over too when Facebook started suspending the accounts of conservatives who dared to speak out.  There is NO other word for it except censorship, and blatant censorship it is.

How now shall we conservatives fight back?  What avenue do have to restore freedom of speech and personal expression?  If these companies have the right to ban us from having our say and expressing our opinions then as I see it, the weapons we have are first the power of prayer and secondly economic warfare against any company that dares to ban us from exercising our Constitutional Rights.

I'm talking about boycotting these companies and not spending one dime using their services or products until they stop attacking freedom of speech and restore conservatives accounts that they have suspended. must be put back online by Amazon and they must not demand any sort of moderation on the site.  

When their stocks take a dump and their revenue drops significantly they will reconsider what they have done.  It's the best weapon we have in our arsenal and it's time to use it!  I would also suggest not using Twitter or Facebook until they change their attitudes, even to the point of deleting your account.  Be sure to voice your dissatisfaction with these companies and let them know you will not be using their service or buying products from them until they change course.

Money is Power and Power is Money to leftists so hit them where it hurts them the most.  The attacks on our freedoms will not go unchallenged and we will not be silent!     

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Software Glitch Causes Votes to Switch from Republican to Democrat


A reported glitch in Antrim County Michigan brought to light the fact that thousands of votes (6000) were switched from Republican to Democrat causing many Republican Candidates to lose the election when they should have won, so what is being done to correct this?

Antrim County uses Dominion software and probably hardware also to collect votes and tabulate them.  They discovered this flaw and reported it to the authorities.  Sixty-four other counties in Michigan use the same software and may have also experienced this same glitch, but are they actually investigating to see if this is so?  Or are they just sitting on the issue waiting for it to go away and defrauding thousands of Michigan voters of their votes?

This software is used in two-thousand U.S. jurisdictions in 33 states according to Wikipedia.  In 2016 Dominions voting machines served 70,000 voters in 33 U.S. States.  If this same glitch occurred in every state where these machines and software were used especially in battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, we can see how this could taint an election and cause much chaos.

We the people call on Dominion and every state and jurisdiction where this software was used in the 2020 election to investigate and find whether or not this did indeed happen in their jurisdiction and right the wrongs perpetrated upon the voters by straightening out the incorrect votes so that are recorded accurately.  We the people want an honest and fair election where only legit votes are cast on election day and those postmarked no later than election day are fairly counted and those that show up late, too bad!

The Fake News is already giving this election to Joe Biden as we would expect them to do since they are all fakes and frauds.  We want President Trump!  We will do to Biden what you did to Trump count on it!  In Biden officially wins this election then let the impeachment proceedings begin immediately!

Friday, November 06, 2020

A Sham of an Election


I could see it coming, couldn't you?  Democratic dirty tricks and election fraud like never before.  This is in every state including my state, and it's the worse election mess we've ever seen, worse than the hanging chads in Florida a few years back.  I don't know the solution except to deduct from Biden every fraudulent vote.  

The Democrats have been trying to get rid of Donald Trump since day one of his Presidency.  They pulled every dirty scheme imaginable and were relentless in their vial hatred that drove their agenda.  Nothing seemed to work for them Trump always landed on his feet and fought them back tooth and nail.  They could not wrap their brains or lack of brains around the idea that Trump won the election fair and square.

The ultimate scheme was to produce fraudulent ballots in every battleground state where Trump was winning so that his chances of winning would be squelched and Biden their puppet would be declared the victor.  The problem is that Trump is again fighting back and the election is not theirs until the last vote is counted, and we are all waiting and hoping for the right outcome.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and other states  Mysteriously out of nowhere they magically found ballots for Biden that had not been counted, and what do you know? Biden took the lead over Trump in every one of those states.  The Democrats really do think that we the American people are really that stupid, they do!  We can see right through this scam and we want the real ballots counted, not the ones they produce out of nowhere.

This is indeed a sham of an election thanks to the Democratic Party and their cohorts in the Fake News Media.  This is what they wanted to create, a full-scale Constitutional crisis that allows them time to manipulate the outcome of the race and cheat the American people. It's true what Stalin said "Those who vote decide nothing, Those who count the votes decide everything"   Very Scary!

If the Dems are able to seize power we may never have a real election every again as their plans are to create for themselves a system that they are in control of and cannot be taken down.  Adding new seats to the Supreme Court and filling those seats with liberal hack judges that will rule according to the Socialist agenda of the Dems so that justice will never be served ever again the way it ought to be.

So long checks and balances and fair elections, separate branches of government. Hello, the Banana Republic of America where the Socialists and/or Communists rule with an iron fist and our rights have been taken away. Hello, Civil War!

Americans should get angry and express that anger to those who are responsible for this mess. Demand they clean up the mess they made and restore honest and fair elections. Maybe we all need to protest in the streets now?  If we sit back and wait for a resolution we will become the subjects of a senile old man backed by a corrupt political party that does not have our best interests at heart but is more concerned about centralizing power into their own hands.

This is NO Joke!  This is very serious and requires us to become righteously indignant and step up and say NO MORE!  If we don't get control of this election we will never have another fair election and we will be living in a nation that no longer resembles the nation we once loved.

Friday, October 09, 2020

American Businesses Will Suffer Under A Biden Administration

 American businesses benefited from the Trump tax cuts that allowed them to expand their business and hire new employees, and now Joe Biden is promising that on his first day in office he will repeal the Trump tax cuts. Can American businesses sustain the higher cost of doing business without having to lay-off or terminate employees? NO!

Joe Biden is a partisan wind-bag and he is NO moderate. Joe Biden has sold out to the far left and even chose a running mate who is said to be the most liberal Democrat in the US Senate. That should have sent a red flag up in the faces of every American, and Biden's promise to repeal our tax cuts will do irreparable harm to our economy.

Joe and Kamala could care less if the average person is suffering or if they lose everything they have trying to survive. Just look at how the Democrats handled the COVID 19 (fake) Pandemic?  

They said OMG "wear a mask" as they shut down American businesses causing 100K businesses to close forever and put a total of 7.5 million at risk of closing forever. Businesses that have existed for many years now sit empty as the owners struggle to recoup their lives and not go completely broke.

Bidens is a walking disaster for this nation along with his running mate Kamala Harris, the arrogant and rude senator from California. On top of repealing the tax cuts, they have signed onto the New Green Deal which is nothing more than a radical environmentalist power grab promoted by Communist Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

If passed into law this bill would destroy America as we know it and make everyone equally miserable and dependent on government handouts. The GND is a dangerous idea that threatens our liberty and would cost the tax-payers an incredible amount of their money. In essence, it's a big-government takeover of all of our natural resources including fossil fuels that the Dem's have promised to do away with.

No more vacations, camping, or taking the boat out because you won't be able to tow anything without fuel in your truck or SUV. This is NO joke they really intend on taking all of these radical steps putting the environment and climate in front of the welfare of the American people.

Don't believe what I'm saying? Look how they placed COVID 19 positive patients in nursing homes where the elderly picked up the virus and could not fight it off and they died because of it, no thanks to Democrats. 

These people are Socialists and Communists, they are not true patriotic Americans! Under a Biden Administration, the free-market would eventually cease to exist and the balance of power set up by our forefathers to protect us from a tyrannical power grab just like they intend to do if elected.

As much as people don't like Trump he is our best defense against this tyranny and the only one who will preserve our independence and liberties. Biden and Harris MUST LOSE and LOSE BADLY! The Dems will take away our Constitutional Rights and sell us out to China and Russia in a heartbeat.

God Help Us if we fail to re-elect Donald J. Trump!