Monday, May 31, 2021

Liberals Kill Memorial Day, We are Taking it Back

 Once again the commies have used their cancel culture to kill memorial day for just about everyone. I just read my own cities memorial day itinerary and it read like this.

"We will be commemorating memorial day from our homes." however, they managed to have the cemetery service with the reading of names of the fallen, but NO parade which makes for a very boring memorial day.

What's going to happen on the Fourth of July?  Already a neighboring town has canceled the parade they had originally scheduled leaving the Fourth of July void of the usual celebration because of a few politically correct dipstick that are afraid of the dreaded virus Covid 19.

I think that it's time to stand up and have a parade anyway. Who is willing to dress up their vehicles with flags and drive through town? We need to jam this right into the faces of the left who are enjoying seeing people's celebrations destroyed.

We will not be spending another Fourth of July sitting at home. We will be outside making it known that we have had enough of this stupidity and we are through complying with the left's BS!

The left hates the military, they hate honoring those who have sacrificed themselves for freedom. Even though the lefties say they respect those who have served it is just a smokescreen because their actions say something else.

Sure Biden will go to the tomb of the unknown, maybe?  To lay the wreath and put on a good show, but no one will be there except for him, his wife, the secret service, a small handful of military personnel, and the drive-by media.  Or maybe they will cancel that as well?

The commie left loves the fact that everyone is forced to stay home because we might spread the virus Dr. Fauci paid for with our tax dollars then unleashed upon our nation, now he acts holy than thou as he instructs everyone to wear masks, and get their experimental covid shot. Fauci is not protecting the public he is playing political games with the lives of millions of Americans.

If we ignore him and the PC left and go out and enjoy ourselves and mingle with others we are more likely to develop better immune systems than if we stayed home and using hand sanitizer and wore our stupid masks.  Mass civil disobedience is in order, let's send a strong message that we are through complying with stupidity!


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