Monday, May 31, 2021

Liberals Kill Memorial Day, We are Taking it Back

 Once again the commies have used their cancel culture to kill memorial day for just about everyone. I just read my own cities memorial day itinerary and it read like this.

"We will be commemorating memorial day from our homes." however, they managed to have the cemetery service with the reading of names of the fallen, but NO parade which makes for a very boring memorial day.

What's going to happen on the Fourth of July?  Already a neighboring town has canceled the parade they had originally scheduled leaving the Fourth of July void of the usual celebration because of a few politically correct dipstick that are afraid of the dreaded virus Covid 19.

I think that it's time to stand up and have a parade anyway. Who is willing to dress up their vehicles with flags and drive through town? We need to jam this right into the faces of the left who are enjoying seeing people's celebrations destroyed.

We will not be spending another Fourth of July sitting at home. We will be outside making it known that we have had enough of this stupidity and we are through complying with the left's BS!

The left hates the military, they hate honoring those who have sacrificed themselves for freedom. Even though the lefties say they respect those who have served it is just a smokescreen because their actions say something else.

Sure Biden will go to the tomb of the unknown, maybe?  To lay the wreath and put on a good show, but no one will be there except for him, his wife, the secret service, a small handful of military personnel, and the drive-by media.  Or maybe they will cancel that as well?

The commie left loves the fact that everyone is forced to stay home because we might spread the virus Dr. Fauci paid for with our tax dollars then unleashed upon our nation, now he acts holy than thou as he instructs everyone to wear masks, and get their experimental covid shot. Fauci is not protecting the public he is playing political games with the lives of millions of Americans.

If we ignore him and the PC left and go out and enjoy ourselves and mingle with others we are more likely to develop better immune systems than if we stayed home and using hand sanitizer and wore our stupid masks.  Mass civil disobedience is in order, let's send a strong message that we are through complying with stupidity!


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Wokeism and Critical Race Theory Promote Racism and Violence

 We had made a lot of progress in America regarding race relations until Barrack Obama came along and destroyed it by creating class warfare and more Government dependency.  More people ended up in poverty and on the public dole relying on food stamps and handouts to make it.   

Remember the free cell phones known as Obama-phones?

Now under Biden, we have more class warfare, violence, and poverty than before because of his liberal (socialist) policies.  The difference is that now the Democrats are not hiding their agenda anymore. Their intentions to destroy America and take full control are in plain view for all to see and it's an ugly sight to behold.

The hypocrites came out from under their rock when George Floyd was killed by a white cop, but if Floyd had been the victim of a drive-by shooting by another black man, not a word would have been said and there would be no mention of it on the nightly news, no one would really care.

Along came the idea of wokeness which is nothing but awareness of racial discrimination and inequality issues. Wokeism and CRT are nothing but modern forms of marxism, and BLM has a Communist agenda

Peace and harmony between different people does not fit the narrative of the left. They must have class warfare in order to destabilize society just enough so they can force their agenda and pass laws that enact social control and take away freedoms. 

America is being dragged kicking and screaming to its death and the left the executioners of liberty and true justice.  Their ultimate goal is Communism which will mean lots of dead bodies and they are behind Covid-19 and they will use another plague to gain more control just watch!

Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools and the goal is more ethenic division and more violence in our streets.  CRT is dangerous because it teaches that people with lighter-toned skin are automatically racist which is a lie.  CRT why being promoted as battling racism is actually creating more racism and problems in the culture.

Are darker-toned people wrongly treated, yes but this is nothing new because the left has been teaching them to be victims and cry wolf for years. Making lighter people the enemy is not just wrong it is immoral not to mention evil.  

I hate the terms black and white because I don't believe in people being black and white but the same color just different shades of it.  There is no need to promote racial tension and cause class warfare but the left does it for purely political reasons.  Democrats can control blacks and get the majority of their votes by turning them against others in the culture and giving them handouts.

Government dependency is nothing more than slavery and welfare is the plantation run by Democrats in Government.  So before BLM or any other group open their mouths about white supremacy or how our founding fathers were all slave owners maybe they ought to wake up and see the truth of how people in the inner cities are being controlled and manipulated for political reasons.

Why do blacks commit more violent crimes?  I think it's because being trapped in the hood and feeling like they have no hope and can't have a better life is responsible for much of the social unrest. 

 They have been lied to and kept poor so that they can be easily manipulated into voting Democratic. Feeling hopeless and not getting enough to make ends meet makes people restless and they strike out by committing crimes.

Telling blacks that it's all the fault of white people isn't exactly true but it's the fault of rich white limousine liberals in Washington not the average white guy on the street.  Violence leads to more violence, death to more death, we need to end the hatred of each other and get back to working out our difference in a way that promotes harmony.

Chuck the CRT out the window, redefine wokeism. and shut down BLM because they only defend certain black lives not all of them.  It's time to realize that we are all colored people and we should all love each other because we are different yet the same.