Monday, January 11, 2021

Banning Free-Speech Will Backfire in the Faces of Fascist Democrats

Feeling emboldened as they take over our Government radical leftist Democrats launch an all-out war on Individual Liberty and Free-Speech by banning Conservatives from using social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon have joined forces to silence all those who oppose their radical social agenda to radically transform America.

Leftists have long salivated over the proposition of taking over the Whitehouse and Congress so they can do whatever they want, and they are not being sneaky about it they are doing it all right in front of our faces.  Their arrogance and hatred know no boundaries and they will stop at nothing to get everything they want.

Today Amazon the super-huge online retail giant suspended a small social network called Parler which is a free-speech zone many conservatives have moved over too when Facebook started suspending the accounts of conservatives who dared to speak out.  There is NO other word for it except censorship, and blatant censorship it is.

How now shall we conservatives fight back?  What avenue do have to restore freedom of speech and personal expression?  If these companies have the right to ban us from having our say and expressing our opinions then as I see it, the weapons we have are first the power of prayer and secondly economic warfare against any company that dares to ban us from exercising our Constitutional Rights.

I'm talking about boycotting these companies and not spending one dime using their services or products until they stop attacking freedom of speech and restore conservatives accounts that they have suspended. must be put back online by Amazon and they must not demand any sort of moderation on the site.  

When their stocks take a dump and their revenue drops significantly they will reconsider what they have done.  It's the best weapon we have in our arsenal and it's time to use it!  I would also suggest not using Twitter or Facebook until they change their attitudes, even to the point of deleting your account.  Be sure to voice your dissatisfaction with these companies and let them know you will not be using their service or buying products from them until they change course.

Money is Power and Power is Money to leftists so hit them where it hurts them the most.  The attacks on our freedoms will not go unchallenged and we will not be silent!