Friday, October 09, 2020

American Businesses Will Suffer Under A Biden Administration

 American businesses benefited from the Trump tax cuts that allowed them to expand their business and hire new employees, and now Joe Biden is promising that on his first day in office he will repeal the Trump tax cuts. Can American businesses sustain the higher cost of doing business without having to lay-off or terminate employees? NO!

Joe Biden is a partisan wind-bag and he is NO moderate. Joe Biden has sold out to the far left and even chose a running mate who is said to be the most liberal Democrat in the US Senate. That should have sent a red flag up in the faces of every American, and Biden's promise to repeal our tax cuts will do irreparable harm to our economy.

Joe and Kamala could care less if the average person is suffering or if they lose everything they have trying to survive. Just look at how the Democrats handled the COVID 19 (fake) Pandemic?  

They said OMG "wear a mask" as they shut down American businesses causing 100K businesses to close forever and put a total of 7.5 million at risk of closing forever. Businesses that have existed for many years now sit empty as the owners struggle to recoup their lives and not go completely broke.

Bidens is a walking disaster for this nation along with his running mate Kamala Harris, the arrogant and rude senator from California. On top of repealing the tax cuts, they have signed onto the New Green Deal which is nothing more than a radical environmentalist power grab promoted by Communist Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

If passed into law this bill would destroy America as we know it and make everyone equally miserable and dependent on government handouts. The GND is a dangerous idea that threatens our liberty and would cost the tax-payers an incredible amount of their money. In essence, it's a big-government takeover of all of our natural resources including fossil fuels that the Dem's have promised to do away with.

No more vacations, camping, or taking the boat out because you won't be able to tow anything without fuel in your truck or SUV. This is NO joke they really intend on taking all of these radical steps putting the environment and climate in front of the welfare of the American people.

Don't believe what I'm saying? Look how they placed COVID 19 positive patients in nursing homes where the elderly picked up the virus and could not fight it off and they died because of it, no thanks to Democrats. 

These people are Socialists and Communists, they are not true patriotic Americans! Under a Biden Administration, the free-market would eventually cease to exist and the balance of power set up by our forefathers to protect us from a tyrannical power grab just like they intend to do if elected.

As much as people don't like Trump he is our best defense against this tyranny and the only one who will preserve our independence and liberties. Biden and Harris MUST LOSE and LOSE BADLY! The Dems will take away our Constitutional Rights and sell us out to China and Russia in a heartbeat.

God Help Us if we fail to re-elect Donald J. Trump!

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