Tuesday, September 01, 2020

The Democratic Radical Conspiracy Against America

 Who would have ever thought, a pandemic in the middle of an election year?  Or should I say a contrived pandemic orchestrated by far-left radicals in another attempt to overtake the nation and institute their radical agenda on the American people?  They are not even pretending to be moderate anymore their extremist left agenda is right out there for everyone to see and hear.  

When Trump won the election in 2016 beating out Hillary Clinton we knew things were going to get ugly and they did just that.  From the moment Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower the Democrats began plotting how they could take him out and they tried several dirty schemes and everyone one of them blew up in their faces.  

Now it is 2020 time for the next Presidential election and they will do and say anything to rid the White House of Donald J. Trump.  Only this time, they have engineered a scheme like we've never seen before, an epidemic involving a virus with the potential of killing many people except that this virus has a 99% survival rate and only a small number of people actually have died from it. So they inflated the numbers with the assistance of the secular (fake news) media's help and gaslighted millions of Americans into wearing masks and keep their distance from each other.

It is believed by some that COVID 19 was taken into a lab and engineered to attack the human body and turn the immune system against itself causing death for many, but not for all.  The drug used to counteract this virus hydroxychloroquine has been shown to very effective in treating people with this virus. This drug used to be available over the counter but disappeared from the shelves two weeks before this 'pandemic' hit the nation.

All of a sudden out of nowhere terms such as 'social distancing' and 'wear a mask' surfaced and our lives were turned upside down.  What a better way to destroy Trump's stellar economy by forcing businesses across the country to shut down and telling people to stay home.  Don't try and tell me that this is some kind of freak thing this Corona Virus because the truth is starting to leak out and it's just a matter of time before this mysterious virus just disappears.

The Far-Left wants power all of the power and they will stop at nothing to get it no matter who gets hurt in the meantime, we're all expendable to them anyway.  The Democratic Party has a long history of human rights violations because of their unwavering support for abortion on demand, the killing of innocent babies for any reason whether in the womb or out of it.  Now is the time for us to fight back and expose their agenda so that they have nowhere to hide.

People who are doing the Devil's work do not like being exposed and what a better way to shut people's mouths than to call them 'conspiracy theorists' for daring to be open enough to look past what the fake-news media is spewing.  What if?  What if Dr. Fauci is behind this virus had it engineered in a Chinese Lab or here in the states?  What if these things are true and we are being lied to on a daily basis.  

Oh Sorry!  Were not supposed to think for ourselves or question when the media and the Democrats tell us is the truth.  To the elite, we are all just dead weight taking up space and using up resources polluting the environment, and causing global warming.  They see this epidemic as an opportunity for population control, the removal of extra people from the planet, and what a better way than to unleash a virus on the good citizens of America?  

Democratic Governors helped up the death toll by placing patients with COVID 19 into nursing homes infecting and killing numerous elderly people who do not have strong immune systems anymore and are most susceptible to  COVID 19, and who also tend to be republican voters.  

What we need to do is find the smoking gun that exposes those behind this Conspiracy so that they may be held responsible for the deaths of our citizens.  The left wants total power and will take away everything from us if they get ahold of it.  What we need is a conservative President who will investigate this and find the guilty parties and have them prosecuted.  We also need a conservative Congress that will not stand in the way of justice.

TRUMP 2020!  


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