Thursday, August 13, 2020

Comrade Joe's Big Fat Socialist Plans

 Plain and Simple, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will cost you and I, the American people everything we have worked for all our lives.  Our life savings, our retirement accounts, our liberties, and other assets, nothing will be safe if Comrade Biden and his assistant chief Kamala Harris get into the White House. 

Our liberties will be on the chopping block as these two Marxist's hack away on our constitutional rights along with the list of radical leftists Biden has stated he will appoint to positions in his administration.  The plans that the Democrats roll out this time will be far more dangerous to this nation than anything Obama ever did. 

Mark my works!  A Biden win in November would be an absolute disaster, one that we will never recover from.  The damage they do will be devastating as they are sure to steamroll us all as they institute socialism nationwide. You should pray hard that Trump wins this war because the Devil and his minions are working overtime to cause our President to lose so that he can take his nation down all the way. 

The way they have handled this COVID 19 thing is only a taste of what they have waiting for us if by chance they manage to get elected which really could happen.  The New Normal is the New World Order testing the waters to see what they can get away with and the sheep of the USA said "Baaaah!".  Social distancing to break us apart from each other and masks are more about social control than they are our health.

COVID is real but the overall epidemic was man-made by socialist Democrats that want to control us any way they can. The Democrats have been enacting social control and enslaving those who live in the Democratically controlled inner cities by way of their policies that have kept people poor and dependent on them for free phones, food, clothing, etc.  It's a never-ending cycle of entitlement that has left low-income Americans addicted to welfare and medicare.

Who was responsible for slavery, the rich white liberals and not much has changed except for the type of slavery they have used to make black Americans vote Democrat instead of giving them the tools to pull themselves out of poverty as conservatives do.  The Democrats have used the Black population in America as props to help them win elections. Liberals don't give a dang about these people all they care about is political power-grabbing.

Joe has gotten behind the terrible idea called the Green New Deal, a 1.7 Trillion dollar mistake that we will not be able to undo in a million years. Who is going to pay for this comrade Joe? You are stupid!  He has already vowed to dramatically raise taxes on us and this will be just a start to completely bankrupting every one of us and you know how they are, right?  You and I will be giving just enough food and money to tease us but it won't be enough to feed our families properly, just like in the inner cities today.

All of America will be one giant welfare state run by a puppet named Joe Biden with the deep state pulling his strings and telling him what to do and say. We can't afford to elect these people to anything! Joe Biden and the Dem's MUST LOSE for the sake of our nation.  Our very lives are at stake we cannot be lazy we must speak out now and vote in November (in person) for Donald J. Trump and elect Conservatives to every position across this country.

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