Saturday, July 11, 2020

Michigan Governor Imposes $500 Fine for Not Wearing A Mask in Public

Socialist Democrats are never satisfied until they are able to force their will upon the people.  Again we see another example of tyranny that has unfolded in the State of Michigan where it's current Governor Grethen Whitmer has imposed a $500 fine on anyone not wearing a face mask in public starting midnight on Monday.  This is what Socialists do they force people to comply with their demands by using their authority to ram-rod the people to comply.

The problem is it will take local police to enforce this order and seeing that Whitmers allies are calling for defunding all police I would like to see all law enforcement officers not enforce her tyrannical rule in protest of those who want to do away with all the 'cops'.  

In the United States, only 4.2% of the reported cases of Covid19 have died from the dreaded virus, which is approx. 41 people out of 100k that die from it.  The CDC webpage states that the mortality rates are below epidemic levels at this time.  The media and liberal politicians are telling us that COVID 19 cases are surging again but from what I saw online the cases are lesser than they are being reported and COVID 19 has a fairly low mortality rate and a higher survival rate than we are made to believe.

Democratic scare tactics right before an election they are sure to lose?  Exactly!

SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID 19 can be deadly it is not the end of the world, it is a virus that should be monitored closely but we should not be panicking and living in fear of it as cases are on the decrease according to the CDC.  Known cases have been decreasing for the last 11 weeks but the fake news media and far-left politicians want us to think that it is increasing, they are lying to us!

For some strange reason, everyone is focusing on the number of deaths that occur not the number of people who survive COVID 19.  Is this being done to scare us or something or what?  I have heard that the survival rate is around 98% which means that this virus is not as deadly to most people as we are being led to believe it is.  There are many viruses out there and many other illnesses that take more lives than COVID 19 does, but they never mention any of them.

It is funny how this just showed up in time for the election and how quickly the radical left hitched their wagon from Hell onto it just like they knew what was coming and were ready to fire up their propaganda machine in time for the election, just saying!  The terms "social distancing" and "lockdown" were waiting in the wings for this virus to launch and top of that they made for damn sure that it swept through our nation's nursing homes killing many of the senior citizens who have a much harder time surviving it.

It's almost spooky how fast they jumped on this thing makes a person wonder how they knew ahead of time what was coming?  Older Americans tend to lean more conservative what an interesting way to cut down Republican votes.  Of course, I don't know these things for sure but let's call it a real coincidence. 

Now they are criminalizing freedom of choice and forcing us to wear masks or else!

High Time we showed the left what a real revolution looks like!  Time to remove the lefties from office and replace them with Constitutional Conservatives who will do what is right for the people of this country.  

We should have the freedom to decide for ourselves if we want to wear a mask or not.  The Government should not decide that for me and you and threaten us with a hefty fine for not wearing masks.  Nit Whitmer has become very unpopular in her state and I fully expect Michigan to turn red because of her actions and the actions of the activist groups that have done so much damage over the last few months.

Let freedom ring but don't forget your masks!


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