Friday, July 05, 2019

Whose the Real Nazi's In America?

There is a lot of name throwing and finger-pointing going on in this country and it needs to stop!

Leftists are going after every piece of American history and labeling it as hate or calling it racist in order to remove it from history and make something that is innocent enough into something that is bad according to them.

Remember what they did to the Rebel Flag calling it racists saying it should be removed from public view and maligning those who see it as a part of our nation's history and see it as posing zero threat to anyone. yet these leftists rage at anything that they deem to be connected to slavery or they make it up and create a crisis where there was none.

They have long since disregarded and disrespected the American flag.  This flag is a symbol of our freedom that millions have died to preserve and defend. This flag stands for the bloodshed for our liberty and loyalty (blue) and purity (white).  These are things that leftists nazi's otherwise known as Democrats hate with a passion. Their worldview is based upon hatred and anarchy as they were the party behind the KKK and the Black Panthers and today they are behind Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Leftists see themselves as the lords of national purification by force, they are the party of death and destruction through the guise of population control.  Sixty-Million plus human beings have lost their lives before they could be born due to the political worldview of Democrats and other assorted leftists.

They are the masters of the clever disguising of evil, the whitewashing of the wickedness of every kind.  Call cold-blooded murder and woman's right to choose and claim that it is covered under the Constitution which it is not. Bastardized those on the right who are conservative and oppose your agenda and make them look like the bad guys because they stand for the sanctity of human life and oppose your agenda of death.

The Democrats have used various anarchist groups down through history to do their dirty work to strike fear in the hearts of the American people in order to control them so that the Socialist Democrats can carry out their dastardly agenda without interference, and it works for them.  Leftism is choking the life out of our liberty why we watch from the sidelines and talk about how evil it is yet we do nothing to stop them.

The foundation these Democratic Leftists as based upon is the same Marxist foundation that Hitler and his Nazi Party were founded upon.  Horrible and inconceivable acts were carried out against the Jewish people and anyone else that got in their way.  The Leftists in America can not unleash this type of terror upon us at least not yet but the terrorists that they have imported can.  American Nazi's use outside sources paid for by George Soro's to do their dirty work for them.

A word of warning!  DO NOT give up your guns or other firearms. If you comply with them you will be left unprotected and unable to defend yourself when the American SS comes knocking on your door to take you away and kill you!  Since these people have NO regard for human life and want to take all of your personal property away from you beware and be ready.

Let's look at what the Nazi's were:

1. They were Socialists NOT Conservatives.
2. They were Marxists NOT Christians.
3. They have murdered millions of innocent people in the name of political power.
4. They sought to enslave people through fear and Social Control.
5. They practiced abortion and promoted homosexuality.
6. They had a flag and a symbol.

The Nazi Party gain power by obtaining enough seats (107) to take control of the Government and take over the nation of Germany.  It took a few years for them to gain enough ground and the President for Hitler to be appointed as Chancellor of Germany, but this opened the door for dictatorship and the immorality that followed. They were able to get the nation's parliament dissolved and give the Government full power to govern the nation.

This would be like the Democratic Party dissolving Congress and taking over the entire Government. Installing a popular figure like Obama or Biden, or even Buttigieg as President. Hitler was appointed by Conservative right-wing politicians whose plan was to use him to put themselves back in power doing away with Representative Government and establish an authoritarian form of Government. Obviously, it backfired on them and Hitler brought into power his Party of National Socialists along with its propaganda.

  What party promotes homosexuality using equality to force this on the American people? The Marxist Democrats, and which party the party of abortion on demand?  The Marxist Democrats!  Which party more closely resembles the Nazi Party? The Democrats!

Racism and Propaganda is what of the Democratic Party and they have a long history of hatred and murder, and they want to erase that history so that nobody can see it and it won't reflect badly on them anymore and I think it's time the truth was told and children were educated with the truth, not textbooks scrubbed and revised to reflect the false narrative of the Democratic Party. 

We have an entire generation of Millenials that think that Socialism is the way to go and they do not know the downside of Socialism (Marxism), they just support unequal equality rights for all and they hate Christianity and the Church.  They do not know the horrible results of what Marxism produces, and what it does to people and nations. They only have this whitewashed picture of so-called equality dancing in their heads they do not realize that Socialism (Marxism) leads to full-blown Communism and Mass-Murder.

Don't believe what the Democrats and other leftists say, believe what history says about Socialism, believe that the only way to stop these American Nazi Party is to vote against Democrats!  We are only one election away from having all our liberties stripped away from us and if we remain passive and remain inactive we will find ourselves in poverty and find ourselves on the train car to our own destruction.



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