Monday, April 22, 2019

Bernie Sanders is the Most Dangerous Man in America

Whoever thought a little old man from Vermont could pose the greatest danger to America because of his ideology which is Communism and his vow to radically transform America into a Socialist nation?   When to investigate what Bernie Sanders believes and is proposing if he should win the Presidency in 2020 should scare the Hell out of you.

It's been stated that 'Bernie Sanders has never met a Communist Dictator he did not like' and they have the audacity to call Trump a Nazi.  Trump is neither a Nazi or a White Supremacist and that is proved by the way he has created more jobs for minority workers since he took office in 2016.  

Bernie's plan to raise taxes is typical of most Democrats but Bernie wants to take it even further with Medicare for all but ask any Bernie how he plans to fund this plan of his and he will tell you that he plans on taking most of the money you earn if not all of it and give you back free healthcare which is a very dangerous proposal.  

"The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money." -  Margret Thatcher

Bernie's platform is nothing but pure Socialism   and Socialism leads into Communism

Bernie is promoting Medicare as a "Right for All" even for those who are here illegally, and it is not a right for anyone especially those who break our laws to get into our country.  Bernie is promising everything but if elected will deliver very little.  Jobs for all, Medicare for All, and College for all for free of course, everything Bernie wants to hand out for free will cost the American people everything they earn not to mention our liberty.

Besides the usual Democratic talking points of Racial inequality and favoring the rights of homosexuals over everyone else's freedom, and of course the anti-gun agenda, Bernie's big plans will bankrupt the country and leave families struggling to put food on the table and gas in their cars.

Bernie backs the Green New Deal, I call it what it is the Green Raw Deal because it would further erode our liberties and our bank accounts. There is just no way that Bernie can pay for Medicare for all and still fund the Green Raw Deal, our nation will collapse financially. The fallout from Bernie's big plans for America will be devastating and the other Democratic Candidates are just like him.

If Bernie or any of these Democratic Socialists win the Whitehouse or if they manage to take over Congress you can kiss your cars and trucks goodbye along with your speedboat, motorhome, and any other luxury you might enjoy. Say hello to highspeed rail, public transportation, or worse your bicycle.  Bernie supports getting rid of fossil fuels and banning your automobiles and everything other things you own that burns gas or diesel.

There is much more that I could cover here but I think you get the picture.  The best choice we have is to re-elect Donald J. Trump as President for a second term and let him do his job draining the swamp and building the wall to protect all of us from the invasion of criminals coming across our border.  Bernie like the rest of them on the Democratic ticket want open borders so that people can just pour across without any way to check them or track them.

I'm sorry but that is just wrong!  We must control immigration and have a system in place to check and track each and every one of those we catch sneaking into our country, and the wall will help keep many of them out at least for now.  Open Borders is a really bad idea and you can be sure the Dem's will not protect the American people but make excuses for those pouring across the borders.

All I can say is 'God Help Us' if Bernie Sanders or any of these Democratic Candidates get anywhere near the Whitehouse, it's bad enough we have one as Governor now.


Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Left v.s. Chicken - The Politics of Stupidity

Since when do socialists get to set the standard for everyone else in the culture?

Chick-fil-A banned from San Antonio Texas airport because the company holds traditional Christian values and never mind the fact that it serves everyone with the same great service and even employees homosexuals the same as straight people. 

The Cities of Boston and San Francisco both attempted to block Chick-Fil-A from opening restaurants because they claim that Chick-Fil-A's foundation supports anti-LGBTQ or in other words supports Conservative Christian organizations and not Socialist ones.

First of all, Chick-Fil-A is a private corporation and has the same right as every other private corporation to open their businesses wherever they like, even in a city like San Francisco which is known for its large homosexual population. The local government is breaking the law by attempting to ban a private corporation from doing business because the local Government is run by Socialist Democrats who want to silence all opposition to its radical agenda.

Starbucks CEO and Socialist Presidential hopeful Howard Schultz stated that "if you believe in traditional marriage over gay marriage Starbucks does not want your business", and many a Conservative consumer stated "No Problem!". 

Can we Please just stop!

This nation is divided and I don't expect it to become united anytime real soon because of the divisiveness of the Democratic Party and its allies who are frothing at the mouth to seize control in 2020.  I predict that Trump will win a second term, that the wall will get built, and the left will get bludgeoned again.

A nation divided against itself will not stand and America is balancing on a tipping point. Either we will vote Conservative and continue to clean up our Government or we will allow evil to win and the Democrats will win and begin to radically transform us into a Socialist nation.  We are on the verge of another civil war in America because there are two major opposing world views fighting for control.

As for me and my house, we will eat at Chick-Fil-A if we choose to and no one will stop us either. We will prayerfully vote for the Conservative that we feel will do the best job probably Trump, and we will not back down.  We will continue to laugh at the stupidity of the Unhinged Left.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

R. Francis O'Rourke is NO Beto

By now you have seen this guy known as Beto O'Rourke and looked at him and wondered exactly why he is using such a nickname when his last name is O' Rourke which is obviously an Irish surname not of Hispanic origins.  R.F. O'Rourke is NOT Hispanic not even close so let's not call him Beto, Bozo O'Rourke works just fine, Robert Francis O'Rourke which is his real name.

This guy is more dangerous than the rest of the Democratic field of 2020 Presidential Candidates because he is young, tall, and decent looking sort of like Obama.  RF is spouting the doctrines of destruction just like the rest of them are, "I will tear down the wall" is one the major campaign promises he has already made. After we have spent so much money building as much of the wall as we could along comes President Bozo having it torn down, I don't think so!

Why would a white guy who was is, in fact, the epitome of white privilege use the name 'Beto' to promote himself?  Well, it helps his garner him the minority votes he needs to win, or so he thinks.  R.F.O. lost to Ted Cruz for a seat in the US Senate and now he thinks he has what it takes to be President?  Bahahahahha!  Give me a break right?  O'Rourke is as big a threat to our liberties as Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez is, make no mistake he would royally screw up this nation if he were elected.

R.F.O is from El Paso Texas and was given the nickname of Beto by his parents at a young age. He is of Irish-Welsh decent not Hispanic.  He was well educated but the things he espouses line up with the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party making him just another Democratic wind-bag socialist.

Face it, folks, R.F. Bozo is a Communist no matter how nice looking you think he is, he is dangerous. I don't think that any of the Democratic hopefuls are even electable and that they all pose a major threat to your freedoms and their intentions are diabolical in nature.  I am all for giving Trump another four years to complete his mission. 

I will admit it has been fun watching the lefties become incessantly unhinged over his Presidency.  What we need is for the voters to vote Republican and elect Conservatives into Congress and the White House so we can finish the wall and enjoy another four years of watching the show of the far left throwing an absolute fit what they lose again.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jusie Smollett - The Gay Guy Who Cried Wolf

By now most have you have heard about this actor from the TV series Empire who reported that he was attacked by who men and beat up and that hurled anti-gay slurs at him. Now Chicago Police have listed Actor Jussie Smollett as a suspect claiming that he filed a false police report on the supposed attack.

Two brothers came forward and admitted that they were paid to attack Smollet and that the whole thing was rehearsed and orchestrated. The two brothers were arrested and charges are pending against them and Smollett also.  Smollett if found to be guilty may face some time in prison and his cohorts also. Smollett's character is being written off the TV show which may indicate that he is being fired from the show.

Keep a close eye on this case to see what happens next this will be interesting to watch.  Liberals must be awful embarrassed all of a sudden by the news that Smollett may have orchestrated the attack on himself and paid the two brothers 4k to attack him.  Now they won't be able to blame President Trump for the attack since Smollett may be in a lot of trouble.

I love it when liberals lose....... 


Friday, February 15, 2019

NYC Socialism Just Backfired on Them

Amazon is the largest online retailer of just about everything you could ever think of, offering competitive pricing on thousands upon thousands of items.  Amazon was planning on building a super-size distribution center in New York City but some of the locals decided to protest and Amazon has now canceled its plans and will build it's a warehouse somewhere else.

The Amazon warehouse would have added some much needed 25K jobs that would have paid good wages but NO, the leftist mob would not have it.  This is the epitome of selfishness and arrogance this protesting and shutting down plans for his warehouse that would have brought good jobs to NYC.

Congress-woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is applauding Amazons decision stating "Anything is possible: today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world."

Ocasio-Cortez sees this as a win against corporate greed and against the wealthy. She could care less about the people she is supposed to be representing.  People are losing money that they invested in building condos and apartments to house Amazon workers and their families. Ocasio-Cortez could care less about that. I'm thinking the greed is on the Ocasio's foot, not Amazons.

the Governor of New York Andrew (Frodo) Cuomo and the Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio has ripped into her "“As a progressive my entire life — and I ain’t changing — I’ll take on any progressive anywhere that thinks it’s a good idea to lose jobs and revenue because I think that’s out of touch with what working people want,”

Even the Socialist Mayor of New York City does not agree with Ocasio-Cortez's radicalism and the damage she just did to the working people of NYC.  I expect even more backlash against her over the next few days but I don't think this stone cold bitch even cares one iota about those she has hurt by sending her band of radicals to destroy Amazon's plans. Keep in mind they are all anti-capitalists down deep inside, but some are more radical than others, but they are all socialists to some degree.

In my honest opinion, I think that Ocasio-Cortez is in for a rude awakening and I think her radical socialist views will end up costing her in the long run.  I don't think that the old guard Democrats really go for her radical views but there is always a chance that she will convert them all to her viewpoint which of course is her goal.

By the way, Amazon is building one of these distribution centers not far from me and we welcome them here because they will create many good paying jobs for many people in the area.  Companies like Amazon are in business to make a profit and the people at the head of these companies make a lot of money, but they are the ones creating jobs that allow other people to make a living.

We need to squash this anti-capitalist radical leftism before it gets any larger, our future depends on it.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Democrats Have Gone Full Marx, Beware!

 We've all heard the slogans of the hard left "Stick it to the Rich"  - "The Rich should pay their fair share" -  "Raise taxes on the Wealthy" etc.  The only thing is that the wealthy are the ones who own the companies that hire the rest of us so we can put food on our tables and so forth. 

Why do the Marxocrats want to tax the rich into oblivion?  To create an atmosphere of class warfare to make the masses turn against the wealthy?  Or to tax most of the wealth away from the wealthy and redistribute it into the coffers of other Socialists/Communists?  Or all of the above?

Raising taxes to ridiculous levels will only stifle our nation's economy and cause business owners to hire less new employees and downsize their companies to compensate for the extra cost associated with paying outrageous tax rates.  What the fake news media and the Marxocrats are not telling you is that such a radical move affects all of us in a negative way and causes mass misery to sweep across the nation.

What Ocasio-Cortez is calling for is a 70% tax rate of the wealthy who make over 10 Million a year is outrageous and shows how little she really knows about economics and how the job market works.  All this girl wants is to forcibly trust it upon American people against their will just as the Democrats thrust Obamacare upon us against our will.

Socialism never makes anything better.  Socialism always makes things way worse for most everyone except for people like Nancy Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, the Hollywood left and other far-far left individuals. 

They will create for themselves a special protected class where they are exempt from all the laws they pass on the rest of us formerly known as the ruling class.  Everyone else gets the crappy end of the stick as they will control our food supply and our healthcare, not to mention everything else.  You can expect to see the grocery store shelves grow empty of much-needed supplies and you won't be able to see a doctor or get the fuel in your car to get to work with.

Older people will get sick and die along with the very young who can't get adequate care.  Your choices will dimmish along with the freedoms you have long enjoyed.  You will become a prisoner in your own land despite the fact that the wall was never completed thanks to the Marxocrats.  Everything you have known is gone and you don't even recognize America anymore.

Welcome to the world of Socialism / Communism!

This is how things were in the old U.S.S.R.  and how things are in China and other Communist countries. The people are starving to death while the protected class of special people live rich off of everyone else's hard work. You won't like the outcome trust me!

This is what Democrats like Ocasio-Cortex and Bernie Sanders and many others on the left, people at the top of major companies like Progressive Insurance, Starbucks, and major financial institutions.  These people want total control over this nation and all of us so they can run things their way and they fully intend of replacing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with a new Socialist document of some type. 

They are turning up the heat slowly as to not alarm too many people. They are incrementally instituting Socialism into the country while most Americans are oblivious to it.  If we are smart we will rise up and shut the hard left down now!  Otherwise we are in big trouble!       

Friday, January 04, 2019

Beware of the Massive Power Grab of the Green New Deal

When you take a real look at what is being proposed by the Democratic Socialists you better get ready for one Hell of a Fight to save your liberty and your pocketbooks as the Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for a "Green New Deal" to be passed in Congress A.S.A.P!

It's a plan that is modeled after the "New Deal" with a whole lot of Green Energy initiatives built into it to address the issue of Climate Change.  This plan would not only change America's power structure forever it would cost the American taxpayer lots of money.  This is a very bad plan and ought never to be passed into law and if it makes it through our economy will be destroyed as well.

Ocasio-Cortez is a full-blown Socialist who is trying to advance a very dangerous set of ideas that go against the very grain of what we know to be American values.  She is proposing a 70% tax of the wealthy which is extreme and which would stifle economic growth and just might put us into a new depression also.

Tell your Congress Person NO on the Green New Deal and NO to advancing the Socialist Agenda of the hard left!

Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse for Socialism

Trust me you won't like what this plan does to your income and this nation this plan must fail to be passed.  Of course, Ocasio-Cortez and her wealthy Socialist friends will be living fat of the hog while the rest of us are having trouble feeding our families and paying our bills.  We don't want to stand in a soup line or live in poverty as this plan also addresses economic equality which will mean massive wealth redistribution like we have never seen before.

Call it the "Green Raw Deal" because that's what it is for the people of this country, a huge raw deal!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Make Big-Mouth Far-Left Hollywood Pay For The Wall

We've heard enough from the out of touch, filthy-rich, super-spoiled Socialists in Hollywood California who hate President Donald Trump and want him impeached, killed, or somehow removed from office.  These haters will say anything no matter how horrible it makes them look in the public eye.  Hollywoods bully pulpit has been widely overused and it's time to give it a rest.

Since the Democrats and Republicans won't fund the wall I think that it would be just fine if the President found a way to make the Hollywood Elite shell out the $5.7 Billion so we can get our wall built, the people's wall to protect us from criminals and not have to pay for all their free stuff.

Hollywood could foot the bill no problem with just one movie as they make enough per film to pay the bill.  I know that they will fight against this but isn't high time we stick it to the left for a change and redistribute their wealth?  I think this is only fair and great pay-back for all the BS we have had to listen to.

President Trump, look hard to find a way to make them pay their fair share and build this wall for the people of this nation.