Saturday, November 10, 2018

Really? You Have To Cheat to Win Elections?

Here we go again, another issue with Democrats manipulating the outcome of an election in order to win, I mean really is this necessary?   Broward County Florida has a huge problem on their hands pertaining to the counting of ballots because of some type of problem with the election outcome, they were losing!

So when you can't win an election based upon what you stand for which in their case is nothing worthwhile anyway, just cheat your way to victory.  This is the way Democrats handle losing elections, they cheat, they steal, they break the laws, etc.  Really!  Seems they would eventually figure out that people see through the lies and deceit, but NO!

Why do they continue cheating to win? 

Because no one has the balls to stand up to them and put a stop to their shenanigans!

You've got to realize that these socialist Democrats believe that they are above the law and so the ends will justify the means.  This is nothing new for members of the Dem Party who have been cheating for years in almost every election.  I believe that in Michigan as well as other states they may have programmed the voting machines to change things into their favor, just saying?

What's different about this election?  They are especially desperate to win because of President Trump's agenda to wipe out all of Obama's legacy and Make America Great Again.   Democrats are on a full-scale hate campaign to get rid of Trump and stop his conservative agenda dead in its tracks.  They will stop at nothing to win the war and impeach Trump and the next two years will be Hell as the Dem's overtook the House of Rep. and intend to cause all kinds of trouble.

They thought they would see a blue wave of Democrats taking over power from conservatives and what they saw was more of a blue fart.  A gaseous blue cloud that stinks to high heaven was emitted and they dissipated as Republicans gained seats in the Senate and are winning some key states. What they will do is make it much easier for Trump to get re-elected in 2020, and won't that be fun watching them cry and become unhinged all over again.

Look at what their platform is. Impeach Trump, Investigate Kavanaugh, Expand Medicaid to pay for all abortions, and Medicaid for all.  Open borders, let in all the undocumented Democrats in these so-called caravans heading towards our southern border.

What the results will be as they roll out their agenda:  More wasted time and money, more poverty, more dependence on Government, more dead babies, more dead grandmas. Higher taxes, more taxes, less money in our pockets, more income redistribution schemes to bilk the tax-payers, etc. More trouble, more misery for everyone except for them.

Nothing positive will come from having Socialist Democrats in charge (of anything).

The Court of the President ought to order the feds into the Broward County election HQ to take charge and investigate them for cheating, then arrest those who are doing the cheating and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe next time they will think before they cheat?

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