Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Democrats Will Be Democrats

Just when you thought you had seen it all they come up with another way to obstruct the President's appointee for the Supreme Court by producing false accusations of sexual misconduct and hold up the confirmation hearing.  Here comes Dr. Ford claiming that Kavanaugh had assaulted her years ago but it turns out that she really has no idea when, where, or who assaulted her.

The Socialist baby-killers already have Kavy tried, convicted, tarred and feathered without a shred of real evidence yet they continue on in their willful ignorance advancing a total sham claiming that Ford is telling the truth and Kavy must be lying.  

How diluted can one group of people be? 

"I believe Dr. Ford is telling the truth."   Really where is the solid evidence besides her word to prove her story is true?  What?  You don't have any evidence?  The Mr. and Mrs. Democrats shut up and step out of the way so we can get this confirmation over with!

I hope the people in this country see clearly what is taking place here and that it backfires in the face of the Dem's when the mid-terms come around, very soon in fact.  All this Democratic BS should result in a red wave sweeping the nation, and I for one will be sitting back and ROFLMAO when the Dems get their donkey's handed to them, again.

The Dems have done lots of dirty and underhanded things over the years so this is really just status quo for them, or (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure for the nasty left.  The Clintons are the masters of cover-up and getting rid of the evidence.  Hillary is the most corrupt and most unfit candidate we have seen in years and it's a good thing she lost the election.

I expect Kavanaugh to be confirmed before the mid-terms, if not then we may not get another change till Trump wins re-election in 2020.  Let's hope for the best and vote the Dems out of office that would really drain the swamp. 

Trump needs to systematically begin to terminate any Government employee caught colluding with the Clintons, Obama, or the DNC to throw him out of office.  The Deep State needs to be rooted out of power along with the Dem's and then the swamp will be drained and we the people can get back to having Constitutional Government that is for and by the people, not the trial lawyers and career politicians.

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