Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hate is a Left-Wing Value

God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Cross, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Capitalism, Individual Liberty, American History, and Conservatism!  These are the things the Left hate with a passion and will do anything to destroy. 

They still can't buy the fact that they lost the last election and won't shut up about it.  The vile hatred of Liberal Democrats and other assorted leftists is astounding and unreal.  I have never seen such a show of wickedness and hatred in this nation than we are seeing now. They just can't get over themselves and chill out, why not?

What we have here is a war of worldviews.  A clash of core values and a group of people who hate everything America was founded upon, and everything that makes us a great nation.  These left-wing haters of everything that is right and decent have done everything in their power to tear down this nation and the sad thing is they have succeeded in many ways.

They may talk like they believe in freedom but it is, freedom for them and their cronies and mass misery for the rest of us.  Do not believe one word that comes out of the mouth of any liberal politician or celebrity, they are probably lying through their teeth. They tend to say one thing and do another.

Once and awhile they left down their guard and show who and what they really are.  A bunch of communists that want total control over this nation so they can recreate it into something unrecognizable and terrible.  They almost succeeded in getting the Hillary Crime Cartel into office but the people managed to put a stop to that for now at least.

The Democratic Party and its allies are the biggest sponsors of hate groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the KKK, the Black Panthers, and other groups.  Democratic Allies like George Soros and others bankroll these groups in order to create social upheaval and create fear in the minds of Americans like you and me. 

They have created a double standard in society that allows their people to be above the law and get away with murder while everyone else is down a couple levels held to the law of the land. Take Crooked and Corrupt Hillary who has had her filthy fingers in many scams and schemes not to mention the mysterious trail of dead bodies left in her wake that no one wants to talk about, and she almost who the last election?  She never should have been allowed to run or hold any high office, to begin with.

If we are smart enough we ought to be able to have her arrested and convicted of her crimes but the people are so lazy and apathetic the left knows we will not follow through on it and they are laughing at us because of this.  People are so pissed off that Comey failed to follow through and actually exonerated Hillary but you realize that Trump promised to have her investigated and locked up and he failed to follow through as well.

The left is a huge hate group and the party of anarchy and mayhem.  The party of creating mass poverty while pretending to care about blacks and other low-income folks.  The Party of Government run health care, and death panels.  The Party that takes away liberties and want to confiscate all of our guns and ammo.  The party that should be dismantled and certain members prosectued and locked up forever. 

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