Sunday, February 04, 2018

NOPrah to Oprah - The Left is Certifiably Insane

When Donald Trump was elected and started on day one disassembling the socialist utopia that Barack Obama was trying to institute the left when berserk with all sorts of crazy accusations against him immediately calling for his impeachment.

Not even one of their dirty schemes has worked Trump is fighting them or just ignoring them altogether.  The fake secular news people can't shut up and are beside themselves to this day. Recently the President had his annual physical that included a psychological assessment. The doctor conducted an interview where he stated that the President was in great health and passed the assessments and is in perfect condition psychologically with no mental problems whatsoever.

I guess the left is just jealous as a lot of their reporters are actually gay and as the President said during the debates "Some things are bigger than others!"  Looks like the undersexed fake news media can't handle the fact that the demon goddess of corruption lost the election to someone like Donald Trump.  Well, Trump won fair and square and we thank God that Obama is gone and Hillary in on her way to prison!

When will the insanity of the left end and when will they just learn to accept that fact that they lost and it's over for them.  I mean one year has already gone by and they haven't shut up yet and I'm guessing that they never will until the 2020 election and hopefully they will lose again. Every election here on out will be a knockout drag out dirty fight to the death as leftists will be clawing as hard as they can to get their leftist demagog into office and beat the conservative candidates.

Thier latest strategy is to draft TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey to run on the Democratic ticket in 2020.  This is the lefts revenge on conservatives for electing Donald Trump LOL!   President Oprah would be a 'total disaster' as Trump would say. She is a crazy liberal ideology just like Hillary with an agenda that would be a lot like Obama's socialist agenda.  A Pro-black anti-white, baby killing socialist just like the rest of them.

More failed socialist policies that discriminate and redistribute the wealth of those who earn to those who won't is NOT what we need.  Oprah is a religious pluralist meaning that her beliefs are all over the board and she believes that there are many routes to God when the Scripture is very clear that Jesus Christ is the only route by which a person can obtain Salvation.

Oprah has been spent time with heretic preacher Rob Bell whose spiritual beliefs have swung from Bible Truth to outer space over the past number of years as his own intelligence perverted the truth that he once knew to be true.  Rob Bell was on the staff of Calvary Church which is a non-denominational mega-church located in Grand Rapids Michigan. Rob left that Church as started Mars Hill Bible Church which took off like a skyrocket and grew into another mega-church and is now not near as large as it was before.

Oprah also was a member of Jerimiah Wrights Church in Chicago where Obama attended for many years.  This should send up a red flag to every God-fearing American that we cannot be silent we must begin now to fight like mad to stop the left from putting into office another crappy Democrat.

So it's NOprah to Oprah and every socialist would be candidate out there who can't wait to be the one to topple Trump in 2020.

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