Saturday, April 01, 2017

Is Trump Pulling a Jekyl and Hyde on us?

Liberals crossed the line to get him the Republican nomination. Many conservatives bought into his rhetoric and tough speech, while some of us saw through his smoke screen and voted third party, he won the White House and now we have to deal with the Donald and whichever way he chooses to go.

Recently He and the Republicans in Congress attempted to pass a bill that was more of a watered down version of Obama-care the National Health Care Control Bill and Redistribution Scam the Democrats forced on all of us against our will.  To the best of my knowledge, it contained the individual mandate, however, President Trump had previously signed an executive order that removed any penalty that the Government might inflict upon us for not having health insurance.

This bill may have been a step in the right direction but it was not what the President and those elected to Congress promised us, a Full-Repeal of Obamacare.  So in essence, they lied to us and tried to pull a fast one on us, yet those in Congress who refused to go along with this plan and voted against it are now being called out by the President for refusing to go along with his plan.

Excuse me Mr. President, but Full-Repeal means Full-Repeal. It does not mean partial repeal or keeping the parts of you happen to like. What you promised the people you ought to do exactly what you promised to do not throw a hissy fit and say "next time I'll work with the Democrats" because that won't help anything get better but will make things worse.

After all, it was the Democrats that forced this bill through Congress bypassing normal protocols in order to get it to Obama's desk to be signed into law. This despite the fact that 83% of the American people were opposed to this bill and did not want it passed into law.

"It is not a conservative thing to work with Democrats" stated the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and he is exactly right about that. You billed yourself as being conservative now you have to do the conservative thing and give the people what you promised to give them -  A Full-Repeal!

So which Trump is going to pop up next?  The Conservative One, or the Socialist (Democrat) One?  Dr. Hyde or Mr. Jekyl?

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