Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Arrogant Sen. Gilligbrand Should Resign Immediately!

Sounding like a broken record arrogant Democrat Senator from the State of NewYork demands that Donald Trump resign as President of the United States.  What is her problem?  Is she just not able to accept the fact that Hillary lost or does she just hate Donald Trump personally?  There are many others just like her jockeying to impeach Trump from his position as President and they are dead serious about it. 

Why can't they just accept the fact that they are going to have to ride out the next four years and maybe the four after that also until they can have a shot at regaining the White House?  If it were up to me no Democrat would ever win again and all of the socialists in Congress would be replaced with Constitutional Conservatives who will do exactly what they promised to do.

The Democratic Party for all pretenses are a pack of Communists that want to remake this nation by spreading mass misery from one end of the country to another why they and their left-wing pals fatten their wallets with our hard earned money.  Democrats say one thing and do another as they pretend to be for the little guy when in fact they are for the rich white liberals.

It is fun watching them watch their vision of a socialist utopia fade away in front of their faces as President Trump undoes much of the damage Obama did over his eight years in office.  I often referred to Obama as the Poster Boy of Democratic Socialism and that he was indeed and he earned the title.

Gillibrand ought to just shut up and resign herself we are sick of tired of her ignorant rants calling for Trump's resignation which is NOT going to happen so she better just get used to it!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Give Judge Roy Moore the Benefit of the Doubt

Judge Roy Moore has been a champion of conservative and Christian principles for as long as I can remember, however, according to Rush Limbaugh Judge Roy was, in fact, a Democrat up until 1992 or thereabouts.  Judge Roy is best known for standing up for the public display of the Ten Commandments in his courthouse in Alabama.

Recently a story leaked out about the judge having has an alleged sexual encounter many years ago.  Liberals and some conservatives are calling for him to step down yet he refuses to do so and claims to be innocent of any sexual encounter.  The Republicans Congressional Committee has turned against him calling for him to step down from his congressional run, along with the White House.

Excuse me people but the Judge is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in case you all forgot about that.  Judge Roy denies that this ever happened and has stated that he does not know the woman who made these allegations against him.  The evidence against him at this time is slim to nothing and I highly doubt that the judge did the things he is accused of. The woman who accused the judge worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign, need I say anything else?

Here is the real issue:  Judge Roy Moore is a man of strong Christian principles and has taken public stands that most of the so-called Christians and Conservatives who are not pointing the bony finger of condemnation at the judge for doing something he more than likely did not do but many his accusers are guilty of this very thing and worse.  Judge Roy is everything the left cannot stand and they will do anything to knock someone like the judge out of the race.

Democrats especially ought to be silent seeing that their leadership are the biggest bunch of immoral and amoral hypocrites and phonies on the planet.  Liberals will do anything, say anything, and break any law in order to win and they do these things all the time.

All of these people equal a bunch of Pharisees like the ones that often accused Jesus of doing something wrong in hopes of trapping him so they could kill him, and every time they did they went away with their tail between their legs. 

Roy Moores accusers are people who pretend to be morally perfect on the surface but underneath their disguise, they are filthy rotten scoundrels. White Washed Tombs full of dead man's bones. People who appear to be followers of Jesus but in fact are not.  People who are greedy and lying their way through life, they are called Democrats and the Media.

Who are any of you to point a finger at Roy Moore when you yourself are not living rightly.  Look in the mirror and you will see the biggest sinner in the world, you!  Deal with your own sin and then you can deal with someone else's.

Christians and Conservatives ought to rally around Judge Roy Moore and tell the fake newsmakers and the jerks in Washington D.C. that the Judge is innocent until proven guilty and he is NOT going to step down and we will all support him and win him the election.

Tell the fake news to shut up!  Tell Trump to get on the Moore Train and tell the Republicans that if they abandon the judge they will not be getting your vote in the next elections.

Give Judge Roy Moore the Benefit of the Doubt!     

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Left Must NEVER Assume Power Again

Liberalism is the poison, cancer, a mental disorder that can only be corrected with by awakening the soul of the individual by introducing them to the benefits of conservatism.  How individual liberty trumps that of mass misery, and how conservatism leads individuals to be productive members of society not standing around on street corners selling food stamps for drugs and booze.

Liberalism is just another word for Socialism, and Liberal is a modern term for Socialist!

 People must be shown that electing socialists in self-defeating to the cause of liberty and only causes the Government to amass more and more power for itself instead of turning over the power back to the people.  Big Government and high-taxes make for a worse economy, not a better one!

Most top-level Democrats are indeed hard-core socialists.  We just had eight long years of one and don't ever need to elect anyone like that again. Hillary is just another Obama and would have continued his dastardly agenda to collapse the nation so that her left wing elitist pals can seize control of the country, and all Hell would have broken loose.

We can never allow any Socialist Democrat into our White House, and we ought to do everything within our power to remove each of them from Congress as well. The next generation, however, is very much for Socialism. They think that having Medicaid for everyone is a great idea not to mention that they also think that the Big Government is the answer to everything.

Quite frankly these millennials scare the Hell out of me because the things that they value are not the same as the things we older Americans value, in fact when they take over this country in the near future we will be in big, big trouble because they lean toward wacko's like Hillary and Bernie Sanders, both of which are Socialist's.

We may have only the next election too seriously damage the Democratic Socialist Party by again electing conservatives to positions of leadership. The problem with the Republican Party is that it is full of self-serving elites that will not do what they were elected to do, for instance, fully repealing Obamacare. Instead, these morons tried to give us a light version of Government run healthcare which is NOT what they promised to do if we voted them into power again.

Everything the Democrats represent is unAmerican and damaging to society.  Electing a Democrats is
giving our nation a death sentence. Look how liberal policies have all but destroyed our inner cities and kept many locked in a system of poverty where they must rely on government handouts instead of being able to make themselves a better life.

Detriot, Chicago, and NYC are all nasty dirty towns full of people struggling to live day to day.  The cities are full of political corruption, illegal drugs, drunks, single family homes run by single mothers, drive-by shootings, etc.  The neighborhoods and business districts look like a nuclear bomb hit them. They are full of buildings that are boarded up and crumbling, and people wandering the streets many of which are homeless.

If we want to have a chance to rebuild these inner cities and get people of the public dole and into jobs that allow them to become self-sufficient we need Conservatives at the helm in every major city in this country.  We need to throw all the progressive bums out of office and replace them with common sense conservatives that will clean things up on the local level.

Commie blowhards like Deblassio, Cuomo, and Rahm Immanuel are only representing those who help put them into high office. Big Labor is a major source of corruption and also connected to organized crime.  Don't forget about the teacher's unions and how they have a chokehold on our public schools forcing their Socialist agenda down the throats of millions of students and parents.

The Socialists have removed God from our schools and courthouses and now we have an up and coming generation that is 100% Godless and will vote in Socialists/Communists into positions of leadership and authority unless we can do something now to change their hearts and minds.  These people think that Socialism in fashionable and they want what they believe is equality except for Conservatives and Christians, you can expect to be cut off and persecuted when they take over.

We need to take this extremely serious and start taking action or we are in big, big trouble!

We must NEVER allow the Democrats to ever assume power again!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The NFL is NO Place To Push Your Leftist Agenda

Recently more and more Professional football players in the NFL have been taking a knee when the national anthem is played instead of standing at attention and showing respect like they ought to.  This has garnered national attention in the media with most of the lame-stream media taking the side of the players claiming that this is a freedom of speech issue.

However, I don't know that this is about freedom of speech?  It is more like an issue of the NFL and the Teams as employers, and the players as the employees.  The NFL seems to have taken a politically correct approach to the issue by not making these ungrateful idiots stand up and show respect. A football game is NO place to make a left-wing political statement, and there reasoning for doing so does not hold the water.

There are plenty of other issues that they could have addressed other than racial equality, like the lack of fathers and single-parent homes in the black community. The high school dropout rate, the teen pregnancy rate and the forty-two percent of the black community that has been wiped out by abortion on demand. How about black on black violent crime?  That one is huge!

Instead, these oversized bumble heads choose to cry about racial inequality like this is greater than all the black kids that have crossed the undertaker's table over the past number of years because of drive-by shootings, and gang-related violence.  This is a real issue, not racial inequality!

Rush Limbaugh stated on his radio program recently that if every player that 'took a knee' would be suspended from playing one game. A second offense 2 games, and a third offense the rest of the season"

This sounds like a great idea to me, there should be a price paid for not showing respect for the flag and what it stands for. Red for the blood of those who gave their lives to secure and preserve liberty. White for purity and blue for loyalty. 

The flag and the Anthem have nothing to do with racial issues or slavery, only an uneducated baboon would come up with an excuse like that. If they don't love this country then they should not be allowed to play professional sports and make millions of dollars, let them go play soccer in Europe or something.

Stand your asses up and show respect for those who gave their lives so you could be free to run around on a field with a pig-skin in your hands for millions of dollars a year.  No one else makes that kind of money and we work our asses off just to put food on the table, gas in our tanks, and clothes on our backs. Maybe you overpaid ungrateful ingrates should redistribute all that money to the rest of us?

I can promise you this!  I don't like football nor do I watch it, however, Where NASCAR is concerned they still pray and show respect for the flag before every race because it is more family orientated than football is. Maybe this is because the majority of the drivers and teams are white but at least they are grateful to God and to those who served in the military instead of taking a knee.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Difference Between Liberalism (Socialism) and Conservatism

Since Donald Trump took office the Lib's have proved themselves to be the unhinged psycho's that we always knew they were.  Billionaire financier George Soro's  along with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a host of others are encouraging the violence and mayhem to rage in our streets.

Groups like Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA, the Alt Left, and the Alt Right both of which are dangerous and extreme, and both are full of anarchists looking for trouble wherever they can find it. The Alt-Right, by the way, has nothing to do with Conservatism, or Capitalism, rather they tend to be against such things.  Both groups disrespect authority and will leave a path of destruction in their paths if they are not dealt with very soon.

The Alt-left, however, represents everything the Democratic Party believes in and encourages this is why nobody with any common sense at all should be voting for Democrats ever again.  The Democratic Party has been on the wrong side of every major issue since its inception in 1848. The Dem's were behind the formation of the KKK and the Black Panthers not to mention it was Democrats that voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but pretend that they voted for it.

These domestic terrorist groups funded by the far left speak out against slavery yet it was their party that was all about slavery, and many Dem plantation owners in the south held black slaves and did terrible things to them.

BLM pretends to be all about saving black lives but ignores the 1800 or so black lives that are murdered in abortion clinics every day in this country.  Why?  because they believe in a woman's right to choose rather than in the right of the preborn to live.  Never mind Planned Parenthood is the most racist organization in this nation yet they ignore that fact and keep on harassing innocent citizens.

Enough about them, let learn about conservatism.

Conservatives tend to believe in traditional moral values because many of them are religious and follow the teachings of the Bible.  Conservatives ascribe to something much higher than liberals do, and conservatives do not riot, burn things, assault the police, beat up innocent people, etc. In order to get their point across.  When conservatives protest they tend to do so peacefully with no violence whatsoever.

Conservatives want to help people out of poverty by lowering taxes and giving people the tools so they can work their way to success, unlike the Socialist Democrats which hand people free stuff and keep them in poverty for political reasons.  Socialism brings slavery and death to any nation that allows it access to its Government, its schools, and other institutions.

Conservatives respect authority and those who serve or have served in the armed forces unlike those on the left whom despise those in law enforcement and the military.  Obama and Hillary started this mess when they encouraged these people to riot and encouraged violence against our police and military personnel.  Those two Commies have more blood on their hands and are responsible for what is happening in this nation right now.

Conservatism will keep this nation afloat Liberalism (Socialism) will sink the ship!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Democrats New Slogan Same BS as Always

“A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.”

Tell me how socialism has ever brought the people of any nation a better future?

Are food lines, lack of medicine, starving people, and more dead babies, a ruling class of elites gorging themselves the wealth of the nation while the under classes die by the thousands a better life?  

The Democrats think so!

Over the last eight years who really benefitted from Obama's plan to radically transform America?  Let me ask you how your health care is doing?  I still can't afford health insurance and many others have lost their doctors and their insurance right after Obama, Pelosi, and Ried told us we could keep our doctors and plan if we liked them, a big fat lie indeed!

The better deal will not be for most of us it will be for the liberal elites who will get their social agenda forced upon the rest of us, and the heart and soul of this nation will be further destroyed by those who want to radically transform this nation into a socialist utopia.

Special rights for gays, enviro-nazism, more dead babies because of expanded abortions, and socialized Government health care.  We cannot and do not want what the Democrats are trying to sell us, cultural poison to ensure our demise as a nation.  The Dems may bring a degree of prosperity to some of the people but at the cost far greater than we are willing to pay.

Socialism is NOT the answer to the problems of this nation. We need leaders who will address the spiritual and moral decline of the nation and not just talk about jobs and the economy. America cannot survive much more moral decline. Every nation or society who has fallen has done so because they have embraced perversion instead of embracing their creator God.

As the Republicans are not giving the people what they promised them, a full repeal of Obamacare, they are sure to lose the midterm as well as the next election if they do not get their act together quickly.  People are very irritated and irate with Washingon D.C. and our elected officials and they won't be so forgiving if they don't get what was promised them.

This is why Donald Trump was elected President because he spoke straight to the heart of the matter and was not a politician in the true sense of the word.  Trump related to the people at a level they could understand and promised them he would get things done and Congress would do what he said to or else, people connected with that.  

We are sick of the two big political parties, however. They promise the same lines of BS every election cycle and deliver not much if anything that they promised. Time and time again Washington has failed the citizens of this nation and they have had enough of the lies and BS and want change but not the kind the radical left wants to give us.

What we need are strong conservative leaders who keep their promises to the people and don't give in or back down because of the intense pressure coming from those on both sides who want them to fail.  I encourage our current President to stay the course and ignore the idiots that want you to fail.  Don't be afraid to use force to shut down dangerous groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter who are using violence and intimidation to try and force their socialist agenda.

Don't sit by and allow Hillary and Obama to get away with murder, have both of them investigated, arrested, and convicted of the crimes they have and are committing even today. The people want something done about both of these unsavory individuals we are sick and tired of hearing their names and seeing their nasty faces.

The Dems may be sporting a new slogan but thier lies remain the same. Socialism is NOT the answer this nation needs, we need the Lord!

Saturday, July 15, 2017


We have these types before.  The anti-America, God hating, anti-capitalist, out of control leftist/ fascists anarchist punks who have nothing better to do than destroying other peoples property and disrespecting authority as they march down our streets holding entire neighborhoods hostage to their violent behavior.

There is a movement happening now to ask the President to make ANTIFA a domestic terror group, but petitions alone will not stop these crazy fools from destroying everything in their path. We must ask President Trump to send in the military and the Governors to send the various national guard to crush this group and its vile agenda before it grows any larger.

These people don't live or play by the same rules that most God fearing law abiding citizens do. These people have NO rules, NO morals, No Scruples, No respect for authority, and fully intend to overturn this nation and kill anyone that gets in thier way.  They must be stopped!

I am afraid that the only way to stop ANTIFA is to use a stronger force than they are to overtake them and end their reign of terror.  Our military has weapons that are non-violent and will render them helpless quickly using a wave of sound that can literally cause all of them to crap their pants. We can use water cannons, or whatever means necessary to squash these little communists punks before they can destroy anything else.

Hard core anarchists usually do not vote in elections but many of these chumps did vote for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.  If George Soros is funding this he ought to be arrested and charged with being an accessory to every crime these chumps commit.

We can arrest and charge many of them with acts of domestic terrorism but when things turn violent it may be necessary to use deadly force to curtail them.  If the President is smart he will give our military permission to shoot to kill any of them that present a real threat of causing injury or trying to kill law enforcement or military personnel.

If by chance our police and the President fail to deal with this active threat it will up to the American people to protect their own cities, towns, and families from these Communist punks.  We may have to use our own guns and ammo to reestablish the peace and end the lawlessness of ANTIFA NOW!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ideology of the Left Responsible for Shooting of Republican Senator

Are we really surprised by this?  Seeing the behavior of the left ever since Conservatives won the election and began to reverse their plans for a socialist utopia in America, the left has been beside themselves and acting exactly as we would expect them too, like the heathens they are.

Have we forgotten that the end result of Socialism has always been and will always be mass murder? What happened to liberal gun control and gun confiscation?  Proves again that their best-laid plans don't work at all as criminals will always have guns to do their dirty work with no matter what.

Whose to blame for this tragic mass shooting of Republicans on a ball field?  Why the shooter of course but he is dead now so we cannot ask him why he did this.  How about those who taught him how to hate?   Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Ried, and the whole Democratic Socialist Party whose ideology is say anything including breaking any law and doing whatever they have to in order to advance the socialist agenda.

This is their fault including the drive-by socialist 'fake news' media that cannot under any circumstance report the real truth, they always give it a spin to the far left and I hope it backfires in their faces this time.

Bernie Sanders can stand and condemn this all he wants but his ideology caused this to happen. The complete lack of respect for human life especially life inside the womb, and the absolute agenda of abortion on demand pushed by the Socialist Democrats proves my point, they have no morals and no respect for human life, they are degenerates through and through.  Cold-blooded murder disguised as women's health care and a choice between a woman and her doctor also proves how cold hearted and evil those on the left really are.

We can thank the public colleges and universities for programming the minds of millions and making little socialist robots out of them. Now we have a whole generation to two of backward thinking liberal young people who also disrespect life, hate America, and hate Christianity our nation's founding faith.  I don't have an answer for how to deal with this except pray really hard and maybe God will do something to swing the pendulum and spare us the destruction of our nation?

The left created this monster and how it has to deal with the aftermath what they have created.  The one way to undermine the socialist left is to destroy the main plank that they stand upon by abolishing legalized abortion. This would require millions of people demanding that the Constitutional Right to Life be Restored thereby abolishing legalized abortion. It requires that Congress pass a bill and send it directly to the Supreme Court instructing them to protect the pre-born.

This would cause a total meltdown of the left not to mention save millions of precious lives in the process. Then we could take aim at other things and bring down the Democratic Party once and for all.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Left Can't Stand It

For eight long years, we watched as the poster boy of national socialism Barrack Obama worked to radically transform our nation into the socialist utopia he and his socialist cronies have been dreaming of for decades.  He backed our enemies and handed them our tax dollars by the billions, his many wealth redistribution schemes cost us more than we could ever account for.

From his green energy agenda where left wingers started various green energy projects and were paid millions and then shut their projects down and moved to some warm sunny spot in the Bahamas, to his health care agenda where the Democrats rammed their bill through Congress so that Obama could sign it into law against the will of 83% of the American people.

He gave more of our tax dollars away to the nation of Iran for nothing in return, soaking the American people out of billions of our tax dollars to help our this terror-sponsoring country what they needed to build nuclear weapons, something they should never have for obvious reasons.

The left thought they had it made when Queen Hillary ran for President to replace Obama and she would have continued the same agenda of blame America first instead of making America Great Again.  We would have had another socialist piece of dirt to contend with and America would have suffered the consequences.

As it turns out Hillary lost and we elected Donald Trump instead.  Trump is towing the line for conservatives and driving the already insane left right over the edge. It gives us a certain degree of satisfaction to watch them suffer for a change now that the tables are turned and Trump is undoing the damage Obama did.  The left just can't stand it that they are not in power but America is all the better because they are not in power.

The backward thinking, lack of moral values, God hating, Liberty hating left is out to destroy Trump's presidency and will do anything and say anything, as usual, to get what they want. They do not care what law they have to break or who they hurt in the process as long as they get their power back. Conservatives would do well to stand up to them and push back while we still can.

Recently a bunch of communists marched in our streets to praise science, and they are really pushing this green agenda with everything they can.  Trump just pulled us out of the Paris Accord that again would screwed the American people out of lots and lots of money, and of course, we would have got nothing in return except for more grief no thanks to Obama who signed the stupid thing in the first place.

I'm glad we have leadership that wants to put the American people first and our needs first and it's about time.  We need to support our President even if we did not vote for him in the election. If you basically like what he is doing then at least acknowledge so and you conservatives who continue to trash Trump ought to be ashamed of yourselves, just shut up!  I did not vote for him and yet I have the decency to give the man a chance to prove himself and you should too.

As for the socialist left?  If you don't like it hear move to Europe!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Why Pay More to Kill Your Pre-Born Child?

Abolitionist Society of the Lakeshore: Meijer Gardens to Host Event Celebrating 100 years...: "Why Pay More" for an abortion that is! The Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, as they host a 100-year celebration dinner and spec...

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Is Trump Pulling a Jekyl and Hyde on us?

Liberals crossed the line to get him the Republican nomination. Many conservatives bought into his rhetoric and tough speech, while some of us saw through his smoke screen and voted third party, he won the White House and now we have to deal with the Donald and whichever way he chooses to go.

Recently He and the Republicans in Congress attempted to pass a bill that was more of a watered down version of Obama-care the National Health Care Control Bill and Redistribution Scam the Democrats forced on all of us against our will.  To the best of my knowledge, it contained the individual mandate, however, President Trump had previously signed an executive order that removed any penalty that the Government might inflict upon us for not having health insurance.

This bill may have been a step in the right direction but it was not what the President and those elected to Congress promised us, a Full-Repeal of Obamacare.  So in essence, they lied to us and tried to pull a fast one on us, yet those in Congress who refused to go along with this plan and voted against it are now being called out by the President for refusing to go along with his plan.

Excuse me Mr. President, but Full-Repeal means Full-Repeal. It does not mean partial repeal or keeping the parts of you happen to like. What you promised the people you ought to do exactly what you promised to do not throw a hissy fit and say "next time I'll work with the Democrats" because that won't help anything get better but will make things worse.

After all, it was the Democrats that forced this bill through Congress bypassing normal protocols in order to get it to Obama's desk to be signed into law. This despite the fact that 83% of the American people were opposed to this bill and did not want it passed into law.

"It is not a conservative thing to work with Democrats" stated the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and he is exactly right about that. You billed yourself as being conservative now you have to do the conservative thing and give the people what you promised to give them -  A Full-Repeal!

So which Trump is going to pop up next?  The Conservative One, or the Socialist (Democrat) One?  Dr. Hyde or Mr. Jekyl?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Media Just Doesn't Understand Why We Call Them Fake News

Ever since Donald Trump came out with the term "fake media" there has been a firestorm of controversy surrounding his using of this term and his treatment of the socialist media.  It is apparent to me that the liberal talking heads and other journalists just don't understand why they are being treated like crap all of a sudden and why people hate them so much.

The answer is plain and simple we the people are sick of them bullying us with their liberal spin on just about every story they report on. What is the difference between us and them?  Our worldview v.s. their worldview and our core values v.s. their core values.  We are witnessing a civil war between the big media liberals and everyone else who is sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated by the left-wing slant.

This is our revenge on liberalism and we have only just begun to fight, and pay-back is Hell so liberals should be preparing to lose more ground as the 'rest of us' rally together to shut their big fat mouths. Sure they have the right to report what they want and we have the right not to have to be subjected to it.  If we all would just shut off those liberal TV and Radio Shows that would be a good first strike.

Why does Trump constantly refer to them as "Fake Media" because they have for many years engineered a war of social control via their reporting in hopes of bending society to the left and helping to create the socialist utopia that Obama almost gave them and Hillary would have.

Have you noticed that the socialists don't handle losing very well?  They are extremely pissed that they lost the election and are scheming to find a way to depose Trump and put in a POS socialist in his place, which will not happen but they love to talk about it anyway.  Sore losers on the left, Grow Up! Get Over Yourselves!  and Shut Up!

Why we are on the subject what exactly is a socialist anyway?  One person explained it this way. A Socialist is a Communist that has not amassed enough power and wealth for himself yet.  Socialism has no place in this nation, it is not compatible with our way of life nor our system of laws and Government.  So they want to get rid of our system of laws and Government and institute theirs which would be an ultimate disaster.  With Socialism, a small group of people horde all the wealth and power and the 'rest of us' end up poor, hungry, sick and/or dead.

To those that think that Socialism is a great system and that America ought to move to implement it in our society, to you all we say "HELL NO!"   We will die fighting for the freedom and liberty that cost so many good men and women everything to obtain and secure.  We are a Republic, not a Democracy! Get it Right!  America is not a grand experiment that has gone wrong it is a nation founded under Almighty God with liberty and justice for all.

So if you want to keep reporting your fake news then we will just have to turn you off and let your ratings sink into the dirt. If you Generation X'ers don't like what is happening fine, you don't have to like it, just like we did not like the last eight years but endured it hoping for a chance to elect someone who would undo all of the damage your false messiah did during his time in office.

Every America should be very concerned seeing that most of the younger people voted for Hillary and supported Bernie Sanders. They do not respect conservative American values and the cost of liberty. The next generation to take power in this nation will be the last because we will not be able to withstand the destructive policies they institute and the lack of moral and spiritual values they have.

We have four to eight years to get things done in this nation in order to ensure liberty is extended to future generations.  Taming the media is just the start of a long process of regaining some degree of decency and civility in our society.

Defunding Planned Parenthood won't save lives but abolishing legalized abortion by restoring the right to life to the pre-born will shut down every abortion clinic in this nation and save millions of precious human lives.

Defunding colleges and universities where students are brainwashed with all types of socialist anti-American trash would be another great step in the right direction. Tell them to clean up their classrooms and we should do something about the teacher's unions that have a choke hold on our local schools.  Bring back religious liberty to the schools so that students can express themselves freely without being punished for it.

We need to do something to stifle the ACLU by defunding all or part of their leftist agenda and clean off the benches across the entire country of leftist activists judges.  Restore the right of those in the workplace to freely express their Christian beliefs without repercussion.

You think the left is pissed now?  Just go after these things and watch them explode like dynamite!

Enough is enough of the fake media, fake education, fake family planning, and the all around fakeness of the hard left!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hey Liberals, Pay Back is Hell!

How quickly they forget and how convenient of them to look the other way and willfully ignore the corruption of Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  I mean come on' people!  Really?  You're going to riot and burn things down, make threats of violence, and act like the insane fools we already know you are, just because you lost the election? Really?

This is payback for the last eight long years of having to listen to the lying mouth of Barrack Obama as he promises one thing and turns and does another.  There is no way in Hell we were going to allow Hillary to win this election. Everything that woman stands for is pure evil so I guess those that support her are also pure evil.  The word corruption barely just her justice.

How so many people can be so ignorant is beyond me.  Did you really expect the rest of us to just sit back and take it without some type of retribution?  You evil is imploding and Trump is nailing it as he rolls back the damage Obama did to this nation.  We were serious when we said we hate Obamacare and want it repealed and replaced, and we won't stand for anything else!

It's time for all of you to shut up and get back to work. Try being productive members of society for a change instead of draining the rest of us dry with your laziness and stupidity!  Buckle up tight liberals it's going to be a very long and bumpy ride for you for the next four years, and I might add that the rest of us are going to enjoy watching you suffer through it.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Giving Trump the Benefit of the Doubt

I admit not being a supporter of Donald J. Trump for various reasons among them his liberal and immoral past, not to mention his liberal religious upbringing, I realize that it is possible for people to change, therefore, I am going to give DJT the benefit of the doubt and see what he does over the next six months.

I, of course, voted for Darrell Castle for President because the Constitution Party better represented what I believe but since Darrell did not pull it off and DJT won I will give his a chance to prove himself by his actions, not by his mere words.

So far DJT has signed several executive orders repealing much of the damage that Obama did over the last eight years, this I support and man it's great to have that arrogant POS out of office!  I am also pleased that Hillary lost this election by a yuge margin and I hope that she gets what she deserves which is a long vacation at the gray bar hotel.

Never have I seen a candidate more corrupt and evil as Hillary Clinton and furthermore I see that there are a few million people in the country just as morally corrupt as Hillary is, these being her die-hard supporters who are now marching in the streets protesting DJT win. What a bunch of cry babies and sore losers!

I think that it is only right for conservatives who did not support DJT to step back and give him a chance to prove himself and knock off the negative stuff until he does something that is out of character for a conservative, then you can call him out, OK?