Saturday, February 27, 2016

Donald Trump the Pro-Prosperity Progressive Candidate

Listen carefully to everything Donald Trump say's when he is debating the other candidates, or when he is on the campaign trail. He is all about the "Great Deal" and "Don't worry it'll be great".   Trump leaves us wondering what will be so great?  He is not really telling anybody anything substantial yet many people are voting for him, why?

Trump wants us to think that he has a solution for everything that is wrong with America, but he can't tell us how he plans to accomplish these things, and that should make a lot of nervous enough to take a step back and reaccess whether Trump is purposefully trying to keep us in the dark about his plans, or just doesn't have a plan at all?

The other night during the debate the subject of Israel and Palestine came up, and Trump claims that he believes he can solve the issue, but again he can't tell us how he would do that, why not?  Sen. Marco Rubio continued to push Trump to reveal his actual plan of how he would deal with this issue, the only thing Trump can say is "I have a plan".

Trump makes a lot to noise about his business experience, and how rich he is, and I am sure he knows a lot about making lots of money and making backroom deals, but that is not the same as running a country, and Trump may find out he has bitten off way more than he can chew.  Ted Cruz has detailed explanations on his campaign website showing us how he plans to deal with Immigration, Taxes, and many other things, but it all screams of Prosperity.

Trumps website talks about dealing with other nations at the negotiating table, putting Americas needs ahead of other nations in many areas including immigration. Trump addresses the building a wall between the US and Mexico, and making Mexico pay for it, but when pressed on how exactly he would do this he cannot say.  It's true that America has been screwed over in trade negotiations with Mexico, China and other nations, and something should be done to make it fair for this nation, but that won't be an easy job to do.

Trump wants to increase the prevailing wage of H-B1 workers that he claims would force companies to hire from the domestic pool of American and Immigrant workers.  Ted Cruz wants to Repair the H-B1 program stating that "it is broken and needs repairing".  Sen. Cruz as President speaks of finishing the border fence, and enforcing existing laws. Both Trump and Cruz want to secure the border and add more border agents. Ted Cruz will end President Obama's Amnesty Program, increase deportations, end sanctuary cities, and bolster e-verify.

Trumps page speaks more of dealing with corporations, but both candidates basically say the same thing but only Ted Cruz can back up what he says because he is a member of Congress and has a conservative record to prove it.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump has never been a public servant before and his only record is one that shouts of him being a liberal Democrat.

When it comes to taxes Sen Cruz wants to abolish the IRS and pass a national flat tax that would seriously reduce the tax code from hundreds of pages, and create five million jobs.  Mr. Trump wants to mess with the existing tax code by simplifying it, and growing the economy without adding to the national debt. Both Cruz and Trump state that they would get rid of the death tax.

Donald Trumps tax plan sets up a graduated tax plan depending on how much money you make. Single's making 25k or less would pay 0% income tax, married filers under 50k would pay 10% income tax, and heads of household under 37.5k would pay 20% income tax, and above that they would pay 25%. Trump's plan would leave the IRS in place, however.

Ted Cruz's flat tax would reduce income taxes to 10% for everyone with the first $36k being tax-free.  "The IRS as we know it  would cease" and there would be a lot less IRS agents poking into our personal business.  Ted's Plan would boost the GDP "13.9% above what is currently projected", increase wages by 12.2%, and create almost 5 Million jobs for working Americans, not union thugs.

It all depends on how much you hate the IRS and want it abolished or not?

Ted Cruz promises to shrink the size of the Federal Government by getting rid of five Federal agencies SEE HERE! 

Both Cruz and Trump claim that they will restore the Constitution, but only Ted Cruz has a record of defending our rights and the Constitution. When it comes to health care namely Obamacare Ted Cruz will repealing every word of it on his first day in office. Donald Trump has stated things on both sides of this issue so I am not sure exactly where he really stands of repealing Obamacare, but he has stated that he likes the individual mandate and the single payer system which leads me to believe that he will only scrap the parts he does not like, and rewrite the rest of it.

Here comes Trump-Care Look Out!

When it comes to the First Amendment, Religious Rights, and the Nation of Isreal Ted Cruz has stood strongly to defend all of these things to preserve our liberty. Under the Cruz plan, NO U.S. dollars would go to fund the Palestinians.  SEE HERE!

I am not sure what Donald Trump would do concerning Israel, but I do know that he stated that he would make some kind of peace deal between Israel, and the Palestinians.  Beware because that could spell big trouble for the rest of us. Each time the U.S. Government has told Israel to trade more of its land for (false) peace, the United States has paid the price with getting hit by a major catastrophe.  Be it a natural disaster of some kind (floods, hurricanes, Outbreak of Tornadoes, earthquakes, and/or a financial collapse or major shakeup).  WATCH THIS!  

Everything about Donald Trump's past screams Liberal (progressive) Democrat!  Even though he claims to have converted over to conservatism, much of what he is promoting deals with building Prosperity, but he say's nothing about the spiritual or moral condition of this nation.  Trump has jumped from the Democratic Party or the Republican Party several times over the years, not sure why?  He is recorded as stating "The economy does better under the Democrats".

Every other election when a candidate came out and preaching prosperity. it was usually a Democrat trying to appeal to the pocketbooks of the American voters.  Conservative's normally turned away from such a candidate because we had the ability to discern a fake when we saw one, and this election many don't seem to be able to discern these things.  We knew that prosperity without morality would lead to disaster, but not this election.

Who really wants to go to Hell with their pockets full of cash? Or that's right, you can't take it with you!  I realize the Obama economy is a disaster as Trump states, but he seems to miss the other important issues dealing the moral state of the country.  Ted Cruz on the other hand get's this, and his plan is much more detailed than Trumps is so we know what Ted will do when elected, not so sure with Trump.

Trump is all about that money, the deal, that power! ba-dum-ba!

He may seriously have a good heart and good intentions, or may be pulling our legs to get Hillary into the Whitehouse, we don't know?  That is the problem with Donald, we don't know exactly what he will do if he does get elected.  With Ted Cruz everything is cut and dry. We know exactly what he will do because he has told us his plans time and again, and Ted "will do exactly what he said he will do", Mr. Trump, don't know?

This however, I do know. We don't need to play guessing games with Ted Cruz, we know where he stands, and what his plans are. This is why I believe that Ted Cruz in the best choice for President in 2016!  

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